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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5.
I sighed loudly. You’re going to wake up the kids, you fucking dumbass. I got up from bed, went downstairs. I looked into the TV screen, which is sitting next to the door on this small shelf, to see that it was Kim who was at my door, I rolled my eyes, pressed the button and she came running down the sidewalk all pissed off. I opened the door before she had the change to bang on it. “What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked, trying to keep my yelling down…
“What the fuck are you doing with that chick!?” she yelled back, shoving a printed off picture of Meleah and I walking into her house.
“Shes not a chick, shes my new girl friend,” I snapped. I wanted to shut the door in her face, her jealously was so irritating. She could possibly be the most jealous person I know, everything I do or did with another woman, no matter what it was she got jealous, even if we weren’t together. Like this one time, we were in Florida with the kids on vacation, a fan came up and wanted a picture and an autograph, so I signed it, and took a picture, and she freaked out, yelling at me accusing me of liking that girl and then ran away, locking me out of the hotel room. This fan was probably 11 years old!
“Oh really now!?” she screamed. “How the fuck could you date her, shes too young for you! And she is your housekeeper!” she yelled at me.
“Shes not too young for me, and shes not my housekeeper!” I argued.
“What about me?” she asked pretending to be said like I’d give her sympathy.
“What about you?” I replied annoyed.
“Don’t you love me anymore?” she asked.
“You‘re the one who fucked us up! Cheating on me with that on fucker! Its your fault!” I yelled. “And no I don’t,” I added trying not to yell.
“Fine I HATE you!” she roared loud as ever. She flipped me off then ran down the sidewalk to her car, and speed off as fast as she could. I shook my head, closed and locked the door, I turned around to see the girls standing on the stairs. Oh shit…
“Is Mommy not gonna come see me anymore?” Hailie asked sadly as if she was about to cry.
“She’ll see you, don’t worry honey, she just got mad at me,” I said picking her up from the stairs.
“What did you do?” Laney asked.
“I did nothing wrong, shes just jealous of me and Meleah,” I said.
“Oh, is she your girlfriend now!?” Laney asked with a big smile, they really like Meleah.
“Yes, so she wont be our housekeeper anymore,” I said. “Now lets get to bed,” I said placing my hand on Laney’s back, causing her to walk up the stairs.
“Ok Daddy,” they both said.
I put the girls back to bed then went up to my room. I had a text from Meleah. It said: “WTF, Kim, just came here, and yelled at me…..”
“Kim’s just jealous of us, she came and yelled at me too. If she gives you anymore trouble, just call the cops and tell them that shes, not leaving your property even though you asked her to leave,” I texted back.
“Well, ok then. I don’t like her.. L…” she texted back.
“Im sorry, Im not to fond of her either… maybe later I can talk to her and get her to leave us alone…” I texed back.
“Ok,” she texted back…. I couldn’t really think of anything to text back so I laid in bed, before I could think of anything to say I feel asleep.

“Fine, don’t say anything back,” I said out loud looking at my phone. I walked out of my room and went over to the fridge.
“Who was that?” Megan asked me as I was going though the fridge looking for some pickles. She was playing a game on PS2, on our big 48’ TV.
“Marshalls ex wife,” I said as I grabbed the pickles from the fridge, I took a few out and put them in a bowl. “She yelled at me for being with Marshall,” I said. “Shes all jealous,” I added.
“Well you should have punched her in the face,” she said.
“Cause that would go over well,” I said annoyed. She laughed then I went back into my room.

For the rest of the month, we saw each other almost everyday. He took me out to dinner, we discussed a lot of things. He told me about himself, which wasn’t all to necessary because I already knew most of the things he said. He told me about how he never really had a place to live after he turned 16 he left home, stayed with Kim and other friends. Even if he would have gotten a job and could afford a place to live, the house would be broken into or he would loose his job and not be able to live there no more. When Hailie was born it was worse, cuz he had to have multiple jobs to support himself, Hailie and Kim. There was a time where Kim wouldn’t let Marshall see Hailie so he tried to commit suicide. But once Dre found his tape, everything got better…money wise. He told me on a happier note, he likes to play old video games like Pacman and Donkey Kong. He also plays Ono.
I told him about myself, about how I lived in a trailer my whole life in the same spot, besides when I moved to Detroit. My Grandpa died when I was 5, and that’s when everything became seriously terrible. Bruce moved in, and he is nothing but a complete asshole. He was always abusive he yelled, and told me to died. He was just a terrible person. I had a job at Target but then quit cuz they suck ass, and I has trouble trying to find another one. Anyway now Marshall hates Bruce and wants to kill him.

FFW>> Saturday, June 28th … Marshall leave for Europe…
“Hey, you home?” I got a text from Marshall.
“Yeah,” I texted back. He texted me back telling me that he was coming over, to say bye before he goes on tour all the hell away in Europe. Im gonna be lonely. Sigh. About five minutes later there was a knock on the door, it was Marshall I saw him walk up the sidewalk and into the porch. I was sitting in the kitchen. “Come in!” I yelled. He walked in, he stopped in the doorway of the laundry room. “Im over here,” I noted. He came walking in over.
“Hey,” he smile cutely then kissed me, I kissed back. I heard footsteps, but I didn’t care.
“Get a room!” Megan yelled. I pulled away from Marshall and just stared at Megan. Marshall giggled. Which was very cute and it made me smile.
“Fine,” Marshall sassed, then grabbed my hand taking me to my room. He shut the door. I gave him a funny look. “She told us to get a room,” he smiled. He slowly walk over to me, I was standing by the bed. I smiled as he kissed me, he pushed me back on the bed as we kissed. Slowly he pushed me up towards the wall. He stared sliding his hands down to my waist. I stopped him. He stopped kissing me, “What’s wrong?” he asked.
“Nothing, I just don’t think Im ready for this,” I lied. I wanted to, but not right then and there, not with Megan in the house and not this early. “It’s just that the last time I did this…”I started, but stopped randomly thinking he was going to say something. He looked at me a bit disappointed. I looked at him with concern.
“Is ok,” he assured, I smiled. “I understand,” he assured again. He gave me a little peck on the lips then got off me and sat next to me. I sat up and laid my head on his shoulder wrapping my arm around his.
“What time you leaving?” I questioned after a few seconds.
“Not for about 3 hours,” he answered.
“Wanna watch a movie?” I asked, that was the only thing I could think of to do. I was still thinking about what just happened.
“Sure,” he said with a smile. Which made me smile, his smile always made me smile.
“Ok pick one out, I’ll go make some popcorn,” I said the quickly went out the door shutting it behind me.
Megan was in the living room with Hiro playing video games. She saw me, and right away came over to me. “What happened?” she asked with a smile as I turned to grab some popcorn.
“What makes you think we did anything, we were in there for five minutes,” I said annoyed.
“A quickie,” she laughed. I looked at her like what the fuck.
“No, nothing happened,” I said. I didn’t wanna discuss sex with her. This one time when we saw my ex Jordan walking down the street stalking me, she was all like hey look there goes your virginity, so I told her to shut the fuck up and slapped her. Then she hit me back like she always did…does.
“Fine,” she said then went away.
Once the popcorn was done I went back into the room, Marshall was already sitting on the bed comfortable. With the DVD in the player on disk menu. He picked out Transporter, starring Jason Statham. I handed him the popcorn and sat next to him. He put his arm around me and I pulled the blanket up. We held hands underneath the blanket. And put the popcorn on our legs. He pressed play… “What took you so long?” he asked.
“Megan was askin me what we did, it was annoying,” I said annoyed. He laughed slightly.
“What you tell her?” he asked, as if he was worried.
“I told her nothing happened,” I said. He didn’t say anything back, we just watched the movie. I started to fall asleep about 10 minutes later.
“Honey?” I heard Marshall whisper as he poked me.
“Don’t,” I whined like a child.
“I thought you wanted to watch a movie?” he asked quietly while looking down at me as I laid on him.
“Im tired. Im sorry,” I yawned.
“Well I could use some sleep before I go to England,” he said like hes thinking.
Ok, then shut that off and lets take a nap,” I said smiling. He shut off the TV, set an alarm on his phone, and closed his eyes, I closed mine seconds after, and fell asleep.
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