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Chapter 6

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I woke up to Marshall’s phone alarm going off. I slowly sat up. Marshall sat up and rubbed his eyes. “Hi,” I said with a smile yawing.
“Hey,” he said with a slight smile and yawned as well.
“What time is it?” I asked.
“8:31,” he answered while looking at his phone.
“Does that mean you’re leaving me?” I whined looking at him all sad. He looked at me like aww you poor thing. I gave him lip.
“Cute,” he said with a smile and then kissed me. “Oh and yes,” he said pulling away.
“Rude,” I pouted.
“Don’t worry, I’ll text you once I get on the plane,” he assured. I got off the bed and just stood there. Marshall copied me a few seconds later.
“You better,” I said like a warning.
“Or what?” he asked acting all tough.
“I’ll cut you!” I joked.
“Hey!” he raised his voice a bit.
“I was kidding nigga!” I laughed. He stopped for a second, and stared at me, like he didn’t know what I was talking about, he looked confused, he cocked his head to the left a bit.
“What?” he asked. “Did you just call me a…” he started.
“Yes nigga, I called you a nigga,” I interrupted. He stared blankly at me.
“Stop it!” he demanded. He opened the door.
“What? Me and Megan say nigga all the time!” I said loudly so Megan could hear.
“Yes nigga!” Megan called out over the noise of the video game. Marshall walked out the room and stood by the door to leave. He started to walk away shaking his head.
“That’s not right,” he said under his breath. I giggled a bit then realized that hes walking away.
“Hey!” I cried, then pretended to cry. He stopped just as he was about to open the door, turned around, and came back over to me hugging me.
“Im sorry, Im sorry,” he repeated hugging me.
“Hehe,” I giggled.
“Faker!,” he said loudly letting go of me.
“So?” I asked. “What’s wrong with that nigga?” I asked in sort of a demand for an answer.
“Yeah nigga!” Megan yelled from the living room, I looked over at her, he had paused the game. Both her and Hiro were watching us.
“Stop saying that!” Marshall demanded, I think he was getting mad. But it didn’t stop me.
“Why nigga?” I asked. Megan came into the kitchen.
“Yeah nigga why?” Megan asked. Marshall turned to Megan.
“Cause its not right,” he said.
“What? You’re not black,” Megan giggled.
“But a lot of my friends are and they wouldn’t appreciate you saying that,” he said all serious. Megan grabbed a coke out the fridge.
“So, they’re not here,” I butted in.
“But still,” Marshall said not even looking at me, he still stared at Megan.
“Well Im sorry Mr. Nice Guy,” she sassed walking away rolling her eyes. He turned to me.
“You gonna say something?” he asked pissed.
“Yeah, I dare you to say nigga,” I said looking all cutely at him with a grin.
“You’re so childish! Im leaving!” he shouted then walked out. I sighed loudly then went into the living room. I sat on the couch, next to the chair Megan was sitting in.
“Is he being a jerk cause he wont say nigga?” Megan asked.
“Yeah, he got really mad. He called me a child,” I said sadly.
“Well you’re practically are a child most of the time,” she said then went back to her game.
“Its not like you don’t act like one either,” I said angrily, then got up and when to my room. I grabbed my phone off my dresser, and went back to the living room. I sat back down on the couch, but didn’t say anything to Megan.
I texted Marshall saying Im sorry that I acted childish, but that’s just how I am sometimes. Can’t we have some fun once and a while instead of acting like duds? I know you act odd sometimes… I waited a while for him to text back, I watched Megan play a game, I don’t know what it was, and I didn’t feel like asking either. I waited about a half hour and he never texted me back. “Apparently I cant have fun with Marshall,” I sighed. I got up, and left the room before Megan had the chance to say anything. Sense Marshall was being rude I decided to take a shower then go to bed.
I laid in my bed trying to fall asleep, but I couldn’t. So I decided to finish watching Transporter. It was over about 5 minutes after midnight. My phone started ringing right when it was over, it was a bit creepy. I looked at my phone, it was just Marshall, I was a bit afraid to answer it. “Hello,” I answered in a mono tone.
“Hey,” he said in the same tone as me. “We need to talk,” he continued.
“Look, Im sorry. I didn’t mean to make you mad,” I said.
“Its ok. I shouldn’t have gotten so mad like that. I knew you didn’t mean any harm, I guess the touring thing was on my mind and sort of stressed me out. Its not like I haven’t said that word before. Im sorry,” he assured.
“So you’re not mad at me?” I asked just making sure.
“No,” he replied. “Just try not so say it around me,” he said.
“Ok, I’ll try,” I agreed. “Don’t get mad if it slips out,” I added.
“I wont, unless I can tell its on purpose, and you do it a whole lot,” he said. “Just be very careful around the guys, I don’t want them getting pissed at you, then hating you,” he requested.
“Don’t worry about that,” I assured.
“Ok,” he sort of laughed. I pictured him with a slight smile and it made me happy. “Oh and we can act silly sometimes,” he added. I smiled. It was all silent.
“I like kittens,” I said randomly like a child.
“Uh, yeah they pretty cool,” he said sort of confused.
“Im sorry, it was quiet,” I said. “And plus random is fun!” I giggled.
“Yeah, it kinda is,” he agreed.
“Odie!” I exclaimed as my cat Odie jumped on my bed and meowed at me.
“Uh?” Marshall said confused.
“My kitty!” I said then grabbed Odie and squeezed him, he grunted.
“Ok then,” Marshall said.
“Yep, I don’t know what to talk about,” I claimed.
“Same,” he said. “Im sitting on a bed in the dark,” he laughed.
“Kinky,” I joked giggling. He laughed.
“I miss you,” he said cutely. I got this huge smile on my face.
“I miss you too,” I replied. “See you should have brought me with,” I said.
“Are you tying to make me feel guilty?” he asked.
“Kinda,” I laughed.
“Its working,” he said. “I should have brought you with,” he said sadly.
“Yeah, but I probably would have said no cause I have to go to this job I was offered,” I said. (I watch Tupac)
“Well, then it don’t matter,” he said.
“Well, fine then,” I said.
“We’re not having a fight are we?” he asked.
“No,” I said.
“Good,” he replied. “But I gotta go, Imma get some sleep before I have to go to sound check and whatnot,” Marshall added.
“Ok, bye bye,” I said.
“Bye bye, sweetie, night,” he said.
“Night,” I replied then hung up after he did.
I laid in bed for a bout an hour then I finally feel asleep. That night I had a dream about Marshall, we just got married and were on our honey moon. It was a really awesome dream… if you know what I mean. (lol you better know!! Lol)
The next day I went to work at a restaurant, as a waitress. I worked form 10am till 5:30pm… Once I got home, I showed cause I smelt like food, I got out and my phone was ringing…
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