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Chapter 9

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(((Nov. 17th 2002))) (((8:00pm))
I was sitting in the living room when my phone rang. We had just moved into a new house with the help of Hiro and Marshall, anyway it was my mother. “Hello?” I answered I haven’t talked to my mom in a while.
“Hey, how are you?” she asked.
“Im good,” I said with a smile on my face. “You?” I asked.
“Good, what are you doing over Thanksgiving?” she asked.
“Nothing why?” I asked.
“I wanna meet Eminem,” she said.
“Mom, call him Marshall,” I said sort of annoyed. “Uh, ok…I’ll have to see what hes doing, but we’ll come, I’ll make him,” I told her laughing a bit.
“Cool,” she said. “So be here on the 20th cause I miss you,” she said.
“Ok mom, I’ll try,” I said. “I gotta go to Marshall’s in a bit anyway and I’ll ask him,” I said.
“Ok,” she said. “Bye,”
“Bye,” I said then hung up the phone.
I got up and grabbed my bag, and headed out the door. My neighbor Chelsea was out on her porch. It was like she was watching my house. I don’t really know her yet, we‘ve only lived her for about a week, besides that she really likes Marshall. It really pisses me off how she looks at him. I stared at her until she looked directly at me. “Hey!” she waved.
“Hi,” I said trying to be nice. I found her irritating. Every time Marshall comes over she comes over and tries to talk to him.
“Hey are you going to Eminem’s house!?” she asked running over to the fence.
“His name is Marshall,” I said opening the door of my Mustang.
“Lucky!” she said. I just glared at her.
“I gotta go,” I told her then got into my car and drove away.
I arrived at Marshall’s, I punched in the code on the pad to open the gate, when it opened I pulled into the driveway, I parked in my spot. I walked in the house. (I gots a key) Marshall was lying on the couch. I slowly walked up to him. “Boo!” I yelled grabbing him from behind the couch.
“Oh shit!” he yelled jumping and almost falling off the couch. I cracked up laughing. “Not funny,” he said grabbing me, he pulled me over the couch; I landed on top of him.
“Oww, that hurt,” I complained.
“Im sorry,” he said. “That’s what you get for scaring me,” he laughed.
“Rude,” I pouted.
“Aww is somebody upset,” he said to me as if I was a child. I pouted some more. He gave me a kiss, at first I didn’t kiss back, but after awhile I couldn’t resist. We kissed for a while. He pulled away and stared at me for awhile.
“Oh!” I said remembering something. I sat up sitting on him; he rested his hands on my thighs. “My mom wants to meet you,” I told him. He looked a bit worried.
“Uhh,” I all he could say.
“Don’t worry, she’s cool,” I said smiling at him.
“When is thing gonna be?” he questioned.
“Uh…the 20th through Thanksgiving,” I said.
“Ok, cool we can go then,” he said with a smile. I smiled at him, and then gave him a quick kiss. “Did you tell her?” he asked.
“Tell her what?” I asked confused not really sure what he meant.
“The baby,” he said.
“Oh, no…I was gonna tell her when we go there,” I explained. He nodded.
“Is that Bruce guy gonna be there?” he questioned; I knew he didn’t want to meet Bruce; he just might have to kick his ass. I frowned then nodded. He let out a sigh. We lied on the couch and watched some movies for awhile….

(((November 20th 5:00pm)))
We just arrived at my house; Jason was already there with Leah. We got out of the car; I stood and stared at the house. Terry would be coming later. “What’s there to do here?” Hailie asked.
“My cousin Leah is here,” I said with a smile.
“How old is she?” Alaina asked.
“11,” I said with a smile as we walked into the house… As soon as I walked into the door, my mom pulled me into a big hug. Not long after Jason and Leah joined in. “Guys chill!” I yelled, and they all let go.
“Ohh Meleah has a boyfriend,” Leah joked with a smile. I gave her a funny look.
“Guy, this is Marshall, Marshall this is my mom, Jason and Leah,” I said. Bruce walked into the room. “And that’s dumbass,” I said in a mono tone pointing to Bruce.
“What?” Bruce yelled.
“You heard me,” I said. “And this is Hailie and Alaina,” I said. Hailie became shy and hid behind Marshall.
“Hello,” everyone said at the same time. It was kinda funny.
I showed Marshall around the house, I looked like my old one in Detroit, but I had the front room this time. And the girls all decided to share the middle room, and Jason and Terry would sleep on the couches.

I was in the kitchen, my mom and Bruce was in her room talking about money, Bruce kept begging for it for drugs, and my mom kept saying no.
“Fine!” Bruce yelled then came out into the kitchen. “Hey! Eminem,” Bruce said loudly getting Marshalls attention.
“Call me Marshall,” Marshall said irritated.
“Can you loan me 50 bucks,” Bruce begged.
“Why the fuck should I give a low life like you money?” Marshall said pissed.
“Cause I can get some good shit,” he whispered while putting on a dorky smile. I stood there shocked; he just met the guy and hes asking him for money.
“What!? What makes you want that shit!?” Marshall yelled, I could tell he was steaming.
“Just borrow me 50 bucks,” Bruce said trying to get Marshall to say yes.
“No, Im not gonna give you money just so you can buy shit” Marshall yelled. “There are children here!” he yelled.
“That’s why you go in the bedroom,” Bruce told him while pointing to the back bedroom. We were in the kitchen, Marshall and Bruce was standing by the stove. I was sitting at the kitchen table. Marshall just glared at him.
“Well too bad for you, Im not giving you any damn money,” Marshall said tuning to walk away.
“Ha! Its not the money Im worried about, in fact, I don’t care how much you smoke. I don’t want that shit around my kids. I don’t even care about 50 fuckin bucks. Im just not gonna give it to you,” Marshall pointed out almost yelling in Bruce’s face.
“Please,” he begged.
“Fuck you man!” Marshall yelled. “Nobody ever handed me money,” Marshall said through his teeth.
“So,” was all Bruce could come up with. “Its just 50 bucks,” he said.
“No!” Marshall yelled walking away; he went back into our room.
Bruce then came up to me. “Why won’t he borrow me money?” he asked.
“Cause, you’re a dumb ass,” I told him.
“Thank you,” he slurred swaying around with a can of beer in his hand. I rolled my eyes at him.
“He doesn’t wanna waist money on drugs,” I told him. Already knowing that he does take some drugs but they are prescription.
“Well hes an asshole,” Bruce said.
“No hes not! He is a wonderful person!” I screamed losing my temper with him.
“Yeah right,” he laughed. “You borrow me money then,” he told me.
“No!” I yelled.
“Well you’re a bitch!” he yelled. “How come no one wants go give me money?” he asked walking around the house like a dork.
“Well you’re a dick,” I replied. I walked away, into the middle bedroom; the girls were playing a game of Sorry. I smiled at them then went into my room where Marshall was laying on the bed.
I went over to him. “You ok?” I asked him.
“No,” he said mad. I got on bed with him laying my head on his chest. He put his arm on my back. “I hate him,” he mumbled.
“So so I. Just try to ignore him,” I told him.
“Yeah,” he said irritated. “I just don’t see how he could do drugs around children,” he said.
“Its cause hes addicted,” I muttered.
“What is he like when hes on drugs?” Marshall asked.
“Hes actually nice, but when he doesn’t get his fix hes a dick,” I said. Marshall shook he head.
“If I have to I will kick his ass,” Marshall said pissed. I sighed. He just stared at me. I started back at him, and then we began kissing till there was a knock on the door.
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