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Chapter 10

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“Hey! Terry’s here come out and say hi,” Bruce demanded. I let out a sigh.
“Fuckin people,” Marshall said softly so only I could hear.
“We’ll be out in a second just wait!” I yelled.
“Fine!” Bruce yelled back in a high pitched voice.
“Can we not go out there and just say we did?” Marshall asked me. I laughed slightly.
“I wish,” I sighed. “I got an idea for later,” I said with a cute smile, he smiled.
“Ok tell me,” he said. I told him my plan, he agreed, and then we got up and went into the living room.
“Hi Terry,” I said to him as I sat down on the couch, Marshall sat next to me. “This is my boyfriend Marshall,” I told Terry while pointing at Marshall.
“Hello Marshall, nice to meet you,” Terry said as he shook Marshall’s hand.
“Nice to meet you too,” Marshall said. I could tell that Terry was already judging Marshall. He’d probably give Marshall the third degree later. We talked awhile then I go silent and we were watching TV.
“Marshall honey, Im gonna go take a shower, could you go get me a Fargo?” I asked him as I placed my hand on his leg getting his attention.
“Ok, baby,” he say standing up and walking to the door. “I’ll be back in a bit,” Marshall said as he walked out. “I wanna see if they have this one thing,” he said. I went into my room and got some clean clothes then went into the bathroom; I plugged in my iPod to listen to music. I turned on the shower. Then I waited for Marshall to come back.
Not long after Marshall quickly opened the bathroom door, he shut it and locked it. “That was quick,” I said somewhat surprised I thought it would take him longer.
“Well, I wasn’t gonna wait longer than I had to,” he said with a smile while looking me up and down. I just smiled at him. He stared at me.
“Well?” I questioned.
“Oh,” he said shaking off his trance then quickly getting undressed, I was already in the shower when he finished. He goes into the shower and shut the curtain. We stared at each other. He slowly walked towards me pushing me up against the wall. He kissed me, I kissed back. “Can that go any louder?” he questioned.
“The music?” I whispered as we still kissed.
“Yeah.” he mumbled.
“Yeah,” I said. He turned it up a bit. Then he began kissing me again, I kissed him back. He moved closer to me, our bodies pressed together, so close you couldn’t slide a paper in-between us. He slowly moved his hands down my body, he grabbed my ass. Then he slid his hand and slowly starting to play with my vagina, he slid his finger in causing me to let out a moan. I slid my hand down, grabbing his penis giving him a hand job. We both started breathing heavily. He began kissing me moving down to my neck. This continued for a bit. He pulled his finger out then lifted me up; I wrapped my legs around his waist. He attempted to slide his penis inside, but it just wasn’t working. “This isn’t working, lay down,” he said pointing to the floor of the tub.
“But the floor hurts,” I whined. He reached out and grabbed a towel off the thing, and he laid it on the floor of the tub. He adjusted the water then got on top of me. I placed on leg on the outside of the tub and the other rested on his shoulder. He slid into me; I let out a moan as he went faster and deeper. He kissed me, I kissed back, he pushed hard I let out a loud moan and dug my nails into his back. We both breathed heavy as we gave each other breathy kisses. He continued to move just as he had been; I pushed my hips up causing him to go deeper inside. He started to go faster. “I … love…you….so…so much,” Marshall said in-between breaths.
“I…love you …too,” I whispered almost breathless. He pushed harder giving one last thrust. “Don’t stop,” I whispered as we kissed. He slowed down a bit. We kissed some more. We were about to climax.
“Babe, Im gonna cum,” he whispered. I kissed him deeply letting him know he can do whatever. He gave one last thrust and came inside. He kissed me again. He waited a bit then pulled out and stood up. He helped me stand up. We kissed one last time.
“Pretty good idea I had,” I said with a smile.
“Wonderful idea,” he said giving me a kiss. “I better get my hair dry and get outta here before someone knows things,” he said and giggled a bit.
“Ok,” I said. He got out of the shower and dried himself out, he used the dryer on his hair, and it was too loud with the music so no one would hear the dryer, while I was in the shower. I took a quick less than five minute shower. Marshall had left before I go out. I waited a bit then got dressed and went into the living room.
Marshall was sitting on the couch with two Faygos. He handed me an orange one. Luckily he had a fridge with some Faygo in his car. “Thank you baby,” I said taking it from me.
“You’re welcome,” he said with a smile. We held hands and cuddled on the couch as we watched a movie.
After we at dinner, the kids watched cartoons in the middle room. Me, my mom, Marshall, and Terry played Rummy. It lasted for about 3 hours, it was really fun. It was 10pm when we finished. We watched the news, then Marshall and I went and spent some time together in my room we watched Transporter 2. “Your Uncle Terry gave me the third degree today,” Marshall said. I laughed slightly.
“I knew he would,” I said.
“Yeah, he told me that if I hurt you he’d kill me,” he said.
“Damn,” is all I could think of to say.
“Don’t worry, I’d never hurt you,” he said kissing me. I smiled as we kissed. I pulled away and laid my head on him. He wrapped his arms around me.
“They better not be having sex in there!” I heard Bruce yell.
“They are adults and they can do whatever they what, shut the fuck up man,” I heard Jason yell back.
“We don’t need any damn kids running around here after Marshall walks out of the kid’s life,” Bruce yelled. I could tell that Marshall was pissed off now. He jumped off the bed and ran into the kitchen. I heard was yelling and a bunch of fuck you’s and other shit. Then I heard a thud. I ran out into the kitchen, Bruce was on the floor, Marshall being held back by Terry. The girls came running out and stood behind me.
“Don’t you ever fuckin say anything about me walking out on any of my children. I would never do that!” Marshall yelled at Bruce, he got up and went in the bedroom slamming the door. “Babe lets get the fuck outta here,” Marshall said, getting out of Terry’s grip.
“We cant, I promised my mom we’d stay for Thanksgiving,” I said.
“What’s going on?” Leah asked.
“Nothing, go back to sleep,” Jason told Leah.
“Why is daddy mad?” Hailie asked looking up at me.
“Its ok honey, go back to sleep. Daddy’s fine,” I told her. She looked at Marshall, he nodded and they went back into the bedroom.
“Don’t take off,” Jason told Marshall as he walked to me.
“Yeah, Bruce will be over it tomorrow, Imma give him 50 bucks just so we wont have to listen to his bitching,” Terry told him.
“Fine, we’re going to bed,” Marshall said grabbing my hand we went back into the room. Marshall was still pissed.
“Babe, its gonna be fine,” I told him. “Bruce will be over it by tomorrow,” I said. He nodded. I kissed him, he kissed back. We cuddled up together then went to sleep after turning of the TV… I woke up sensing that someone was staring at me, I opened my eyes, it was Marshall, he made me jump a bit…
“Morning babe,” he said with a smile.
“Hi,” I yawned. “What time is it?” I questioned.
“Like 9,” he replied. I yawned again.
“You seem in a good mood,” I said sort of confused. (we go get me mommy soon hehe)
“He apologized for the comment about last night,” Marshall said.
“See told you,” I said with a smile, he smirked. “You’re so cute,” I said then gave him a peck on the cheek. I got up and went into the bathroom, he followed me….we got dressed then went into the living room where the girls were eating breakfast….
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