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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1
“Honey get your things packed right now!” your mom yells while stomping into your small room. You have most of them packed. You’re supposed to be moving to Detroit Michigan tonight, you don’t like the idea of moving but your dad got a new job over there for some business thing. Right now you’re going through some pictures of your friends. One of the worst things about moving is losing them and it’s the middle of the school year which means you have to be the new girl for the first time in your life. You’ve always lived in South Dakota and you love it, but your parents apparently got better ideas for you.
“Im going calm down,” you sigh and put the remaining photos in the box and close it.
“You should be excited, you get to meet new friends!” your mom says with a smile. Shes always been the perky type. You’re not really like her your more like your dad calm cool and collect.
“How can I be excited if I have to leave all my friends behind. And then get teased for being the new girl in school,” you say and grab the rest of your things. Your mom helps you and grabs some too. You walk out the front of your apartment and set the rest of your things in the moving van.
“Just try for me honey?” your mother asks.
“Ok,” you sigh and get into the van next to your older brother Nick. Hes 15. (sorry I forgot about him) Your baby sister is sucking on her bottle and babbling to herself. She is only a year old. Her name is Mya. You smile at her as your father stars the car and drives down the driveway. You stare out the window as you watch your memories of your house and neighborhood disappear in the back of your head.
“Are we drivin the whole way there?” Nick wines.
“Yes,” says your father as you turn the corner. You look at your watch its noon. Great hours of diving on a nice Saturday afternoon you let out a sigh. You look out the window you like the silence right now, its will be all good if Mya don’t wake up. You close your eyes and end up falling asleep…
“Hey Lily wake up. You hungry?” says Nick shaking you. You open your eyes and look at him then look out the window.
“Where are we?” you ask…. Getting out the van.
“Uhh how should I know? I didn’t ask anyone,” Nick says and walks into KFC. You role your eyes and follow him in…
“Your awake,” your dad says turning around looking at you. You stare up at him.
“Where are we?” you ask while yawing. Your dad smiles.
“In Minnesota, once we leave here well be in Iowa in like 30 minutes,” you dad says still smiling.
“Are we taking the long way or something?” Nick asks annoyed.
“Kinda,” says your dad as you sit down at the table with your meals.
“Come on you guys be excited!” you mom says all happily. You and Nick just look at her like no…
About a day later you arrive home… You live in a nicer Trailer park…. Apparently its like a few blocks from the crappy trailer park called 8 Mile….. Its about 8pm on Sunday….. You walk into the house…. “Lily honey your sharing your room with the baby, so you get the 2nd biggest,” your mom reminds you.
“But mom!” you wine…. “Shes too young, I rather share my room with him,” you say pointing to Nick. He stops and stares at you. “What its true,” you say. He roles his eyes and goes into his room.
“Wait Nick I think that’s a better idea,” your mom say..
“But mom…” he wines.
“Well Mya is kinda young for a roommate,” she says.
“Ok fine,” Nick says grabbing his things and moving them into your’s and his room.
“Guys I got your beds,” your dad say moving them into your room. “Now get the room situated, you can organize it tomorrow, you need sleep for school so in bed by 9:30,” he says and leaves. You brother looks over at you.
“9:30?” he repeats. You shrug and organize your bed the way you want it…Your both in bed and asleep by 10pm….
“Wake up its 6:30am,” your mom says turning on your bedroom light. You wake up and stretch, you wait for your eyes to adjust to the light… “Hurry you two get dressed, I’m making breakfast,” she says. You grab some clothes out of a box and go into the bathroom down the hall…
You and your brother both go to a different school…. Your in 7th grade and Nick is in 9th grade…. You at bus stop waiting for the bus… your brother don’t have to leave for another 30 minutes….. You sigh and lean against a pole near by…. Finally the bus comes you get on… “New girl, new girl, new girl!” bunch of boys in the back chant. You sigh and walk down the aisle.
“No you can sit here,” says some chubby black boy. Everyone you look at shakes their heads no….
“You can sit here,” you hear a young boy say, you turn around and see a small skinny white boy, hes got reddish brown hair and blue eyes hes looking up at you smiling. You smile and sit next to him…. “Don’t worry being new is not too bad, if your used to it that is,” he says.
“Ha, this is my first time,” you say.
“Oh this is like my…. Uh 2nd I think switching schools, we move a lot,” he says.
“That’s gotta be hard,” you say.
“It is a little, but that’s what happens when your mom cant keep a job then you get kicked out of where you live,” he says while looking down.
“I’m sorry. Sounds rough,” you say. “What about your…. Never mind,” you say not wanting to get in his personal life to much.
“My Father? Is that what you were gonna ask? He left and a few years after my mom divorced him,” he says “Don’t worry about it tho, Yeah it is hard, but maybe someday I can have a steady home,” he says. “But enough of all depressing stuff, I’m Marshall. Whats your name?” Marshall asks.
“Lily,” you say with a smile and shake his hand.
“So I guess we should be friends now,” Marshall says to break he awkward silence.
“Sure,” you say with a smile as the bus driver stops to let some more kids on…. You watch them get on…. Marshall looks away when he sees this kid who is larger than the others he’s back and he looks like he’s probably in 8th grade… he looks mean too…
“Oh look, is this your body guard Marshall?” the boy asks putting his hand on your shoulder…
“Don’t touch me!” you say shoving his hand away.
“Don’t,” Marshall whispers…
“Wouldn’t do that,” the boy says.
“Who do you think your are, smarting off like that!” you sort of yell. Look I asked a simple question and it for that pussy over there,” he says pointing to Marshall.
“Just leave me alone,” Marshall mutters. The boy just laughs as he gets a glare from the bus driver.
“Take your seat,” the diver says….
“Who was that?” you ask…
“No one,” Marshall says. “Just some ass hole who just picks on me for no reason, just cause I like the only white boy in this school, aside for like 4 or 5 others,” he says like he’s all depressed….
“Im sorry,” you say softly as the bus pulls up to a school.
“Its fine,” he says… you both get off the bus and go into the school together…. You walk in. “Where’s your locker?” Marshall asks you.
“Not sure, help me find it?” you ask him.
“Yeah,” he says with a slight smile he looks at your paper. “Oh that’s right by mine,” he says smiling….
“So uhh I’m in 7th grade how bout you?” you ask looking over at Marshall.
“Same,” he says while digging in his bag. “Where did I put that thing,” he says all frustrated.
“What thing?” you ask confused.
“Oh a paper that was due today in math, ah forget it!” he says and throws his bag in his locker. “So where your first class?” he asks. You close your locker and look at your schedule.
“Uhh room 225,” you say. “Looks like Math with Mr. Myers,” you say.
“Hey me too,” Marshall says. “Any other classes we have together?” he ask closing his locker and looking at your schedule. “Cool Language Arts, Reading and Lunch!” he says with a smile.
“Good now I don’t have to sit alone,” you say with a smile.
“Yeah me too, I usually sit with the loser white boys wh…” Marshall stops when some kid starts yellin at you two….
“Hey, wasn’t done with you two!” you hear some kid say… you turn around and see…
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