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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
It’s that fact black guy from on the bus this morning. You glare at him as Marshall starts to walk away… “Come on,” Marshall says though his teeth. You run to catch up with him.
“Hey come back here!” the boy yells. You keep walking with Marshall. You look back and hes following you guys with something behind his back. You get stopped by a group of people walking to their classes. Marshall turns around to see where that kid went…. He chucks a chunk of ice at Marshall, it hits him in the chest.
“Owww… asshole!” Marshall yells. “Lets get outta here,” Marshall says pulling on you. You walk though the group of people pushing them out the way.
“Are you ok?” you ask him as you get to the top of the stairs.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” he says, he lifts his shirt up slightly and looks at his chest, theres a red mark, he sighs and puts his shirt down….(lol you know you like it!)
“So who is that and why is he such an ass?” you ask. He stops in the doorway of a classroom.
“DeAngelo Bailey,” Marshall says, he motions you to walk in the room. The teacher walks up to you as Marshall sits down at a desk.
“You must be Lily Jones,” the teacher says shaking your hand. “And I see you found a friend,” he says smiling. “You can sit next to him if you’d like,” he says pointing to the empty seat nest to Marshall. You smile and sit next to Marshall.
“So why does he bully you?” you ask turning to Marshall.
“Cause I’m white and I guess I’m retarded, and that I should be in the special classes and whatever else,” Marshall says.
“And the school just lets him do this?” you ask
“Yeah,” he whispers as the teacher starts talking. Then the bell rings you look at him like why? “Its cause when I say something they don’t believe me,” he whispers.
“Well that’s dumb,” you whisper loudly.
“Shh you two,” the teacher says.
“Sorry Mr. Myers,” Marshall says… You watch Myers write a bunch of math on the board, this class is not as far as you were in class back in SD so you don’t bother to take notes, Myers don’t notice considering the fact your in the back. You just watch Marshall draw Spiderman on his paper.
“That’s really good,” you whisper while pointing to the drawing.
“Thanks,” Marshall whispers turning to you. He finish drawing… you get bored so you start to look around the room, you see that same old respect poster you see in every classroom in the US… ha respect, I don’t think this school knows what that is you think to yourself. The teacher blabs on about some fractions, you can really careless. Math has never been your thing neither has social studies… you like science and gym language arts is ok… You look around and theres the symbol of pi on the wall. goddamn I’ve never been so bored in my life you think, you let out a sigh.
“Bored?” Marshall whispers.
“Yeah, what’s with his mono tone?” you whisper…. Marshall shrugs and starts to draw again… “What you drawin now?” you ask.
“I don’t know, what should I draw?” he whispers.
“Uhh I don’t know,” you whisper.
“Well you’re helpful,” he says and laughs quietly. He starts to draw something weird… you watch him… Wow, never seen a guy draw this good in person… hes really nice… maybe bein here wont be so bad after all you think you form a slight smile on your face….
“Oh were almost out of time.,“ Myers says. “Ok make sure you do pager 48, questions 1 - 20 tonight due tomorrow,” the teacher says. You write down the assignment then get your things ready…The bell rings… You walk out of class with Marshall…
“So where’s your next class?” Marshall asks, stopping you from walkin.
“Social Studies,” you sigh. “With Mrs. Cavern,” you say. He looks at you like good luck. “What?” you ask confused…
“Oh shes just really strict and a bitch,” Marshall explains…
“Great,” you say. “Where’s your class?” you ask… walking towards the stairs.
“Not far from yours, its Study Hall,” he says. “I’ll show you where your class is,” he says. You walk downstairs…. “So uh do you have any siblings?” Marshall asks.
“Yeah I have a older brother he’s 15 and a younger sister who’s 1,” you say…
“Fun, I’m a only child… which is probably a good thing, my mom can hardly raise me. I don’t know how she could raise another child,” he says…
“Yeah, our house is pretty crazy, which is my moms fault. She’s really perky, its kinda annoying,” you say and laugh. Marshall smirks…
“Yeah but my moms worse, shes not fun… shes never home shes always at bingo or out with some guy… she says shes tryin to find me a dad…I think I’m better off without one. If my own dad don’t care why should any other man,” Marshall says. And walks over to a room. “That’s your class,” he says while pointing at it…
“Thanks,” you say… “I’ll see you later then,” you say.
“Yeah,” he says and walks down the hall to another room. You watch him walk in and then you walk into your class…the teacher is not in the room. You don’t know where to sit so you just stand there and look around…
“You can sit here,” a skinny black girl says…..
“Thanks,” you say and smile….
“So, I’m Ciara. Whats your name?” she asks.
“Lily,” you say with a smile as the teacher walks in…
You walk into the lunchroom after your 3rd class. (you have 6) its kinda larger than yours back home…. The tables are red and so is mostly everything else but the chairs… You stand there and look for Marshall but apparently hes not there yet… “Oh look its Marshalls bodyguard,” DeAngelo says running into your arm causing you to jump forward.
“Seriously,” you say. “You’re pathetic,” you say as Marshall walks in, you walk over to him. “Hi,” you say with a smile. “Didn’t know where to sit,” you explain.
“Oh over there,” Marshall says pointing to a table with two other white boys sitting at it, the table is kinda off in the corner and by the windows. You walk over to the table with Marshall, he sits, you just stand there.
“You gonna eat?” you ask.
“Yeah, when the ling goes down more,” Marshall says quietly.
“Ok,” you say and pull up a chair and sit next to him.
“Who are you?” one of the guys asks looking up from his food.
“Lily,” you say with a smile.
“Ronnie,” he says and holds out his hand.
“Nice to meet you,” you say shaking his hand…
“He’s my uncle,” Marshall says. You look at him funny.
“How does that work?” you ask.
“My mom had me late in life, we’re only a couple months apart,” Ronnie explains. You nod your head in understanding. So you go get lunch now… You get chicken nuggets, green beans, some rice and a milk, Marshall gets the same thing. You behind Marshall in line.
“I’m on the free lunch list,” Marshall says quietly.
“Whats your name sonny,” the old lady asks.
“Marshall Mathers,” he says.
“Huh? Speak up boy,” she says.
“Marshall Mathers,” he says louder.
“Ok thank you,” she says, Marshall goes and sits. You give her your number…
“Thanks,” she says and you go sit back down next to Marshall. Theres two blondes sitting at the table now, they look preppy….you sort of get angry at the over reaction at things…
You walk out of the building. You go over to a spot where Marshall told you to wait for him… he comes out within 3 minutes. “Ready?” he asys. “Take the bus or walk?” he asks.
“Uhh its kinda cold,” you say….
“Where my jacket, besides I don’t wanna go home,” he says… taking off his jacket and handing it to you, you put it on its nice and warm considering you only had a sweater on… (remember its winter ok ok) You start to walk away…..
“Where are we going?” you ask. Marshall shurgs…. “We could go to my house..” you suggest.
“Uhhh sure,” Marshall says and you head towards the direction to your house.
“Yo where you goin Marsh?!” you hear Ronnie yell.
“Lily’s!” he yells back. “I’ll see you later,” he yells……You look back and Ronnie gets on a bus… you continue to walk….. So you arrive home and walk in…
“Hey honey who’s this?” your Dad asks…
“Marshall, a friend I met,” you explain. “Can he stay for dinner?” you ask.
“Yeah but what about your room?” your dad asks. “You and Nick need to get it set up,” he says…
“I can help,” Marshall cuts in…
“Ok well have fun! And leave the door open,” you Dad yells. You shake your head.
“Interesting dad,” Marshall says…
“Yeah,” you say with a laugh….. You and Marshall are fixing up your side of the room when Nick walks in….
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