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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
“Hey Nick,” you say with a smile while looking up from your dresser with pictures of you and your friends on it. He glares at you as he sets his bag down. “What? Have a bad day or something?” you ask.
“Kinda, that school is full of a bunch of fags,” he says.
“That’s nice,” you say looking at him funny. “So is my school,” you say.
“Hey,” Marshall says sitting you lightly.
“I didn’t mean you,” you say and hit him back. “So calm down,”
“So who is this?” Nick asks.
“My friend Marshall,” you say. Marshall gives Nick a slight smile.
“Ok,” Nick says and does his half of his room like yours. Bed by each window, dresser at the foot of the bed, nightstand on one side of the bed. The door and closet are almost in the middle next to each other. Also a small window is the middle facing the road. The walls are white wall paper with some small spots all over that are green, blue and blood red. The carpet is like a very light blue color its almost white. You have dark blue curtains that are almost black.. Your room is in the front, Mya’s in the middle and your parents are in the back. Nick stares at the closet for a few seconds then he stands up grabs some duck tape off his nightstand and tapes down the middle of the closet. “Your half,” he says pointing to your half, “My half,” he says pointing to his half.
“Well,” you say. Then go sit on the bed next to Marshall. Nick sits on his bed and looks at Marshall.
“So, you two goin out or somethin?” Nick asks.
“Nick! We’re just friends, plus we just met,” you explain.
“Oh, that sucks, you two would make a cute couple,” Nick laughs. You open your mouth to say something but you stop yourself and look down at your feet on the floor. You start to feel yourself turn red… as you start thinkin….
well I do think Marshalls cute, but that don’t mean I like him…It don’t even matter, he probably don’t like me. Hes just bein nice…I’m just gonna keep my mouth shut… unless… something comes up about it, but that’s only if he says something you think. You feel your bein stared at so you look up. “Where’d Mom and Dad go?” you ask, as you realize you don’t hear them in the house…
“To get us food. I forgot to tell you. Oh yeah she told me to watch you two,” Nick laughs.
“What does she think we’re gonna do?” you ask Nick confused.
“Probably fuck,” Nick jokes. You look over at Marshall, he turns red and looks down quickly.
What does that mean? you think to yourself. Does he like me?
“Wow Nike, cause we’d do that…we’re only 12,” you say.
“What? Who knows,” he says. “Parents think a lot of things,” he laughs.
“No you was thinkin that. Somethin is wrong with you,” Marshall says looking up.
“I was joking!” he yells.
“Of course you was,” Marshall says. Your mom comes into the room a few minutes later, she stands there staring at you all.
“Hello,” you say after about a minute.
“Hi!” she says with a huge smile. “Dinners here,” she says.
“Ok, come on Marshall,” you say pulling on him, he hesitates then follows you and your brother into the kitchen. You sit down at the rectanglar table, its in the corner by the window. One end of the table is by the window the other more towards the middle of the kitchen. Behind you is like a wall with windows with flower designs on them. The other side is cupboards and a counter. Marshall sits next to your. Nick across. Your dad sits by the window and your mom across form him. “So what we eatin?” you ask.
“I got some stew from the store and heated it up,” your Mom explains.
“Oh ok,” you say with a smile as your Dad serves everyone. You start eating…
“This is good, I’ve never had stew before,” Marshall says. You look over at him suprised. “My mom usually just gets them cheap TV dinners,” he explains. (lol some kid is singing ‘When I’m Gone’ =)
“Oh,” you say.
“Well you can come over here for dinner whenever you want,” your mom says.
“Thank you miss Jones, that’s very nice of you,” Marshall says.
“Call me Beth honey,” your mom says. “So where do you live Marshall?” your mom asks.
“8 Mile,” he says.
“Oh not far from here, I drove by it on the way to work this morning, saw some fat kid shoving round this skinny kid,” your mom says.
“Ok,” Marshall says like hes confused. “Probably DeAngelo,”
“DeAngelo?” you dad asks.
“Some jerk,” you say. “Who goes around bulling kids for no reason cause hes bored and dumb,” you explain.
“Oh,” your dad says in understanding. (HEHE ATL!!)
After dinner you and Marshall are in the living room watching the movie ‘Friday the 13th’ one of your favorite movies.
“You know Jason is pretty awesome,” Marshall says.
“Why? He dumb,” you say.
“So, he kills stupid people and he has a chain saw and machete,” Marshall says.
“Wow,” you say and kinda laugh… (I eat pickles) The movie ends..
“I gotta get goin before my mom panics,” Marshall says.
“Oh ok,” you say.
“Need a ride?” your mom ask butting in from the other room.
“No thanks, I can walk,” Marshall sasy.
“Ok,” she says.
“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Marshall says, grabbing his coat… You stand up and walk him to the door, he randomly gives you a hug. “See ya,” he says opening the door.
“See ya,” you say and watch him walk down the road till you cant see him no more.
You turn the corner and head to 8 Mile. You see DeAngelo down the street doin something with some other kids. You put up your hood hoping he don’t see you. You manage to get by without any trouble… You turn down the corner and get to your house and walk in. Your mom is passes out on the couch. “I’m home,” you say sort of raising your voice.
“Ok be quite,” your mom mumbles. You shake your head and goin to your room. You think about Lily and how you like her and wonder if she likes you too. You stare at the ceiling and all off a sudden you hear a loud crash and honk, sort of shakes your house…
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