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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
“What do you think you’re doing?!” an adult type lady yells. Shes got some weird bushy hair do that is blonde, she looks kinda old but still young. And she looks like she does drugs a lot.
“Mom! What are you doing here?” Marshall ask immediately letting go of your hand. You just stand there sort of scared staring at the two of them.
“You better get your ass home boy,” says the lady pointing back behind her as if his house was right there.
“I was, I was just gonna bring Lily home. Do you mind?” Marshall smarts off. He looks very angry with his mother.
“No! You’re coming home now! Get in the car!” she demands and grabs on to his wrist. Marshall yanks his arm away from her and walking closer over by you.
“No! Mom I’m not gonna let her walk home by herself,” Marshall yells.
“I…” you start but stop yourself knowing that you shouldn’t be walking around Detroit at night alone. Besides Detroit scares you shitless at night.
“Fuckin get your little ass in the damn car NOW!” his mom yells at the top of her lungs.
“Fuck that shit!” Marshall yells, he comes up to you and puts his arm round your back.
“Don’t use that kind of language young man!” she yells.
“Come on,” he whispers.
“Get the hell back here now!” she yells. Marshall stops and turns around.
“Im not gonna go home just to be your damn slave ok Mom, I’ll be home soon just calm the fuck down!” Marshall yells at his mother and continues walking. After you two get out of sight from his mom he moves his hand from your back and laces his fingers with yours. “Sorry about that my mom is kinda a bitch,” Marshall says softly.
“Seems like it. She kinda scares me…” you say.
“Well don’t worry about it. She wont do anything to you. Maybe just yell…” Marshall says as you get onto the road you were on before. “Wanna take the long way or the short way?” Marshall asks you as he stops forcing you to stop as well.
“Uhh I like long,” you say with a smile. He slightly smiles then leads you down a long road… “So is your mom always like that?” you ask.
“Yeah… She had me when she was 17 I don’t think she was ready. And when we left my dad cuz he was abusive things got worse. She had a hard time finding work, she had to try and find a home after home after home… Her and my grandma would argue on how to raise me… She was just to young. And she let herself fall apart. I guess you could say shes trying but drugs don’t help that. She pretends she don’t do them… and I pretend I don’t know she does them,” he says and takes a breath. “When I was younger I was a mommas boy I guess you can say. But now shes just a bitch so I try to always avoid her. At least she hasn’t gave up and just left me, she does work and support me. Even know she could do better. She just cant have anymore kids if she did I think we would just fall apart all together, she can hardly raise me,” Marshall explains.
“Oh I’m sorry,” you say softy as you two turn a corner.
“Don’t be, its not your fault,” he says.
“I know but…” you start.
“Everything is all good,” he says and pulls you closer to him.
“Shes not gonna beat you when you get home is she?” you ask all concerned.
“No, she wont she’ll just yell a lot,” Marshall explains.
“Good,” you say. This makes Marshall smile a little. He walks you back to your house. Your standing at the front door. You don’t wanna go in yet cause then you’ll have to do homework or something annoying. “Well I better go in,” you say.
“Yeah I gotta get home before my mom gets more pissed,” he says.
“Ok…well what you doing tomorrow?” you ask.
“Hanging with you,” he says then leans in and gives you a kisses then pulls away after a few seconds.
“Ok,” you say. “See you tomorrow then,” you say.
“Ok, bye,” he says and starts to walk away.
“Bye,” you say. You watch him walk down the street once you cant see him anymore you go into the house. “Mom! Im home!” you yell. Your dad walks over to you.
“Moms at the store. Dinners ready if you want some,” you dad says pointing towards the kitchen.
“Ok what is it?” you ask.
“Chicken,” he says. “I’ll warm you up some,” he says going into the kitchen.
“Thanks Daddy, I’m sorry I missed dinner,” you say.
“Its ok,” he says. Your sort of confused as to why hes ok with all this but it don’t bother you really. You go into your room and set your bag on your bed. And your coat and sweater on the bed also. Nick is laying there staring at the ceiling.
“Having fun with that?” you ask.
“A blast, I’m so damn bored I could scream,” he says now looking at you.
“Watch a movie or something,” you suggest. “I gotta go eat,” you say leaving the room then walking into the kitchen. You sit down at the table and dig into the chicken right way.
“Wow,” you hear your dad whisper.
“What?” you ask looking up at him.
“You like literally shoved that food in your mouth like a person who hasn’t eaten in days,” your dad says.
“Oh,” you laugh. “I guess I was really hungry,” you say.
“I guess,” he says. After a few minutes, you finish then throw away your paper plate. You go into your room and lay down on your bed… You look at your clock it is about 8... Wow time flies you think to yourself then let out a sigh… You end up falling asleep…
“Hey what are you doing!?” you yell running up to Marshall, hes kissing another girl. You punch the chick in the face she whimpers then falls to the ground with a bloody nose.
“Shit … Lily… look she kissed me… ok I tried to get away but it was forced!” Marshall yells. “It never was supposed to happen but shes just fuckin psycho!” he yells.
“Yeah fuckin right!” you yell as a tear rolls down for cheek. You start to walk away.
“Lily please!” Marshall yells. You stop. “Im sorry,” he says. You don’t bother to turn around. Your crying even harder now….
“No, I should of known not to trust you,” you cry. “All you guys are the same,” you say. You feel a hand on your shoulder.
“Come on please, just look at me. Im sorry. We were meant to be together, we’ve been together for almost 3 years, and I made one mistake. Can you forgive me,” he says. You glance at him, a tear roles down his face. You look away…..
“Please baby I love you,” Marshall pleads. “Don’t do this too me,” he says…
“How can I believe you haven’t had any other relationship with her?” you ask turning to Marshall finally.
“Because I never even wanted her, she wanted me. I’ve never don anything with another girl beside you. And her I didn’t want… you I do want,” Marshall says. “Please,” he whispers….
“I’ll think about it and call you later,” you say then walk away…
“Lilly!” Marshall shouts, you start to run as he calls your name…. Next thing you know you’re in this old run down building…. You go over to a corner and just sort of sit there not sure if you should cry, forgive Marshall, or forget him…. You close your eyes then open them… when you hear sounds..
“Hello?” you whisper softly… you hear breathing… “Don’t hurt me please, I’ll just leave and you can pretend I was never here,” you say. A dark figure appears out of nowhere and comes at you with a knife…. You scream and run towards a window… the figure follows you but walking…. You jump out the window and start to run towards the park were Marshall was…. Hes walking towards home with his head down and his hands in his pockets.. “Marshall!” you scream. He looks up quickly. And runs towards you.
“What? Whats wrong? You shaking like crazy,” he says….
“Some black…. AHHHHH” you scream as you see the thing coming…
“Shit run,” he says grabbing onto your hand…. You run to Marshall’s house he shuts the door and locks it… “Mom?” he calls… she do not answer you go into Marshall’s room, he closes the door…. He sits on the bed you sit on the bed on the corner trembling with fear… Marshall moves towards you and holds you, you burry your face in his shoulder.
A few minutes pass by…
“I forgive you,” you say softly…. You look up at him he just stares at you, he leans in towards you, and you lean in as well…
“Lily… honey wake up I bought you your favorite candy,” your mom say shaking you. You sit up fast and just stare at her. “Were you crying?” she asks. “Your eyes are red,” she says.
“In my dream… But Im ok it was just a dream…” you say while yawing…
“Well ok as long as you’re ok… I got you a Snickers,” your mom says handing you a Snickers bar. You take it….
“Thanks mom,” you say with a smile and set it on your nightstand. “I’ll eat it later,” you say.
“Ok…” your mom says with a smile then leaves the room…. You let out a sigh….
“Nice one,” your brother says looking over at you.
“What?” you ask turning to him.
“Nothing you were just cryin in your dream,” Nick says.
“Yeah, why didn’t you wake me? That dream sucked,” you say.
“Cause its rude,” Nick explains sitting up.
“Not if I’m crying it’s not rude… you could have woken me,” you say.
“Well I will next time….” Nick says… You glance at the clock its 9:30 now… “You know I saw you and Marshall earlier,” Nick say.
“Doing what?” you ask…. Hoping he didn’t see you and Marshall kiss….
“Kissin, so I was right you two were gonna go out,” he says with a smile.
“Well I guess you were. Just please don’t tell mom or dad I don’t want them freaking out,” you say.
“Don’t worry… but you might wanna tell ’em sometime or they will be even more pissed that you didn’t tell them,” Nick explains….
“I will… sometime…” you say then lay back down…
Its noon on Saturday Marshall is over and you two are hanging in your room watching TV. You just finished telling him about your dream last night.
“You know that would never happen. I would never cheat on you,” he says and leans in to kiss you but you move away….
“Whats wrong?” he asks sitting normally now.
“My mom might come in. She don’t know about us,” you explain.
“Oh. Just a quick one?” he says like hes begging.
“What? Whats gonna happen if you don’t kiss me?” you say softly.
“I’ll explode,” he laughs.
“Ok let’s see,” you joke… his mouth drops open… “I was kidding,” you say and lean in and kiss him, he kisses back…. After a few seconds, you pull away…
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