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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7
“Who is it?” you ask your mother as she comes back into the kitchen.
“I don’t know, he just asked for you two,” your mother explains and sits down at the table… you and Marshall look at each other confused, you both sort of hesitate to move. “Well aren’t you gonna go talk to him?” your mom asks.
“Uh what does he look like?” Marshall asks quickly.
“Hes kinda fat, and hes black. Why?” she asks confused.
“Uhh how bout you tell him that we just left,” Marshall says figuring its DeAngelo.
“Hes gonna ask were we went, you know that,” you say though your teeth to Marshall.
“Its DeAngelo. Do you really wanna talk to him, all hes gonna do is just pick on us,” Marshall says like he annoyed. You stare at Marshall for a second then at your mom.
“Mom tell him we uh… I don’t know. Just make something up so we wont have to talk to him,” you say trying to find an accuse but you cant find one.
“I’ll tell them you two was watchin a movie and fell asleep,” your mom says. You look at her surprised, so does Marshall.
“Uh yeah then tell him well get back to him on Monday,” you say.
“Ok,” your mom says with a smile and leaves the room.
“Wow, that was odd… I never thought my mom would say that,” you say.
“Oh well. Hey, maybe it wont be that hard to tell her about us,” Marshall whispers.
“Im not worried about my mom. Its my dad I’m worried about, he might come out with a shot gun or something every time you’re around,” you say then sort of laugh to yourself knowing that that is a true fact. Marshall don’t say anything he just sighs…. “Gimme a week,” you say trying to make him feel better.
“Ok,” he say says and gives you a quick peck before your mom comes back in the room.
“He bought it,” your mom says coming into the kitchen. You smile up at her, then stand up and go over to her and give her a hug.
“Thank you,” you say with a smile. She smiles back then leaves the kitchen. “What do you wanna do?” you ask while yawing. Marshall yawns right after you. (lol so did I)
“Uh watch a movie, I guess. I don’t know,” Marshall says.
“Sure, lets go look at the movies,” you say taking Marshall to the living room. You go over to the shelf which has VCR tapes on it. Its in the corner by the TV. You look though the shelves…. “See anything you like?” you ask. He stares at you for a few seconds…
“Yes,” he says with a smile.
“Oh you perv,” you say and hit him lightly on the shoulder. “I meant about the movies, not me,” you say laughing.
“I know,” he says then turns back to the movies…. “The Fly works I guess,” Marshall says…
“Sure, its kinda stupid but ok,” you say.
“I like stupid things,” Marshall laughs then grabs the tape…
“Mom, we’re gonna go watch The Fly in my room,” you say going up to your mom who is sitting on the couch with your father and Nick and baby Mya who is sleeping in your fathers arms…
“Ok,” she says with a smile.
“Keep your door open,” you dad calls…
“Duh,” you say agreeing with him to make things simple…. You go into the room, right away Marshall gets on the bed and makes himself comfortable by the wall. You go over and put the movie in then grab the remote and sit next to Marshall on your bed…. You press play and FFW though all the damn pre-views. After about 30 minutes into the movie you feel tired you sort of lay down, layin your head on Marshall’s shoulder. He smiles at his and pulls the blanket over you. That’s all you can remember of that cuz you fell asleep…

Lily just fell asleep, your bored out of your mind with this movie and its stupidness. You decide to sleep too…. You scoot down the bed to lay down, Lily whines slightly. Stop and don’t move afraid to wake her up, but she just adjusts herself comfortably with her head sort of on your chest, you smile and pull your arm out from under her and put it around her and close your eyes…. You eventually fall asleep…

Its been along time sense you heard a peep form Marshall and Lily, you look at the clock its 8:30. “Did they like fall asleep for real,” you whisper to yourself. You stand up and walk over into Lily’s room. They are asleep. You tilt your head at this. Not knowing if your ok with it or not…. You decide your ok with it, you go and turn off the TV and turn off the light. You go back to the living room. “Kids are out,” you say to Dane.
“Oh,” he says sort of unsure.
“Their fine, just let them sleep, I’ll call Marshalls mother,” you say going into the kitchen and grabbing the phone and the paper which has his number on it.
“Alright….” Dane says as you come back into the living room.
“Don’t worry about them,” you say to your husband. “You know we were their age when we met, then we got pull away from each other then we found each other at 18,” you say.
“I know but shes soo young, remember how your dad was,” Dane reminds you. “Yeah I remember, and I remember how hard it was for me to leave you at age 15.… remember that?” you ask your husband. Nick sighs and leaves the room with Mya…
“Yes, and remember how you got pregnant with Nick at 18,” Dane reminds you again about something from your past.
“Yeah but we don’t even know if they have a thing for each other, clam down now ok,” you say. “Im gonna call the boys mother and see if its ok if he says here the night,” you say and dial the number on the paper.
“Hello?” she ask.
“Hey, Uhh Miss, Mathers?” you ask.
“Yes who is this?” she asks.
“Miss Jones, uh its Lilys mother,” you say and sit down on the couch.
“Oh yeah, what do you want?” she asks as if shes annoyed.
“I was just calling to see if it was ok if Marshall stays the night,” you say.
“I don’t care,” she says. “I gotta go,” she says and hangs up the phone….
“Well ok,” you say and place the phone down….
“What?” Dane asks….
“Oh she just seemed like she really didn’t care about Marshall,” you say. Dane just sakes his head…..

You wake up in Marshalls arms… oh shit you think to yourself.. You look at the clock its only 3am… oh well I guess he has to stay here now, shit I gotta pee you think to yourself and carefully get up and go into the bathroom. You get back and get in bed and cuddle up to Marshall.
“Where am I?” he whispers.
“My house,” you whisper.
“Oh, ok,” he says and holds you. You hear Nick moving around.
“Shut up you two, you’re luck mom and dad called his mom and let him stay,” Nick says….
“Uh ok sorry?” you say sort of in question form… you end up falling asleep soon after that…..
You wake up not even an hour later to knocking on your window.. “Who the fuck is that?” Nick asks getting mad….
“I don’t know ignore it,” you whisper…
“Yeah maybe if we don’t do anything they will go away,” Marshall suggests.
“They better,” Nick says…. But the knocking continues….
“Ok this is getting creepy,” you say grabbing on to Marshalls hand.
“Don’t worry, I’ll kick their asses if they try anything,” Marshall whispers.
“Ha funny joke,” Nick says… “No one is kicking any ass, you know how upset mom and dad would get?” Nick asks directing the question to you.
“I know that you’re in there you fuckin motherfucker!” a guy yells.
“Shhhhh,” you say and try to remand quiet as you squeeze onto Marshalls hand, he laces his fingers with yours. This makes you feel a little better…. The pounding continues…. For about a half hour… you start to wonder why no one has done anything yet, especially your mom or dad…. “Why aren’t mom and dad doin anything?” you whisper to Nick.
“That’s what I was thinking… I mean they seriously cant hear that?” Nick asks as a knock hit’s the window again….
“Maybe they heavy sleepers,” Marshall suggests…..
“I guess,” you say…. “What are we supposed to do?” you ask lookin at Nick….
“I don’t know,” you say….
“Open the fuckin window I can hear you fuckers! That’s what you do! Open it now or I will myself!” the guy yells…. After about 10 minutes of silence the window slides open…. A guy dressed all in black…slowly crawls in the window….. “
“Ahhh,” you say and back up to the wall along with Marshall… the guy falls in and stands up in the middle of the floor, you all stare at him as he takes off his ski mask…..
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