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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10
It’s your stupid loser of a brother. You grab onto Marshalls arm hoping to get away unnoticed by your brother. It’s too late you feel a hand on your shoulder. You turn around to look but it’s not your brother its one of his druggie friends. Hes younger than the others. In fact hes Marshall’s age and his name is Cory, hes a skinny black boy with a shaved head. “Get your hands off her!” Marshall demands pulling Cory’s hand off your shoulder.
“Whoa don’t get mad Marshall, I didn’t mean nothing by it,” Cory clams as he backs a bit back away from Marshall.
“Better not,” Marshall says and put his arm around your waist.
“Hey, Lily,” your brother says coming up to you with a blunt in his hand. “Want some?” he asks reaching it out over to Marshall.
“No thanks,” Marshall says hitting his arm away with his free hand.
“No? How bout you?” he asks. You stare at the blunt angrily. You grab it from his hand. Marshall looks at you shocked. “Well?” Nick asks.
“No I don’t want this!” you say and throw it into a nearby puddle.
“Heeeey!!” Nick and the others yell.
“You know that cost us money nigga?!” Cory yells looking mad at you.
“Don’t be callin her that, and you shouldn’t be smokin in the first place. That’s what you get,” Marshall says pointing to the now wet blunt floating in the puddle. Nick sighs…
“Oh and you better get your ass home! Moms gonna be pissed. In fact she already is,” you say while pointing towards home.
“I don’t give a fuck, she cant control me anymore, tell her that Im not coming home for a few days,” Nick says as he starts to walk away… he walks past you. You and Marshall turn around and stare at the three guys walking away towards some others across the street. They all look just as stupid as your brother does.
“No!” you yell. Nick turns around and just stares at you like hes gonna kill you or something, knowing that he wouldn’t do that, you get away from Marshalls grip and you walk up to your brother. “You tell her yourself! Im not gonna be in the middle of this,” you yell at him.
“Calm down, she wont get mad at you,” Nick says.
“I don’t care,” you say staring at him all pissed.
“Whatever,” Nick says. Hes about to walk away but before he can move you slug him one in the arm as hard as you can. “Owww, shit!” he yells holing on to the spot where you hit him. “What was that for?” he asks.
“For going on about this shit, and not being my brother. I don’t even know who you are anymore. However, I can see that that doesn’t matter. Your family doesn’t matter to you,” you say. “You know what I can not care too. Just go about your business, get hurt, do drugs do whatever you want that is illegal. Just don’t come begging for forgiveness, cuz I don’t want anything to do you with your sorry ass anymore sense you don’t care about me,” you say. He stands there staring at you in shock. You don’t make eye contact… You walk away back over to Marshall.
“Damn!” Marshall says. “I didn’t know you had that in you,” he says. You don’t say anything back to Marshall you just grab his hand and walk towards a park near by. “Are you ok? You look a little sad,” Marshall says after about 2 minutes of not talking and just sitting at the park bench.
“Well I am, I don’t have a brother no more. I thought older brothers were supposed to be there to protect you,” you say trying to hold back the tears that are about to come. Marshall sighs then pulls you against him so you’re leaning against him.
“Don’t worry, Im here to protect you. Don’t worry about him,” he says trying to make you feel better. He holds you tight, as you don’t say a word. You change your position and face him, you lay your head against him on his shoulder as you cry slightly. “Its ok,” Marshall says putting his hand on your back and rubbing it.
“Im glad I have you, Marshall,” you say and look up at him into his eyes. He smiles.
“Im glad I have you too, Lily,” he says and leans in and kisses you; you kiss back after a few seconds he pulls away. You lay your head back against his chest, he places his hand on your head running his fingers though your hair.
“What do you wanna do now?” you ask after about 25 minutes of sitting there not talking and just cuddling together.
“Uh, Im thinkin this is pretty fun,” he says you look up at him and smile. He smiles back.
“Well I gotta get home soon,” you say. He frowns then.
“Aww don’t worry, you can come over I just gotta go home for dinner,” you say then laugh at him. He smiles again, you smile back. “I always know how to satisfy you,” you say.
“Yeah… Maybe… Just maybe,” he jokes….
“You know it’s true,” you laugh. “Ready?” you ask standing up and holing your hand out like your gonna dance. He smiles.
“Ok,” he says standing up and grabbing your hand and lacing fingers with you. You start walking towards your house. You walk the whole way there talking about random things. You don’t see your brother the whole way which you don’t mind you’re done with him and all his stupid shit. You walk in the door…
“Ahh at least on of my children comes home,” your mom says walking up to you and Marshall with her arms spread wide open, you stand there just staring at her. So does Marshall. She wraps her arms around you and Marshall and squeezes you two tight. You and Marshall both grunt.
“Ok mom! I can’t breath!” you almost yell and try to push your mom away.
“Sorry,” see says letting go.
“Its ok,” you say walking into the kitchen. “Whats for dinner?” you ask.
“Well I thought we’d go out for dinner,” your mom says.
“Oh… well can Marshall come?” you ask pointing back to Marshall with your thumb. Hes sort of standing behind you…
“Yeah of course,” she says with a smile. “So I thought we’d go to… uhh Gilberts Lounge,” she says.
“Sure,” you say. “Now?” you ask. Your father nods his head as he comes in the room with Mya…. Therefore, you all head off to Gilberts Lounge….
You all walk in and sit down at a corner booth… “My mom used to go her all the time with this one guy, then he died,” Marshall says.
“Oh well that a pleasant thought,” your dad says sarcastically.
“Well it’s true, and I just thought of I so I said it…out loud,” he says. “Its good, cuz I didn’t like him, he as abusive to me and my mom,” Marshall explains.
“That terrible,” your mom says cutting in.
“Well that was years ago, its over now, now I just gotta deal with my stupid mother,” Marshall says.
“Yeah you told us about that,” your father says.
“Ok new subject,” you say cutting in… “Oh look or waitress is here!” you say holding out your hands at the lady like your displaying her. She scoffs…
“Hi, Im Betty, I’ll be your server today, can I get you guys something to drink?” she asks.
“I’ll have a Diet Coke,” you mom says. She nods.
“Same thing,” your dad says. “And bring a glass of milk for the baby,” he says. She nods.
“I’ll have a Mountain Dew,” Marshall says. She nods again.
“Me too,” you say with a smile. After dinner, you head home…. You drop Marshall off on the way home….
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