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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11
You’re laying in bed, you don’t wanna fall asleep. You look on the floor, theres one of Mya’s soft toy balls laying there. You pick it up and lay back down on the bed, you throw it up and catch it for a few minutes until you get distracted by a noise which causes the ball to hit your leg and fall off the bed, it rolls across the room. Theres a tap on the window. You ignore it a first thinking it’s just the wind. You stare towards the window, it happens again. You get up and go to the window, moving the curtain. Nick’s standing there trembling, he comes in the light he has blood on his hands and shirt. “Nick!” you yell opening the window.
“Shhhh,” he says putting his trembling finger to his lips.
“Why are you coved in blood!?” you say in a loud whisper.
“I… I killed him, Lily I killed him, I did it, I didn’t mean to but I killed him,” Nick says as if he was going to cry.
“You killed someone!” you shout. “You fucking dumb ass! Why?” you ask.
“He, I uhh I he was, oh god they’re gonna lock me up…. I can’t go to jail, I can’t I… let me in!” he says trying to climb though the window, he gets in and stands there staring at you trembling with fear, you hear sirens. He ducks down in the room. “Mom and Dad are gonna kill me!” he says. “What am I gonna do?” he asks he totally freaking out now. You’re walking back and forth trying to think of something.
“Well go clean yourself up,” you say pointing to the bathroom door. He goes in and closes the door, you can hear him whimpering in there. It sounds like he mumbling something but you can make out what hes saying. He comes back into the room, changes his clothes, and sits down on the bed shaking back and forth like he has shellshock. “Ok, calm down. Who did you kill?” you ask forgetting about what you told him this afternoon.
“He was some homeless guy, he pissed us off, and I got this … thing and I stabbed him multiple times in the chest,” he cries. Hes still rocking back and forth and trembling.
“God you’re an idiot!” you yell. “What did he do?” you ask angrily.
“Don’t tell anybody please!” he yells…. “He was telling us off and shit about robbing this store and it made us mad so I did what I just told you,” he explains. You shake your head in ashamed of him.
“Why couldn’t you have just walked away!?” you yell in a low tone.
“Im sorry, I just lost it,” he says. “Look, I gotta leave Mom and Dad will kill me, I know a place to stay,” he says.
“Yeah with no food or what? Is it that little shack out in the woods?” you ask him pointing. He nods. You sigh. “Fine, go there, but I’ll be there in the morning to check on you, I’ll bring you food, and check on you everyday,” you say. Somehow you think this makes him feel better. He nods and leaves the room without saying a word. “Damn it!” you yell at yourself. “What did I just do!?” you yell.. “Oh whatever,” you say frustrated. You get back into bed, and soon after fall asleep….
A few weeks go by and its July 20th. You’ve been taking food and water to your brother this whole time, your parents don’t know about what you’re doing or what Nick did. The case was on TV about the homeless guy, but there was no weapon left at the scene, so they cannot find a suspect. You told Nick this and he freaks out about it, so you don’t talk about the killing anymore around him.
About your relationship with Marshall… You haven’t really talked to him. Every time you see him you would avoid him… You don’t want him to know about the murder, thinking that Marshall would turn Nick in and this would possibly get you in trouble with the cops and or Nicks friends, and you don’t want that. You feel bad for not seeing Marshall but you think its best for now until you can figure out what you’re gonna do with Nick.
You start walking back home from the shack. You're about half way back through the woods when you hear rustling in a bush behind you. You stop to investigate and Marshall jumps out and scares you, unintentionally. You give him a confused look as he walks toward you.
"Where the fuck have you been?" Marshall asks now placing his hands on your shoulders. "You know what, I don't even care. Just, Stop it!! I miss you, I want you, and I need you," he bowed his head.
"Marshall..." you start to speak.
"Stop fucking avoiding me. I don't know what the fuck you're doing with all your time but I'm fucking sure you have time for you?" He let his hands drop from your shoulders and took a small step back. You then stepped forward into him and wrapped your arms around him.
"I'm sorry, I'll make time," you say.
"Make time now," he whispers into your ear. You both pull away slightly then look into each others eyes. He suddenly kisses you lowers his hands on your back. He grips the edge of your pants and starts to unbutton them. You place your hand on his hand and stops kissing you. "Whats wrong?" he asks.
"Well, its just that I've never done this before...and were in the middle of the woods," you explain.
"It'll be fine nothing bad will happen, I promise," he smiled.
"Alright, I trust you," you smile back.
"Good," he says then pulls your pants down to your ankles. "Take them off so you have something to lay on." You take your pants off and lay them down by a tree. He takes his pants off and lays them next to yours. "Lay down," he says then helps you lay down. He slides off your underwear slowly then spreads your legs. He leans over you then kisses you very deeply as he pulls off his boxers. You could feel his hard dick slap against your vagina as he took them off. He wrested his waist on yours and rubbed his hands all over your upper body. After a little bit you started to feel like you needed more. Your vagina started to get moist then you started pushing your waist against his. He smiled then reached for his penis. He put the tip of his penis hard and slow into your pussy. Your body cringed up and you gritted your teeth as he kept going deeper.
"OWW!" you let out a yelp. He started moving in and out slowly and you started to breathe deeply and quickly.
"Do you want me to stop?" he asks. You shake your head and force out a smile. Slowly he starts to move faster, slapping hard against you. The pain gradually goes away and you start to feel numb. You both are panting when he suddenly stops and immense pleasure fills your body. He pulls his penis out and starts putting his clothes back on. You sit up and notice that there is blood all over you pants. "Its fine, just when you get home change before anyone sees you," he says handing you your underwear. You put your under wear on and suddenly you feel like you're being watched so you turn around as your getting up and see your brother standing there with log in his hands.
"What did you do to my sister?!" he yells then charges for Marshall. Marshall ducks as Nick swings the log at him Nick trips and falls down.
"Marshall just go, I'll call you later," you say. You are now fully clothed as you run over to your brother. Marshall nods then runs away. “What the fuck was that?!” you scream at him. He just stands there angry at you. “Are you gonna answer me?!” you yell. He don’t respond. “I think that last murder did something to your brain,” you say.
“I thought… We would never speak of that again?” he says.
“Well, you just tried to kill my boyfriend, you’re fucking psycho!” you yell at him. “Fuck helping you after what you just tried pulling!” you yell. You start to walk away… You hear him running after you, you try to run, but he grabs you before you could get away. “Let go of me!” you scream at him.
“No!” he shouts as he picks you up.
“Put me the fuck down right now,” you yell as he hangs you over his shoulder, you start banging your fists on his back.
“Quit that!” he yells. “Im gonna tell mom what you did!” he yells. Switching you around so hes carrying you on both shoulders. He holds on to both your legs and one of your arms, you managed to get your other arm away, you flick him in the ear.
“Put me the fuck down!” you yell as you get out of the woods, people start to stare at you, but they do nothing.
“No, Im taking you to Mom and Dad and telling them what you just did with that kid,” he says trying to be calm.
“What I did!” you yell. “What about what you did!?” you scream trying to kick free but he has a strong grip on you. “What I did wasn’t half as bad as what you did!” you yell.
“I could care less about that now!” he yells. “We’re going home, Im gonna tell our parents what you did, then Im gonna go kill that fucker!” he yells.
“No!” you scream. “He didn’t do anything wrong!” you yell. You turn the corner on to the street that you live on. People in cars continue to stare, but still no one does a thing.
“He made you a non virgin!” he yells.
“So what?! Why do you care!” you yell in his face as he sets you down in front of your door.
“You could get pregnant!” he yells. He opens the front the door and drags you to the kitchen where your parents are sitting. “Let go of me!” you scream.
“Nick! Let go of your sister now!” your Father yells. He lets go of you, you step away breathing heavily and staring angrily at your brother. “Now somebody better tell me what hells going on!” he yells standing up from his seat, hes really angry, you hardly ever see him like this, and when you do you usually just go hide in your room, but in this case that’s practically impossible.
“You wanna know what SHE did!” Nick says pointing to you. You stare angrily.
“What I did!?” you yell. “What about you did!” you yell pointing back at him. He looks scared now, and he looks like hes about to freak out. “Mom, Dad,” you say calmly. They stare at you. “I know who killed that homeless man,” you say and glance over at Nick.
“Are you saying Nick did it?” your Mother asks. You nod. She stares angrily at Nick.
“Mom, Dad… look I didn’t mean to, it was an accident, please don’t … you know,” Nick says.
“You fucking idiot, you’re fucked up!” your Dad yells.
“Me!?” he asks. “Wanna know what she did!?” he asks pointing to you.
“What?” your Mom asks calmly.
“She had sex!” he yells.
“WHAT!?” your Mom and Dad yell at the same time.
“So you killed someone,” your Dad says to Nick, “and you had sex,” he says to you.
“How could you too do this crap!” your Dad yells.
“Hey! What I did wasn’t half as bad as what Nick did!” you yell. No one responds to you.
“Nick, something’s really wrong with you, and it has to be dealt with by the cops,” your Dad says trying to be calm, he picks up the phone and dials a number. Nick stars freaking out. “And for you!” your Dad yells at you as you start to sneak away as your parent get distasted by your brother. “Don’t walk away!” he yells. “You’re grounded!” he yells. You don’t respond. “And in about 2 weeks we’re moving back to South Dakota. Clearly you two cannot handle it here,” he says. “Lilly, now you may go to your room,” your Dad says…. You run to your room, now balling your eyes out, you fall on your bed and cry for about 5 minutes.
“I gotta get outta here, I need Marshall…” you whisper to yourself. You stand up, lock the door, then wipe your eyes. You change your clothes, then climb out the window. You run quickly over to Marshalls house pushing all the losers out of the way. His Mother is outside doing something with some flowers, that are very ugly. You stare at her until she looks up at you.
“Ahh shit don’t fucking do that shit!” she yells. You stare at her confused.
“Please, I don’t need this now, I need to talk to Marshall, is he here?” you ask.
“He’s in his room,” she says. Before she can say you can go in you run into the house and down the hall to Marshalls room, the door is shut you swing in open. He looks up at you shocked. You don’t say anything to him, you just walk over to his bed where hes sitting. You get on the bed and fall into his arms and start to cry again. He places his hands on your shoulders and kindly pushes you away from him, with on hand still on your shoulder he reaches the other and wipes some tears away.
“Whats wrong?” he ask.
“We…we.. We’re moving back to South Dakota,” you say still sobbing.
“But you can’t,” he says.
“I can’t stop this,” you say and lean in closer to him.
“Maybe we can,” he whispers as you are now laying you head on his shoulder. You continue to cry. You don’t say anything you just cry. “Don’t worry, its gonna be ok,” he says.
“You said nothing bad would happen,” you say crying, you look up at him.
“I thought it would be all fine. Im sorry,” he says sadly.
“Its not your fault, I just, I don’t know,” you say crying. You fall into his arms again, he holds on to you. After about a half hour you have calmed down, and your just layin on the bed with Marshall, he’s holding on to you.
“You ok now?” he whispers.
“Not really,” you say softly.
“You staying here tonight?” he asks as he runs his fingers though your hair.
“Uhh.. Sure,” you say. You two end up falling asleep about an hour later, you wake up to a knock on the window……
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