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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12
Marshall gets out of bed, he goes over to the window. You sit up and you can see who’s at the window. Its Ronnie…. “What are you doing here so late its almost 10,” Marshall states.
“I know its late, I don’t care, besides I couldn’t leave until my Mom went to bed,” he says.
“So your point?” Marshall asks….
“Well earlier today I was on my way home with some things and Lily comes running down the street, she shoved me and some other people outta the way and … I don’t know it was odd,” Ronnie says. “Can I ask her what that was if shes here?” he asks.
“She is, but shes not doing well right now, shes pretty upset,” Marshall says. You stand up and go kneel down next to Marshall in front of the window. Marshall stares at you funny then looks back at Ronnie.
“Why’d you do that?” Ronnie asks.
“I was pissed, and I still am. But anyway Im sorry about that, I didn’t realize it was you,” you explain.
“Oh, ok cool, well I better go….” Ronnie says running off without saying goodbye.
“That was strange,” Marshall says. You let out a scoff. “Hey, you feeling any better?” he asks.
“Not really,” you say sadly thinking that you are never going to see Marshall again after you move, which will be in about 2 weeks, probably less cause your Dad is stupid. Marshall sighs then gets back into the bed, so do you, he holds you close to himself.
“Look, we’re gonna stay together until the day you leave,” Marshall says. This makes you smile slightly. “And just know, I’ll never forget you, and I’ll always have a place in my heart for you, and maybe if this was meant to be we’ll see each other in the future and something might happen,” he says.
“Yeah, you’ll become famous, then how are we supposed to see each other,” you say.
“I hope I become famous, but that’s going to be hard cause Im white. Besides if Im famous, it will be easier for me to find you cuz famous people have their ways,” he says. You giggle slightly. He smiles and kisses you gently, you kiss back, after a few seconds you pull away and lay there till you fall asleep again.
You wake up, Marshall isn’t next to you, you look around thinking this whole thing was a dream, but you’re in Marshalls room and hes sitting at a desk across the room writing on a paper. You quietly get off the bed and tip toe to him, he has his headphones on so he probably cant hear you anyway but still. You tap him on the shoulder. “Hi,” you say. He jumps and looks straight at you, you giggle.
“Gee thanks, look what you made me do,” he says pointing down at a smudge mark on the paper.
“Opps,” you say.
“I was kidding, its only random lyrics,” he says. He pulls you into his lap and kisses you, you kiss back. “Damn I wish it could stay like this,” he says sadly still kissing you. You pull away and sigh.
“Me too,” you say then look down. He sighs and hugs you tight, you lay your head on his shoulder, he lays his head on yours. A few minutes pass by, its about 9:30am. “I think I should go,” you say softly.
‘Why? If you leave you’re gonna go home and get yelled at for being here,” he says staring into your eyes.
“Yeah I know, but I might as well get it over with,” you say. He sighs.
“I guess,” he says sadly. You look at him for a second then give him a kiss. “I’ll see you later, I hope,” he says.
“Don’t worry, you will,” you say not knowing if its even true. “Bye bye,” you say sadly. He looks at you sad and waves bye, you walk out the room and out the door towards home.
You get home, you walk in the door and your parents are yelling at Nick…Still….your Mom stares at you. “Hello,” you say a little scared.
“What do you think you were doing last night?” she asks.
“Im sorry, I just couldn’t…. I had to see Marshall, ok, cuz you probably wont let me see him ever again,” you say trying not to cry.
“Look, its fine…and yes you can see him,” she says. You look at her surprised.
“Me and your Farther were talking and we decided that it was ok for you too see him until we move,” she says.
“Ok… and we’re still moving why?” you ask. She points to your brother. “So why are you letting me see him? Arent you mad?” you ask.
“No not really, I mean I was your age when I…well you get it,” she says.
“Yeah,” you say.
“You better get packing tho, if you pack for a few hours you can go over to Marshalls for a while… then come back here for the night tho,” she says.
“Ok,” you sigh then head towards your room, you start packing…….
You just got done explaining to Marshall what your Mother said… He seems a bit happier than before. But your both still depressed because you have to move still. Your sitting on his bed cuddling and watching a movie… In the middle of the movie he leans in and starts kissing you, you lay back on the bed him on top of you. He pulls away and smiles, you smile back. He starts kissing you, again he reaches down to starts unbuttoning your pants. “You ok with this?” he asks. You nod.
“We’ve done it before, whats the difference,” you joke. He continues to kiss you as he unbuttons your pants, he pulls off your underwear and pants as you help. You kick them off and throw them on the floor, he quickly takes of his pants then leans in closer to you causing his penis to slide into you, this time it don’t hurt and you let out a moan as he starts to go in and out. He takes off his shirt, then yours and throws them on the floor, you pull his body closer to you, he continues to do what hes doing as he plays with your boob and kisses your neck, you let out a moan as he goes deeper and faster. He stops kissing your neck, he looks into your eyes then kisses you, you kiss back and he goes deeper, you let out a moan and dig your nails in his back as the pleasure gets more intense. He starts go faster, the pleasure gets greater, your both breathing heavily and sweating. You feel a sensation, and you feel him let go inside of you. He stops still on top of you, you kiss for awhile then he pulls away and lays next to you.
“I love you,” he whispers. “And I always will, like I said last night, there will always be a place in my heart for you,” he says, you face him and smile.
“I love you too,” you say and kiss him. “I gotta go tho,” you say softly while kissing him.
“Ok, see you later,” he says. You get up get dressed then leave…..
FFW 2 Weeks later>>>>
Your getting read for the 20 hour drive home, well about 20 your not too sure. Marshall is there with you… “Hey, finish up with that and we gotta go,” your Mom says.
“Yeah give me a minute,” you say trying to hold back the tears. You latch on to Marshall and hug him tight, he hugs back just as tight.
“I’ll always love you,” he says.
“I’ll always love you too,” you say. He kisses you, you kiss back. Once you pull away you start crying, he holds on to you.
“I want you to have this,” he says handing you his favorite dog tag and this rock shaped like a heart. You smile and kiss the heart, he found it the other day but wasn’t going to give it to you until you moved. You hold the 2 things tight in your hand.
“I don’t have anything for you,” you say sadly.
“Its ok, its right here,” he says pointing to his heart… You hug and kiss him again….
“Bye,” you say sadly.
“Bye,” he says. You slowly walk to the car crying, once you get in you stare at Marshall who looks like hes crying too, you stare at him until you cant see him no more. After you turn around, put the rock in your pocket and put he dog tag on, clutching the tag…….
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