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Chapter 20

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((March 15th 1998)))
“Dr. Dre from Aftermath records,” he says.
“What?” you say shocked. “Really?!” you say, your depression goes away at this point you feel happy, and you think that you finally made it.
“Yes,” he laughs. “I got your demo tape here and I really liked your shit. I would like to meet you,” he said. You get this smile on your face.
“Yes! Ok when!?” you ask.
“This weekend, we already sent tickets to you to have you flown out here,” Dre said.
“This is amazing news!” you say.
“It better be amazing,” Dre noted. “Well, I’ll see you this weekend,” he noted.
“Ok, I’ll be there!” you tell him. “Bye,” you say.
“Bye,” he says and hangs up the phone. You hang up the phone then run like a crazy person upstairs. Kim is sitting at the kitchen table feeding Hailie. You run over to the door completely ignoring Kim’s confused look. You grab your coat. You dial a number calling Proof to come meet you half way, and you have some important news to tell him. He agrees, you go out the door and run pretty much he whole way to where you will be meeting Proof, by the railroad tracks at this old cabin looking house.
Proof wasn’t there yet, but you ran so you sat down on the old steps and waited. It was a bit cool out; there were still a few piles of snow here and there. After about 10 minutes Proof comes walking around the corner of the house with his hands behind his back. “Whatever you’re going to do don’t!” you yelled with a smile on your face, you knew he had snow, and he was gonna throw it at you.
“I don’t have anything,” he said trying to keep a straight face.
“Sure,” you say. A car dives by and honks, it’s nothing new but you look anyway. Proof chucks a snowball at the back of you’re head. “Fucker,” you say wiping the snow from your head. He cracks up laughing. “Man shut up, I have something important to tell you,” you say going over to him.
“What?” he questions trying not to laugh anymore.
“Guess who called me?” you ask him. He thinks for a while.
“I don’t know nigga,” Proof said confused.
“Dr. Dre,” you said with a smile.
“Dre called you!?” he asks. You nod your head. “What he want?”
“He wants to meet me, he told me to come to California this weekend,” you told him.
“Dude! This is fuckin awesome!” Proof yells hugging you.
“I know this!” you say to him. “I want you to come with me,” you tell him. He lets go of you.
“Of course I’ll come with,” he says.

(((Next weekend, March 17th FRIDAY)))
You and Proof just got of the plane in California. “Yo, where do we go?” Proof asks hitting you to get your attention.
“I don’t know,” you tell Proof looking around the airport. Two guys come walking up to you and Proof, they are wearing black suits.
“Are you Marshall Mathers?” the one guy asks.
“Yes,” you say staring at him. He didn’t look to nice.
“Come with me,” he says and they begin to walk away. You and Proof quickly follow.
“I don’t like the idea of bein escorted out of a building,” Proof whispers.
“Shut up,” you say though your teeth and elbowing him lightly. You follow the guys out to a limo, you get in the limo, and Dre is in there sitting on the other side.
“Hello,” Dre says reaching his hand out. “Im Dre nice to meet you,” he says, you shake his hand.
“Eminem or Marshall, whatever you wanna call me,” you say.
“Who’s this?” he asks pointing to Proof.
“My name is Proof,” Proof says shaking Dre’s hand. You talk about record deals on the way to the studio. Dre agreed to sign you to his record label, so you have to go to the studio to fill out some paperwork and meet some people, and show Dre some of your songs that you have already written.

(((Feb. 23rd 1999, Friday))) LILY POV>>
You haven’t really kept up with the music industry sense you hear that Marshall had become famous. You’re at the mall shopping with your sister. You’re walking past a record store when something catches your eye. It was a poster of Eminem, advertising his new CD. The Slim Shady LP which came out today. You stare at a small picture of Marshall. “Hey! Staring at him is not gonna do anything,” Mya yells at you.
“Huh?” you mumble, you zoned out while looking at Marshall.
“Why don’t you go see him?” she asked.
“Cause hes famous now, who knows where he could be,” you say sadly pointing to the poster. She sighs. You let out a sigh.
“Fine, but I kinda wanna check out his CD see if hes any good,” Mya says walking into the record store, you slowly follow her.
“Can I help you?” a nice young bout about 16 asks.
“Yeah, Im looking for The Slim Shady LP,” Mya tells him. He points to a shelf. You two walk over, she grabs the CD off the shelf…
Once you get home you go lay down on your bed face first. “Mom! What is wrong with you?” Brandy asks shaking you. You sit up and stare at her.
“Im sad,” you tell her.
“Why?” she asks. You shake your head not wanting to tell her. You miss Marshall so much and hear his voice in the other room is killing you.
“Nothing,” you say. “I don’t wanna talk about it,” you add.
“Oh, ok let’s go listen to Eminem!” she yells. You give her a funny look. “Hes cute mommy, you’d like him!” she says with a smile. “Come on!” she yells running into the other room where Mya was. Brandy doesn’t know that Eminem is her father; you don’t plan on telling her anytime soon, it would just fuck things up. You walk into the room and plop down in a chair. You listen to the whole CD, not much has changed in his style, and you knew everything he was talking about. You feel like crying but you keep back your tears and sad face for Brandy, Mya and Wayne.
“You should really go find him, I can tell you are depressed,” Mya whispered sitting next to you.
“No, I can’t go find him, he just started his career, I don’t wanna fuck it up. Besides hes with that stupid Kim, he has a kid and he’s moved on,” you tell her.
“How do you know?” she asks.
“Cause hes with Kim, he doesn’t love me anymore. What we had was just some childhood fantasy,” you cried.
“Well, you should go find him, he has the right to know about Brandy,” Mya told you while pointing to Brandy and Wayne dancing to Eminem. You sigh.
“I can’t! Why can’t you understand that!” you yell at her you get up and run out of the room like a road runner. You go into your room and start to cry.

(((Nov. 20th 2002))) UPDATES: YOU=29 MARSHALL=30 MYA=18 BRANDY=13 WAYNE=8 …..
Its been a few years now sense Marshall has become famous, you taught yourself how do deal with hearing about him everyday from Mya and Brandy. You’re sitting in your room reading an email about your camera work, its doing well and you feel pretty happy about it. “Mom!” Brandy yells running into your room like come crazy person.
“What?” you ask her.
“Can we go see 8 Mile!” she yells. You give her a death stare. She looks confused.
“Honey, why do you wanna see that movie?” you ask her calmly.
“Cause Eminem is hot!” she says with a huge smile.
“NEVER say that!” you yell at her. She becomes timed.
“Why?” she asks softly like shes about to cry.
“Cause,” you say not wanting to give her the real answer.
“Why!” she yells.
“Cause hes your father!” you yell getting pissed.
“Eminem is my dad!” she questions.
“Yes,” you say though your teeth.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” she questions.
“Cause I didn’t know how,” you mumble looking down at the floor. You both let out a sigh.
“What’s with all the yellin!?” Wayne yells running into the room.
“Eminem is my dad!” Brandy yells back at Wayne.
“No,” Wayne says in disbelief.
“He is,” you tell him. “Here I’ll show you,” you say going to your closet and pulling out a box, you secretly bought all his Cds up until now, you had a box filled with things, pictures, the Cds and the dog chain that he gave you when you left. You pull out the last picture that you took with you and him. You stare at the picture… It was the picture of you and him, by the tree by your house, where hes hugging you from behind with your fingers laced together, you begin to remember that day…

(((Flashback to summer of ‘87)))
“Aww you two are so cute, pose for the camera!” you mother says, you pose for the camera… “Aww so cute,” she says handing you the picture you take it and show it to Marshall he smiles.
“Take another!” you demand posing the same. You give the other to Marshall.

(((Back to 2002)))
“That’s Eminem?” Wayne asks confused while taking the picture from you.
“Careful with that!” you freak out not wanting the picture to be ruined.
“Don’t have a spaz,” Wayne says giving you an annoyed look as he hands the picture back to you. You go though all the other things, your showing them the dog tag when the door bell rings.
“Who could that be?” you say to yourself.
“I’ll get it!” Wayne yells and runs out the room. “Hello,” you hear Wayne say.
“Hey….uhh….is Lily Jones here or do I have the wrong house,” you can hear him ask, his voice sounds familiar. You’d know that voice anywhere.
“No, that’s my mom,” you hear Wayne tell him. You remain on the floor of your room as Brandy goes running out into the living room.
“Oh…” he says he sounded disappointed. You didn’t know if you wanted to go out there.
“Oh my god!” you hear Brandy yell. oh shit you think, it is him, it is Marshall Mathers. “MOM! You might wanna get out here!” Brandy yells. You sigh then slowly get up and walk out in the living room. There stands Marshall, all these old feeling come out, it took a lot not to go running up to him, and throwing your arms around him, hugging him, kissing him again.
“Lily…is that really you?” Marshall says softly as the children watch in amazement…
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