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Chapter 21

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(((Nov. 20th 2002)))
You slowly nod answering his question. “Hi,” you say shocked to even see him there, you’d thought you’d never see him ever again. “Mar…Mar, shall,” you say and fall over to the floor and black out.

“Lily!” you yell and rush over to her.
“Is she ok!” the young girl who you assume is her daughter.
“I don’t know,” you say worried. “Lily,” you say and lift her head slightly. She doesn’t move. You feel worried. You pick her up and carry her to the couch.
“Make my mommy be ok!” her son demands.
“I think she’ll be fine she just fainted,” her daughter said to the other which seemed rude. You just give her a funny look then sit down on the edge of the couch. “Hi, my name is Brandy,” she randomly tells you.
“Hello, Brandy Im…” you start.
“I know who you are, your Eminem aka Slim Shady aka Marshall Mathers aka my father,” she tells you. You look at her in shock; you can’t believe a word she just said. You just stare at her confused. “Did you not hear me?” she asks you as if you are stupid.
“I heard what you said, I just can’t believe it,” you mumble while looking down at the floor.
“Well you’re my dad, my mom told me,” she said as she sat on the edge of the coffee table. Lily began to move…

“What happened” you say slowly sitting up while holding your head.
“You saw daddy and fainted,” Brandy says pointing to Marshall. Marshall gives you that smile like uhh sure hi.
“Are you ok?” Marshall asks. You nod. “Good, uhh… can we talk?” he asks you.
“Sure, lets go to my room,” you say then suddenly realized that that sounded odd, and may lead to things, even know you kinda want it to. You missed him so much, and now hes here, what could make you separate now? You head up to your room, you shut the door and you both sit on the bed.
“I just had to come see you,” Marshall told you.
“I thought you forgot about me?” you question.
“I never forgot,” he tried to assure.
“Then why’d it take so long for you to come here?” you ask him, trying not to cry you sort believe he just for got and is coming back just cause he got a divorce from Kim.
“Cause, I was just so busy with work, my kids and other things,” he said.
“So you didn’t just come here cause you just got divorced?” you question. He looks at you shocked like how does she know that.
“How’d you know?” he asks confused.
“Mya is sort of obsessed with you,” you say, that was very weird to say to him.
“Oh,” I all he could manage to say. “Anyway, I missed you, I just had to come,” he says.
“I missed you too,” you tell him. You stare at him for a bit, he begins so lean towards you. You feel his lips against yours as he begins to kiss you, it brings back all the old memories, and you kiss him back. After a bit he pulls away.
“Sorry,” he tells you.
“No, don’t be…its ok…it…felt nice,” you say a smile. He smiles.
“Wanna do it again?” he asks. You nod then lean into him, you kiss for a while. He pulls away.
The kiss was very passionate that it sort of felt awkward. There was a moment of silent. “Uh… I was gonna make lunch, you want some?” you ask him.
“Sure,” he says quickly. You smile then go out the room, he follows. You get to the kitchen; you make the kids some ham and cheese sandwiches. You also make one for Marshall and yourself. You’re eating lunch now.
“So you know that Brandy is yours?” you ask as you swallow your food.
“That’s what I was told,” Marshall tells you.
“Well it’s true,” you say. He smiles.
“So who’s his father?” you ask pointing over at the son, you don’t know his name.
“Wayne, uh… his father… uhh… no one,” you say knowing that Marshall would get mad if he found out that Proof was Wayne’s father. He looks at you confused.
“Don’t tell me you…” he starts.
“No, I know it’s just that I don’t like talking about him cause hes….a dick,” you lie.
“Oh… that’s funny because he looks so familiar,” Marshall mentions as he looks over at Wayne.
“How?” Wayne asks, he seems excited about this for some reason.
“Uh… just look like a younger version of my friend,” he tells Wayne. Oh shit he knows, hes gonna be pissed, what should I do, fuck hes gonna leave me again you think to yourself, you feel sad.
“Oh… cool,” Wayne says with a smile.
“So who is he, you can tell me,” Marshall says look straight at you.
“No, no I can’t,” you mumble while looking down at the table, you didn’t wanna look at him.
“Yes you can,” he says. “So tell me,” he adds.
“I don’t want to!” you almost yell.
“I don’t care, tell me, tell me why he looks so familiar!” he pretty much yells.
“I cant,” you say softly wanting to cry, but not in front of the kids.
“Please, I wanna know why he looks like DeShaun,” Marshall demands.
“Fine! You wanna know why? I’ll tell you, it’s cause he is DeShaun’s son!” you yell. His face turns from a normal face, to a deep frown. He stares at you, with that pissed look in his eye. He seems as if hes thinking about something like what to say. A few seconds later he gets up, and walks out the house.
You just sit there wanting to cry. “Mom you ok?” Brandy asks you. You shrug.
“Who’s DeShaun?” Wayne asks you confused.
“He’s your father, we met 8 years ago, and then we…had you, he don’t know…we just decided to not remember that anything happened between us,” you answer his question in a mono tone.
“Why did he walk out the house?” Brandy asks looking over at you.
“Cause, DeShaun is his best friend, and I guess he’s mad that we you know,” you say not wanting to say the word. “I’d be mad to if that happened to me,” I said.
The next few days you were pretty much depressed, you wish that he was still here, you thought you had him back, and you just lost him again. And again it was your fault just like it was 13 years ago. All you got from Marshall was some child support checks, with a unknown address. You and Brandy decided just to forget that he ever came, but knowing yourself you haven’t forgot yet and you probably never well. You miss him so much already, and you want him to come back, and if he did, you would take him back, but make things different this time. You did end up seeing 8 Mile the other day, Brandy still wanted to see it. The sex seen made you jealous and pissed.

(((Dec. 1st 2002))) MARSHALL POV>>>
“Nigga what the fuck is your problem!?” Proof yelled at you as you stood zoned out.
“Nothin!” you yell at him. You didn’t tell him you knew about him and Lily, knowing it would just make things worse with life. You miss Lily, but you’re just so mad at her, you don’t even want to fix things, besides shes probably pissed off that you anyway.
“Ever sense you left for a few days, you’ve been fucked up,” he tells you.
“Im fine, just never mind about it,” you yell.
“Fine whatever,” Proof says and walks away. “We got a show soon so you better get yo ass ready!” Proof adds. You get ready for your show…. Surprisingly it went fine. Once you got home you went straight to bed and passed out….

(((Jan. 11th 2003)))
It’s been a few months, it’s a new year and you decided to just move on, Marshall wasn’t coming back, and you understood why. You were doing some work on your photos and listing to your new favorite song “You’re Gone” by Diamond Rio when your phone rang. “Hello?” you ask.
“Hello…” says the voice….
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