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Chapter 22

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“Chev?” you question, sort of pissed off that he’s calling you.
“I miss you,” he mumbles.
“Ha, you miss me, funny joke, I don’t want you. So don’t call me ever again,” you scream into the phone, you slam it shut almost throwing it across the room. You don’t need a fucked up love life, you now really fell like you don’t need a man in you life. You’re slowly starting to get over Marshall. You’ve packed away his CD’s, pictures, dog tag, and everything else that reminds you of him, besides your daughter. You let out a sigh and stare at the picture of you and your daughter on the computer screen. You jump at the sound of your phone ringing. Now who the fuck is it you think to yourself. “Hello?” you question, you didn’t recognize the number.
“Hey, it’s Mr. Rachins,” he says, Rachins is your boss.
“Oh hello, how are you?” you say changing your mood completely.
“Good and you?” he asks.
“Im doin fine,” you kinda lie.
“That’s good, I wanted to talk to you about a promotion,” he says.
“Really? To what?” you ask getting excided.
“Well it would to take photos of celebrities,” he tells you, your heart sinks into your stomach. You don’t know what to say, you’re afraid you’d have to take pictures of Marshall for some reason. “So what do you think?” he asks after a bout a minute of silence.
“I’ll take it!” you ask quickly.
“Great! Be here tomorrow at 10am, you’ll be taking pictures of you first celebrity,” he tells you.
“Can I ask who I’ll be taking pictures of?” you ask with a smile on your face.
“His name is Keith Urban,” he says.
“Really?!” you yell in excitement. “I love him!” you say.
“Good, see you tomorrow then, bye,” he says.
“Bye,” you say and hang up. “YES!” you yell in excitement.
So now you got a job taking pictures of celebrities, your first picture session is with Keith Urban, hes your favorite country singer, yes you like country. You’re excided to meet him. You just hope you never have to take pictures of Marshall, you swear to yourself that you hate him for what he did, even know he sends you child support.

You’re uploading pictures to the computer when Keith comes up behind you.
“Hey,” he says.
“Hello…it was nice to meet you today,” you say with a smile holding your hand out to shake his hand.
“Nice to meet you too,” he agrees shaking your hand. He looked as if he was checking you out, and you do like him, hes just so adorable. “Hey, would you like to uh…get some dinner tonight?” he whispers as a few people walk into the room.
“I would love that,” you say with a smile. He smiles.
“I’ll pick you up at 7?” he asks. You nod, you write down your address on a paper and hand it to him, and he puts it in his pocket.
“See ya later,” he says walking out the room. You watch him leave then get back to your up loading, and editing the photos of Keith you just took.
((((MARCH 20th 2003))))
You’re moving now, to a bigger house, its more space for Wayne and Brandy. Mya is there helping you while Keith is out at work and the kids are at school.
“So I can’t believe you got over Marshall,” Mya says randomly as you plop down on your bed. You just finally got everything moved into the house, you still have to unpack some shit but you’ll do that later.
“Why do you always bring that up?” you question your sister pissed.
“I was just wondering,” she tells you as she sits next to you.
“Well Im over him, hes long gone anyway,” you lie, you’re not over him, you miss him like crazy, but you hide it very well.
“Yeah whatever I can see it in your eyes,” she says laughing; you shove her off the bed.
“Bitch,” she yells at you.
“She is not a bitch,” Keith says coming into the room.
“Hey,” you say going over to him. He kisses you softly, you kiss back.
“You gotta help me unpack,” you tell him as you pull away.
“Aww, how bout later,” he says with a smile and kisses you again.
“Hello, Im still in the room!” Mya yells.
“Well go away,” Keith laughs.
“I’ll be glad to,” she says leaving the room quickly, she shuts the door and you two continue to kiss. You continue to kiss him as you slowly move back to the bed. You fall back, he on top of you. He slowly moves his hand down to your waist. You stop him.
“Wait,” you say pushing him off of you lightly.
“What’s wrong?” he questions standing up.
“Nothing, I just want to move to fast,” you tell him. “Last time I moved to fast with a guy I ended up pregnant, and the child with no father,” you tell him. He lets out a sigh. He looks down at the floor. “It happened twice, Im just…ya know. Are you mad?” you ask him as he continues to look at the floor.
“Im fine, Im not mad,” he sighs looking up at you finally.
“Ok,” you say softly. He gives you a quick peck. The kids come running into the room.
“Hey how was school?” you ask them.
“It was suckish like usual,” Brandy says throwing her shit across the room. You sigh.
“Just like your father,” you mumble.
“I had a good day!” Wayne says with a smile.
“I got an A on my test,” he says showing you a science test.
“That’s great!” you say taking the paper from him.
“Mom, can I talk to you privately?” Brandy asks. You nod. She takes you into her room and throws her shit on the bed.
“What’s wrong?” you ask her.
“Everyone keeps asking me if they can meet, my Dad, now the keep asking if they can meet Keith and its getting fuckin annoying!” she yells irritated. You sigh.
“Just ignore them,” you tell her.
“Whatever,” she sighs. “I gotta do some work,” she hints for you to leave the room. You let out a deep sigh then leave the room slowly.
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