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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
“Abby! What the hell is the matter with you?” Wanda, your friend from high school asks as she enters your office. You look up at her with no expression on your face. “You’ve been staring at that same damn paper for 30 minutes. And you have that same expression on your face,” shes says. You still don’t answer her “Whats wrong!?” she yells at you and closes the door, she sits down in one of the chairs like shes one of your clients or something.
“I don’t feel like talking about it,” you say with the same expression on your face that you have had for the past 30 minutes according to Wanda.
“You know you can tell me about it,” she says. You shake your head.
“You wouldn’t wanna talk about it if it happened to you,” you say quietly.
“Ok. Was it something Jordan said… or did?” she asks. “Cuz you know that I can get Randy to kick his ass,” she says with a slight smile as she leans in closer to your desk. You scoff at her comment…
“How can Randy kick his ass if I have no idea where the fucker is!” you yell sadly.
“Uh…umm huh?” she asks like shes confused. You open your mouth about to say something when your boss Brandi comes and knocks on the door and practically sticks her face to the window like its glued there. You both just sit there and stare at her, she looks a little mad. She does some jester telling Wanda to get up and leave the room. She stands up smiles at you she goes to open the door but stops. “We can talk about this later,” she says and opens the door. Brandi moves from the door. She looks at you then at Wanda.
“Im not payin for you two to sit around and talk. Do that crap on your lunch hour,” she says all pissed.
“Now get back to the drive thru,” she says turning to Wanda. You always hated your boss, shes too bossy… she can hardly handle her self. She things shes so cool, shes always finding something someone is doing wrong just so she can have something to do. She also things shes some kind of preppy bitch, shes stuck up. However, she is pretty, surprisingly shes a young black woman and shes almost a twig. You role your eyes as she walks away…
Later at lunch, you explain to Wanda what happened with Jordan. You figure that shes never gonna give it up so you might as well tell her everything. She still wants to get Randy to kick his ass but even more than she did before.
You walk in the door of your house… “Hey Mom,” Jake says from the living room.
“Hey, uhh any chance?” you ask him as you sit on the other couch and lay down.
“No,” he says. You sigh loudly.
“I really don’t understand what his problem was… is,” you say.
“Who cares about him, he obviously don’t care about us,” Jake says.
“Not that he would, but did he ever mention anything to you, or did you ever over hear him talking about something to do with this?” you ask sitting up and looking over at you son.
“No,” he says sadly. “Anyway, umm remember Hailie?” Jake asks like hes trying to lighten things up.
“Who?” you ask confused. The name sounds a little familiar but not too much, there is a few Hailie’s out there. (lol)
“Shes a friend from school,” he says. “You met her once before, anyway shes having a party Saturday and I wanna go,” he says. “So can we?” he asks.
“Sure, I guess I don’t see why not,” you say and smile at him. “What time?” you ask.
“Noon to eight,” hes says.
“Where is it?” you ask while yawning.
“The rich part of town,” he says and hands you an invite. “We need that to get in,” he says.
“Why do we need this?” you ask while glancing at it.
“We have to show it to a guy. Cuz theres gates and we can’t get in if we don’t have it,” he says… you nod in understanding…
“Mom, can we go now?” Jake asks as he comes into the living room as you put your shoes on.
“Yes, just relax,” you say.
“Well hurry!” he yells and goes outside.
“Whats his damn hurry?” you ask yourself. You grab the invite off the coffee table where you left it and head out the door.
“Let’s go,” Jake says.
“Just chill!” you almost yell at him. You follow the directions on the card to the house. You pull up to an entrance theres a huge white metal gate. Damn you think to yourself as the gate opens. Theres a sign that says ‘park here’ you turn left and find a parking space. You open the door and get out, theres about 10 cares here so far. You walk up another dive way looking thing. You walk up to another gate just like the one you saw before. Behind that is a huge ass white house. “Damn,” you say out loud. You look to your right and theres this little room with a window. A guy in there opens it.
“Good afternoon,” he says with a friendly smile. “Do you have the invite?” he asks.
“Yes,” you say handing it to him. He puts it in a metal thing, a red line scans it and it beeps, a green light shows up and the gate opens. You walk up to the house and knock on the door. Soon after the door opens and there is that Eminem guy that Jake likes. “Ooohh that explains all the high class crap,” you say. He looks at you socked.
“Hello Jake,” he says. “Uh come in,” he says Jake runs in the house. Then Eminem turns back to you, he clears his throat. “Sorry you have to deal with all this ‘high class crap’, but I hope you enjoy the party,” he says putting air quotes around ‘high class crap.’ You ignore his comment then walk away following Jake. You feel a hand on your shoulder you stop. “Are you Jakes mom?” he asks. You shrug off his hand can continue to walk away. You don’t bother to look back at the idiot. You follow Jake into the back yard. He goes over to a girl who you assume is Hailie. You sit down in a chair and watch all the people. You sit for not even 10 minutes. That Eminem guy comes up to you again. He stands and stares at you.
“What do you want?” you ask getting annoyed with him.
“You never answered my question,” he says.
“Yes, I am Jakes mom, and I’m only here for him,” you say getting more annoyed by the minute with him hovering over you. Some kid starts yelling. You and Eminem both start staring at him. Hes playing with the springs on the trampoline, it looks like hes trying to pull the springs out and theres kids on there trying to jump.
“HEY!” Eminem yells and runs over to the kid.
You see this as a chance to get away from the idiot. You get up and walk away. You decide to go in the house. It’s very large and you have no idea where the bathroom is. You don’t know what your doing but you go upstairs… on the walls are CD’s and pictures of Hailie and who you assume to be his friends. You stop in the middle of the hall and just stand there confused, you feel like an idiot. A young girl… Hailie comes up to you.
“What are you doing?” she asks.
“Im lost. I’ve never been in a house so big,” you say. She laughs slightly…
“Oh. Aren’t you Jakes mom?” she asks.
“Yes,” you say with a smile. “Uh where’s the bathroom?” you ask.
“Right there,” she says pointing to a door right by the one your standing at.
“Oh,” you say with an embarrassed smile.
“Oh, I’m Hailie by the way,” she says holding her hand out; you shake it with a smile.
“Abby,” you say and then let got. She smiles then leaves the hall and you go into the bathroom.
You go back outside after changing into your swimsuit. You see a bunch of kids playing Marco Polo. You jump in. You spot Jake and swim over to him. “Can I be Marco?” you ask.
“Good luck with that,” Jenny says. “They all cheat,” she says specifically pointing at Jake.
“Im not stupid, I can do it,” you say. “Marco!” you yell…
“Polo!” they all yell. You follow the sound of Jakes voice.
“Marco!” you yell again.
“Polo!” Jake yells you can tell your getting closer to him, you start to feel around. You hand hits what feels like a shoulder. You open your eyes. “Hello,” says Jake with a smile.
“Ha I win!” you say proudly.
“I let you get me,” he says with a smile.
“Sure,” you say. “Im thirsty, come with me,” you say grabbing Jakes arm.
“Hey!” yells Jenny. “Where are you two going?” she asks.
“Away,” Jake says. You both get out the pool and grab a towel off the pile of towels that Hailie’s dad set out. Then you both go into the kitchen where all the drinks and food are sitting. No one is in the house…
“Uh… let’s go into the living room and talk,” you say.
“Ok,” Jake says following you into the living room. You two sit on the couch and start talking about random things. A few minutes pass by.
“Can I ask you a question?” you ask looking over at Jake.
“Yeah, shoot,” he says with a smile.
“Ha, I…umm was wondering, if uh you would uh go out with me?” you ask nervously. He smiles… You don’t feel so nervous anymore.
“Yeah.” he says with the smile still on his face.
“Umm.. But lets wait a while before we tell out parents,” you say.
“Ok,” he says and you continue to talk.
You’re sitting at a table talking to some other parents. You feel a hand on you shoulder like before. You look up; it’s that Eminem guy again. “Not again,” you mumble. “Why are you bein like this?” he asks.
“Cuz you’re just a guy. Ok,” you say and get up and walk away again.
“Whats that supposed to mean?” you hear him yell. You stop and turn around.
“You’re just another stupid guy just like the rest of them,” you say walking back over to him. He rolls his eyes. You walk away again for the fourth time.
“Oh come on!” he yells but you ignore him and keep walking. “Hey!” he yells you can tell that hes running after to you he stops you by putting his hand on your shoulder again.
“Sense you’re bein rude for no reason, I’ll just ask for your name and then you can go do you’re thing,” he says like hes mad. You don’t really want to give him your name but if I can get him to leave you, alone you might as well.
“Abigail Miller,” you say then walk away form him.
“Im Marshall by the way,” he yells but its sort of muffled cuz you walk away fast.
You walk over to your shed and pull out your cell… you dial a number. “Hey Em,” says the mans voice.
“Yeah hi, he could you do me a favor?” you ask quietly, looking around hoping that no one is watching or listing to you.
“Yeah what?” he asks.
“Could you look up an Abigail Miller for me?” you ask.
“Yeah, uh is this some girl you like or something?” he asks.
“Well…its complicated…but yeah…,” you say while pacing. “Could you please just do it?” you say sort of angry with him.
“Yeah, just gimme a second…,” he says…
Its getting kinda late…it is around 6pm already times been goin fast. Hailie just blew out her candles it was her early summer party cuz her birthday is in December, and she wanted to have it in the summer so she can actually do something for the party instead of sitting in the house doing nothing. Everyone is eating cake. You glare over at Marshall; you catch him staring at you. He quickly looks away. You role your eyes without anyone noticing. Whats his problem? you think to yourself. “Are you ok?” a woman asks. You look at her funny.
“Im fine,” you say then look back at Marshall whose staring at you again. You look at him like ‘what’, he pretends to look at something else, but hes smiling. Why is he smiling when Im looking at him like Im gonna kill him? you think then take a bite of your cake. You glance at him again cuz you get this feeling. Hes looking at you again. “Creeper!” you yell and everyone just stops what they are doing and stare at you. You turn red and look down and start playing with your cake. You keep one eyes on Marshall, he must have noticed because he stopped staring after that.
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