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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
Its Monday now… Its about almost noon it also almost time for your break. You glance out your window and see I familiar face its Marshall. Oh great you think to yourself, you try to block your face so he wouldn’t notice you. He walks in and walks up to Wanda.
“Uh.. Hello?” she asks turning to Marshall. “Can I help you with something?” she asks.
“Yeah is uh.. Abby in?” he asks. You stare at the both of them glaring.
“Yep, shes in there,” Wanda says pointing to your office. He smiles and walks into your office.
“Hello,” he says and sits in a chair.
“What do you want, why are you here, and how the hell did you find out where I worked?” you ask irritated with his presents.
“To see you, because…and your son,” he says.
“Ugh, Jake,” you mumble under your breath.
“Look, I can tell you might like me,” he says.
“No, no I don’t,” you say then flip though a pile of papers on your desk.
“Yeah, sure, I can see it in your eyes,” he says with a smile.
“Well, you’re wrong, cuz I don’t like you,” you say. “I have no interest in you and your stupid raping and fame shit,” you say. “Now if you’ll excuse me I have work to do,” you say. “And I know for a fact you don’t need a fuckin loan so shoo,” you say to him as if he was a fly.
“Well that was rude,” Marshall says. “Here I am tryin to be nice, and you’re tellin me to ‘shoo’,” he says sort of sad but mad at the same time. You glare at him like get the fuck outta my fucking office NOW. “Alright then, but someday, I tell you, I WILL have you,” he says putting more emphasis on the word ‘will’. He stands up and leaves the office.
“Oh God,” you say in discus even thinking about a life with that…just… makes you sick. You catch yourself watching him walk out and go to his car. You quickly look away then stare at your desk. Wanda walks in the door..
“Ok tell me, why was Eminem just in your office?” she asks.
“Hes a fuckin creeper stalker, and I don’t like him. He likes me and its odd,” you say.
“Uh well call the cops on him” she says.
“Cuz that will do anything. The guy is Eminem he can get outta every fuckin thing possible,” you say… “Besides he hasn’t hurt anyone…yet,” you say.
“You’re gonna get you ass in trouble,” Wanda says. “I gotta go before you know how comes and yells,” she says and leaves.
“See yea!” you call after her.
“Yeah!” she yells back, you watch her walks to the front cuz you have nothing to do. (ha)
You walk in the door and go straight to your room. You look at the clock its 7pm. You grab your pj’s and go into the bathroom to take a shower. After you finish your shower you go downstairs. Jake is watching MTV. Great they better not play that fuckin idiot or I swear I might break that TV you think to yourself trying not to show rage in your face. “Hey mom?” Jake asks looking up at you.
“What?” you yawn.
“Can I meet Hailie at the part tomorrow just to hang or whatever?” he asks.
“I dong care,” you say then sneeze. “Damn. Ugh… What do you want for dinner?” you ask after you recover from your sneezing skills.
“Pizza? Can we order?” he asks. You smile. (lol first typed piss instead of pizza lol)
Its around 9pm now.. Your cell rings… “Oh look who decided to call,” is the first thing you say when you answer the phone.
“Um, look Im sorry. But I couldn’t handle seeing you suffer,” he says.
“Suffer? I thought everything was fine,” you say. He sighs…
“I thought you knew, but you just didn’t say anything,” he says.
“Know what?” you ask confused.
“I was.. Still am having an affair with Jill from work,” he says like its nothing.
“Why do you say that like its ok?” you say trying not cry.
“Im sorry but I love this woman!” he yells.
“I thought you loved me?” you ask starting to cry now.
“Well not no more,” he says. “I jus..”
“Fuck you motherfucker!” you scream at him and hang up the phone. He calls back… “Stop it! Don’t you ever call me ever again you fucking bastard. I hate you! Just leave me alone! I should have noticed the damn signs I guess Im just too stupid. But you were stupid enough to go do it! Now I hate you and so does your ONLY son. Good fucking job you fucking dumb fucker!” you scream into the phone and hang up. You sit here a while and he don’t call back. You don’t know weather to keep crying or stop and just let it go. You decide to let it go, hes just a stupid guy. But now you don’t know if you can trust guys again, you decide not to get involved with a guy again just be single. Sense they are all the same lame assholes. You go to bed early that night, and you quickly fall asleep.
You wake up to your cell ringing. “Hello?” you ask yawing.
“Sorry, did I wake you?” asks the man on the other end.
“Yeah who is this?” you ask confused.
“Marshall,” he says.
“Ah! How the fuck did you get my number!?” you scream at him.
“Uh phone books, some of them have cell numbers in there you know,” he says you can tell he is smiling for some reason.
“Well please don’t call me,” you say. He sighs.
“Whats wrong with me?” he asks.
“Well its because of who you are. And what I’ve been though the past few days,” you say. He sighs again.
“Come on, Im not what I say I am in my songs, theres another side to me,” he says.
“Look, just please stop it its not worth both of or lives to go though all this shit, so just please leave me alone for the rest of our lives,” you say. He sighs and hangs up the phone. You close your phone and sigh yourself. Its about time for you to go to work but you don’t feel like it. You call in then turn off your cell and go back to sleep.
Its 10am when you wake up. “Jake?” you yell from your bathroom but no answer. Then you remember he was gonna go to the park to meet Hailie. You finish in the bathroom then you turn on your phone. You have a text from Marshall. “Im sorry about before, but I like you. And I just wanna take you out to dinner, just once,” you close your phone without answering back. You get another text soon after. “You there?”
“Look, Im not ready for this. And I have no intrest in you whatsoever,” you text back.
“Ok fine, but that’s not gonna stop me. I really like you. And I never give up,” he texts back.
“Oh you persistent young man, shakes head I don’t give up either. So good luck with your ‘plans’ with me or w.e you got goin on,” you text back.
“Correct me if Im wrong but it kinda sounded like you was flirting with me for a bit there,” he texts back adding a =] at the end.
“No, that’s not flirting,” you text back….
“Seems like it,” he says back.
“Go away Im done,” you text him back getting annoyed. He don’t text back. You sit there and think for a while. How many days has it been hmm Saturday - Monday… but no contact Sunday… oh and today Tuesday… three days of contact with the fucking idiot. When is he gonna stop! She so annoying! Hes not even my type. Hes to rough and shit like that. Ok Stop STOP THINKING ABOUT THE FUCKER you yell in your head. “I have to promise myself not to think about him,” you mumble to yourself. “ARG! UGH!” you scream then run downstiars and turn on the TV. “This ain’t gonna help,” you say and turn off the TV… The door opens and in walks Jake and Hailie. You jump… up and look at them.
“Hello mom, did we scare you?” Jake asks.
“No, I was deep in thought,” you say.
“Oh what were you thinking about?” Jake asks.
“Nothing!” you say quickly.
“Fine, we’re gonna have pizza then,” Jake says and they both leave the room.
FFW NEXT SUNDAY….about a week later>>>
You sitting at him relaxing when theres a knock at the door. “Who is it?” you yell.
“Its Marshall. Please answer the door,” Marshall yells. You slowly get up not knowing what to do, he knows your there so you just cant go away. You don’t wanna talk to him so you run away an hide in your room…
You stand there and knock again. “Hello?! I know you’re in there! Open the door!” you yell. You keep knocking then wait for about 30 seconds. Then try the doorknob again. It opens. “Oh,” you say and walk in. “Hello!?” you yell.
“Oh shit, hes in the house,” you whisper to yourself. You hear footsteps coming upstairs.
“I know you’re in here somewhere I heard you! Don’t try and hid from me!” he yells. You just stand there in your room not knowing what to do really. The door flys open and there stands the idiot. He stares at you. “I found you. Why have you been avoiding me?” he asks. “I’ve been calling you and trying to text you and see you at work but you never get back to me,” he says.
“Ah shut up! I feel like your stalking me, I don’t like it you’re scaring me!” you yell and start to cry, he grabs you and holds you in his arms.
“AH NO!” you yell pushing him away.
“Wait, whats wrong?” he asks.
“This whole thing, its not working,” you yell still crying. He tries to hold you again. “No please don’t do this, don’t touch me. Just leave me alone,” you cry.
“I don’t wanna leave you alone. I cant,” he says like hes about to cry himself…
“Well stop, I need time to think. Please leave,” you cry. He sighs a crying like sigh.
“Fine, I’ll go,” he says sadly and walks away leaving the room. You cry as you watch him leave. That was very awkward and you liked it, you liked being held by him. But you don’t wanna be in a relationship especially with him. You don’t want to believe the you like him. You’re crying as you think this. You remember the you can see the driveway from your bedroom window. You stand up still crying and look out the window. Marshall is sitting in his car in the driveway still. You put your right hand on the window. You don’t want him to leave but then again you don’t wanna like him so you want him to leave and never come back. You keep watching him. He sits there like hes hesitating to leave its like hes contemplating weather to leave or come back up. You watch him still crying. He sits there for about 5 minutes. Finally he starts the car and pulls out the driveway.
“Im sorry,” you whisper so soft you can barely even hear yourself. You slowly walk away and go sit on the bed. “NO!” you yell. “I don’t want theres feelings,” you say to yourself. “I cant like someone like Marshall,” you say. You wipe your eyes and try to make yourself stop crying. You sit there for awhile. “I cant like him,” you say. “I don’t like him,” you say. You close your eyes and see Marshalls face. You open your eyes fast. “Ugh, this is not working,” you sigh. Randomly you remember Jake is at Eric’s house. You forget about that when your thoughts go back to Marshall. “Stop it! Ugh I hate my brain. I WANT A NEW ONE!” you yell. You glance at the clock it’s a little after noo. You remember being held by Marshall, you smile. Why am I smiling you think to yourself. “You know what no! its too early to think about theses things I’ve only known him for a week,” you whisper to yourself. You stand up sigh then go have a shower…
Once your done Jake is home. You’re laying on the couch… “Mom you ok?” Jake asks.
“Huh?” you ask getting up.
“Are you ok?” he asks again.
“Yeah, I just had an odd day,” you say. “I just wanna be alone,” you say.
“Ok but you know ever sense you met Eminem you been acting strange,” he says and starts walking away, him saying this reminds you of Marshall again….
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