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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
“You know what!” you yell at your son. He stops… “You’re grounded!” you yell.
“What? Why?” he asks, he looks confused and surprised.
“Never mind!” you scream at him. You run upstairs to your room, slam the door shut and lay down on the bed. “Stupid kid!” you say to yourself. Jake opens the door and walks in.
“Did I do something wrong?” he asks.
“No, go away!” you yell. He just leaves the room confused. You start to think of Marshall again. You scream. The door starts to open again… “No!” you yell and he stops. (wow. giggle giggle)
It’s been three days and Marshall has stopped trying to talk to you. This makes you happy yet sad at the same time. Everything seems to be somewhat back to normal but without Jordan. Also, Jake has been hanging out with Hailie and others a lot more sense the party. You don’t think anything of it tho. You still kinda feel bad for yelling at Marshall like that, and you figure that’s why he hasn’t bothered you in the past few days. You must have thought too soon, cuz in walks Marshall into your office. “Oh, um, uh what?” you ask.
“Sorry I made you cry,” he says. You motion him for to close the door.
“Forget about it,” you say.
“No. I feel bad,” he says and sits down. “And I still like you, and I wanna be with you,” he says.
“Well, you want what you can have. Cuz I don’t want you,” you say even though what you are sayin in is a lie. You sit and think for a second.
“Waa…I…waa,” he stutters…
“Fine,” you pause. He looks happy. “We can be FRIENDS. And only friends!” you say and point your pen at his face making a circle. “Maybe you’ll stop stalking me a bit,” you say still doing the motion with your pen.
“I…” he says…
“Not deny it! We’re just gonna be friends nothing more,” you say, even know you really wanna say that you want him too but you don’t cuz of what he does. “Now I gotta get going home,” you say.
“Need a ride?” he questions quickly.
“No, I have a car,” you say. You gather your things, Marshall stands up and walks out the door, you behind him. Ss you get to the parking lot hes parked right next to you, you ignore it cuz it don’t surprise you at all. He goes for a hug; you stop him by placing your four fingers on his chest. “No,” you say.
“What?” he says looking down at your hand on his chest. He looks back up at you. “Friends can hug you know,” he says.
“Well not us friends,” you say taking your hand off him. He stands there dumbfounded. You get into the car, you smile and wave at him as you drive away.

“Damn it!” you yell loudly. Some guys by a car start to stare at you. You give the dirty look so they look away then you get into your car. “Damn shes playin hard to get,” you whisper to yourself. “Someday soon enough,” you say trying to make yourself feel better. “I know I can win her over,” you say as you start your car. You drive off….

“No, Im stressed, Im gonna go see if I can get drunk,” you whisper to yourself. You turn into the bar. You go in and sit down at an empty bar stool. “I want the strongest drink you have,” you demand.
“Ok,” the bartender says and goes to make a drink.
“Oh yummy!” you say and giggle clutching onto the drink and practically chugging it down. “More!” you say after about 10 minutes. You clutch the glass in your hands and hold it out to the guy extending your arms as far as they will go. He looks at you funny.
“Ok,” he says and makes you another. Not long after a few drinks, you so wasted you can even stand without falling. A guy comes up toe you and helps you up to your seat.
“Here,” he says with a smile. He buys you another drink. You’ve had so many you don’t even know. “I wanna take you home with me,” he says. He grabs you, places his hands on your hips, moves them slowly up to your boobs, and starts to touch them.
“Stop it!” you yell pushing him away. Next thing you know hes on the ground bleeding.
“Motherfucker!” a guy yells who looks like Marshall you’re not so sure you’re too wasted. You pass out.

You pick up Abby, carry her to your car, and lay her down in the back seat. You get in and drive off home. Once inside both gates you get out the car and carry Abby into the house. Hailie is standing in the doorway when you walk in so is Alaina and Whitney. They all look confused. “Daddy what are you doing?” Hailie asks confused.
“Nothing, go play daddy’s busy,” you say and realize you both just like quoted yourselves in two different songs, but you shake it off then carry Abby upstairs into the guest room next to yours. You place her on the bed and cover her up. She gets situated. cute you think. Part of you wants to smile, another part wants to kill that other guy, and another wants to cry cuz you want her so bad, it’s almost eating you alive. You go downstairs and the girls are still there. “Don’t ask questions,” you say right away. “Hungry?” you ask.
“No, we ate when you were gone,” Hailie says. “When do we have to go to moms?” she asks.
“Uhh tomorrow I think, I don’t know whenever she comes to get you guys,” you say.
“Ok then,” she says then leaves the kitchen the other follow her.
You make yourself a turnkey sandwich… you sit in the living room, but don’t turn on the TV. You let out a sigh then take a bite. “Why can’t she like me,” you say softly to yourself. “Damn it! Get a hold of yourself shes just a girl,” you say. “No shes not, shes the most beautiful girl ever, and I want her!” you yell. “Damn I wish I could just hold her in my arms,” you whisper to yourself. Hailie interrupts you…
“Dad? You ok?” she asks. “Why is Jakes mom in our guest room passed out?” she asks.
“Nothing of your business,” you say.
“Fine! Be rude!” she says and stomps off.
“Wait!” you yell. She stops and comes back.
“Yeah?” she asks.
“Call Jake and tell him that Joe is gonna come get him. Cuz he has to come here,” you say. She smiles. “The numbers on the fridge,” you say.
“No, I don’t need it,” she says and runs off.
“What?” you say to yourself then shrug and start to think about Abby again…

You sit up and look around the room, Marshall is sitting next to the bed staring at you. “ creeper,” you mumble then stand up, you walk right out of the room, find your way to the front door. You open it and stand there, its dark and you are confused. Huh? Where’s my car, how’d I get here? you think to yourself. You sigh and sit on the deck. You lay your head again the post. You fall asleep soon after.

You walk out the front door. Abby is sitting there asleep on your steps. “Hey,” you say softly as you pick her up. You carry her back on the room.
“No!” she yells jumping awake. She struggles in your arms.
“Stop it,” you say.
“I wanna go home! Where’s my car!” she yells.
“Well you can’t drive like this!” you yell. “You could get hurt or even worse… you could….” you stop not wanting to say the word. She stares at you. “Please sleep, I’ll take you to your car when you’re sober,” you say.
“Why’d you take me here?” she asks.
“To make sure you don’t get hurt. And some guy was touching you, the shit pissed me off so I knocked him out,” you explain. “Now sleep,” you say laying her down on the bed. You cover her up and go sit in the chair next to the bed.
“No, its creepy you watching me sleep,” she says.
“Fine,” you say and leave the room.

You lay there; you feel safe bein in Marshall’s care. And you’re glad Marshall saved you from being raped. You fall asleep thinking about him.
The next morning you wake up around 9am. You get up and do your thing in the bathroom. Your head starts to hurt like hell. Ahh… fucking a you think to yourself. You go downstairs to the kitchen. Marshall is there and his kids and Jake are eating food. “Hey mom you ok?” Jake asks.
“Yeah Im fine,” you say. “Marshall?” you ask turning to him.
“What?” he ask being all concerned.
“Do you have any Advil?” you ask him. “I don’t have any,” you say. “My head hurts,” you say holding your hand on your forehead like it’s supposed to stop the pain stop.
“That’s why I don’t drink no more. And I can’t have any type of drug in the house no more cuz of my past issues,” he says.
“Can you take us to my car so I can go home?” you ask.
“Yeah,” he says. “Be right back girls,” he says. He takes you to your car. You and Jake get in. Marshall stands there looking sad as you dive away. You don’t really care.
You arrive home; you go grabs some Advil as soon as you get there. You remember that it’s Thursday and you’re supposed to be at work. So your call in sick. You don’t feel like working with a hangover. You go in the living room to watch some TV; you watch re-runs of Wife Swap.
“So what happened?” Jake asks coming into the room.
“Nothing, I got drunk and Marshall saved me from some perv,” you say.
“Oh I see,” he says as if you have some major issues. He sits down in the chair. You sigh. “Are you ok?” he asks.
“My head hurts,” you say somewhat annoyed at your son.
“Am I annoying?” he asks.
“Sort of, go find something to do,” you say shooing him away.
“Ok,” she says getting off the chair and leaving the room. You start to think of Marshall again….
“AH I HATE MY DAMN BRAIN!!!!” you scream.
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