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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7
“Hello?” Marshall answers.
“Hey, uh… Can you do me a favor?” you ask hoping he’d say yes. You sit down on the bed.
“Sure, yeah,” he says.
“Could Jake come and stay at your house this weekend? Im going out of town and I don’t really wanna leave him here alone,” you say.
“Ummm….Well… I don’t know…,” he says.
“Please Marshall… to tell you the truth I don’t trust him here alone,” you say like your begging him. He laughs slightly.
“I think he’ll be fine,” he says. “Besides Im going outta town too,” he says.
“Oh… Why didn’t you just say that in the first place?” you ask annoyed.
“Im sorry,” he says, like that’s all he can think of to say.
“Ok, well I’ll just ask Wanda do it,” you say.
“Ok,” he says. “Sorry I couldn’t help,” he says like he feels bad.
“Its ok…” you say. “Well.. Bye,” you say.
“Ok…” he starts.
“Wait! Before you go, can I ask you something else?” you ask.
“Sure,” he says.
“Well… I have this friend, and her daughter absolutely loves you, and her birthday is October 20th , and I was just wondering if you would, you know come to her house as a little birthday surprise?” you ask hoping he would say yes, you know this would make Meleah very happy.
“Yeah, I guess I could come hang for awhile,” he says.
“Oh thank you Marshall, shes gonna be so happy!” you say with a smile.
“Well she better be,” he jokes. “Oh hey, I gotta go Kon Artis is callin me,” he says.
“Ok bye,” you say.
“Bye,” he says and hangs up.
Its October now, the day after Marshall’s birthday. You haven’t talked to him sense you asked him to come to Meleah’s for her birthday. Jake has been bugging you for the past week about seeing Hailie, they go to the same school, but you haven’t been letting him go over to Marshall’s and Marshall wont let Hailie come here, you for some reason don’t want to see Marshall because its just too awkward to be around him. Your sitting around the house when Jake comes into the living room and hands you his cell. “What am I supposed to do with this?” you ask holding it up, as he sits next to you.
“Read that,” he says and points to it.
“What? Oh… ‘My Dads getting annoyed with me askin to come over so hes gonna bring me over in a little bit’,” you read.
“Marshalls gonna come over here!?” you yell.
“Aww come on Mom, I haven’t hung out with Hailie for over a month outside of school,” he complains.
“Fine,” you say and hand him back the phone… A few moments later theres a knock at the door. You stand up and go to the door, you open it, Marshall stands there with Hailie. Jake comes to the door and stands by Hailie… They both stare at you. You let them in and close the door. Hailie runs off with Jake.
“Hey,” Marshalls says. “Been a while huh?” he asks.
“Yeah, well, you know been busy,” you say. “You uh want something to drink?” you ask.
“Sure,” he says. You head to the kitchen Marshall behind you, you go to the fridge and grab a bottle of Coke out of the fridge and set into the counter, you pour it into glasses then put some ice in to them , you hand Marshall a glass. He takes it and sits down at the table. You sit down across from him. You look down at your glass and start stirring around the ice by turning the cup around, Marshall starts to do the same. You sit there for about 5 minutes of awkward silence… Suddenly Marshall stands up. He leaves the kitchen… “Hailie!” he yells… you stand up and peek out the door, Hailie comes from downstairs… Without saying a word, he grabs Hailie’s arm and brings her out the door you go over to the window and watch them drive away. A few seconds later Jake comes upstairs.
“Mom! What did you do!?” he yells.
“Nothing, I gave him something to drink and then he randomly got up and left without saying a word,” you explain.
“What the hell?” he asks.
“I don’t know, Im sorry,” you say and walk away. You go up to your room and sit down on the bed. You turn on the TV and watch some random shows, you don’t even care what it is…
“Jake dinners done!” you call from the kitchen. He comes into the kitchen about a minute later.
“What is it?” he asks.
“Chicken, rice, and cheesy potatoes,” you say handing him a plate. He takes it with a smile then sits down at the table and eats dinner.
“Umm why is there two warm glasses of Coke on the table?” Nick asks pushing the glass away.
“Oh mine and Marshalls, we… didn’t finish it,” you say walking over to the table placing a glass and some milk on the table. You take the Coke away and pour it down the drain. You sit down and eat your dinner. Dinner is silent for some reason…
After dinner you watch Sweeny Todd… Its over around ten. “Ok Jake bed, now go,” you say a few minutes into the credits.
“Ok, goodnight,” he says standing up and walking away.
“Night,” you say…. You go up to your room after watching 30 minutes of the news… You sit on the bed, you pick up your cell and dial Marshalls number. A few seconds later he answers.
“Uh Abby, hi?” he says confused.
“Why’d you take off this morning?” you ask.
“I, umm remembered that I had something to do,” he says.
“Why didn’t you just tell me that, I thought I did something wrong,” you say.
“No, you didn’t, Im sorry,” he says.
“Its ok, I guess I’ll see you Tuesday, come here round 1 and then we’ll head over to Meleah’s,” you say.
“Alright ok,” he says.
“Ok, thanks, byebye,” you say with a smile.
“Bye,” he says then hangs up.
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