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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8
You’re at your house waiting for Marshall to come over so you can head over to Meleah’s birthday party. Its almost 1 and he should be arriving at your place in a few minutes. “Jake!” you yell upstairs to your son who still hasn’t come down.
“Im coming, chill,” he says somewhat annoyed as he comes downstairs and sits next to you on the couch. About a minute later the door bell rings. “Come in!” Jake yells practically right in your ear you sort of flinch. Marshall walks in holding a big box, you give him a smile, he looks at you like hes nervous.
“You ok?” you ask.
“Sure… just a bit nervous about meeting this Meleah,” he says.
“She’ll be fine… don’t worry about it,” you say.
“I just don’t feel like being attacked by crazy teenagers,” he says.
“Don’t worry, its only one,” you say with a smirk. He just stares at you like hes mad but hes not.
“Anyway, lets go,” he says. You smile then head out the door.
You’re having your party playin Eminem, Bruce is actually in a good mood, hes making burgers and brats. Your standing on the sidewalk watching Bruce make some burgers. When you hear people walking up the sidewalk, you look over and you cannot believe who you see. Your eyes widen, your eyes start to water, you get this dorky grin on your face, and your jaw drops, you just stare down the sidewalk. “ohh..” you say crying now.
“Hey Meleah happy birthday,” Abby says to you, you ignore her and just stare over at Eminem. “Ok, I’ll just go inside,” she says and walks away, Jake follows her and so does Hailie. Bruce stops and looks over….
“Who are you?” he asks.
“….Mar….” he starts.
“His name is Eminem you dumb ass!” you yell at Bruce before Eminem can even introduce himself.
“Marshall,” he says correcting you.
“Sorry,” you say staring at him in awe… He stands there for a second.
“You’re not Eminem,” Bruce says.
“Yeah, I am,” he says. “Want a beer?” he asks.
“I don’t drink,” Marshall says. You glare at Bruce then look back at Eminem.
‘Can I hug you?” you ask like a child. Bruce walks into the house.
“Sure,” he says. You immediately grab on to him and hug him tight.
“Heeeeeeeeeeehehe,” you say still crying.
“Uh…” he says.
“Oh sorry,” you say as you both let go of each other. “Im Meleah,” you say.
“I figured. Happy birthday,” he says with a cute smile which makes your smile get even bigger.
“Thank you,” you say. He smiles then hands you a big box. “Whats this?” you ask trying to hold on to his huge box that is about the height of a small child and its heavy.
“A gift,” he says.
“Oh, I don’t need one, meeting you is good enough,” you say. He shakes his head.
“That’s from me, Abby brought me as a give to you, you can say, you know what Im sayin,” he asks. This makes you giggle. “Go ahead open it,” he says. Megan walks outside.
“Hey?” she says confused pointing to Marshall.
“Hello,” he says looking over at Megan.
“Hi,” she says with a smile. “Im Megan,” she says then hugs him. You give her a fake glare. “Whats with the big box?” Megan asks.
“Meleahs present,” Marshall says. “I told her to open it,” he says.
“Ok me open present now,” you say like a child. You rip open the paper and your eyes widen, he got you DJ Hero Renegade edition, and it hasn’t even come out yet. “Oh my gosh yey!!!” you yell. Then grab onto Marshall again.
A few hours later of listening to music, talking and playing video games, eating food and being crazy. You go find Marshall whos in the kitchen. “Hey,” you say.
“Hey,” he says.
“Having fun?” you ask.
“Yeah, sure,” he says.
“Can I ask you something?” you ask.
“Sure?” he says like a question.
“Sense its my birthday and I really love you, could I… uh… kiss,” you say. He looks at you funny. You just stare at him sort of embarrassed.
“I guess,” he says then kisses you on the cheek.
“No, I meant a real kiss,” you say sort of disappointed. He just shrugs, he leans and kisses you on the lips, you kiss back, then theres a flash. You stop and stare at Megan whose holding a camera and laughing. “Megan!” you yell at her.
“What? Its cute,” she says. Marshall stands there for a second… then you turn to look at the pic, you look back up and hes not in the room.
“See what you did?” you yell at Megan jokingly. She laughs then follows you out of the room.
The party ends…. Everyone is leaving but Megan. You talk to Marshall before he leaves. “Thanks for coming even though you didn’t have to,” you say.
“No problem,” he says. “Gimmie your phone for a minute,” he says. You hand him your phone with a smile. “Heres my number, you can call or text me if that Bruce guy is bein an ass,” he says.
“How’d you know he was an ass?” you ask.
“Abby told me a bit about you,” he says.
“Oh, ok,” you say. He smiles. “See ya,” you say.
“See ya,” he says giving you a hug… “Bye,”
“Bye,” you say letting go and he heads out the door with the others……

You walk in Marshall’s house and stand by the door staring at him awkwardly. He stands there awkwardly looking back at you for a long moment.
“Why am I here again?” you ask breaking the silence. He shuffles his feet then looks at the stairs then back at you.
“Uh…I have to show you something?” he told you like a question.
“Oh really now?” you ask.
“Yeah, follow me,” he says walking towards the stairs. You both walk upstairs and to his room.
“Well what is it you want to show me?” you ask while sitting down on the end of the bed.
“Oh I wanted to show you my new shirt,” he says with a smile.
“I’ve seen all your new clothing already, you show me the day you get them, in fact you take me shopping,” you say. He sits down next to you looking a bit sad. “Oh I’m sorry, but you know I’ve seen just about everything of yours. Why did you really want me to come over?” you ask.
“Well, I really just wanted to spend more time with you,” he claims looking up at you hunched over. He is so cute and looks so vulnerable at the moment. “I wanted to tell you something,” he started but you shushed him by placing your finger over his mouth.
“You know what, I don’t even care anymore,” you say then push Marshall down on to the bed. You lay over him and kiss him deeply. He slowly interrupts you then you hover over him for a moment. “What? You don’t like me anymore?”
“No no its not that, just…oh nothing,” he says then grabs your hips.
“No, tell me why you stopped me,” you demand.
“I just didn’t expect this. I like it. Uh…go on,” he smiles.
“Are you sure?” you ask. “You’re not going to stop me again are you?” you giggle. “I thought you were the man.”
“I am…” he declares.
“Then when do you plan on taking control?” you ask.
“Uh… Now!” he almost yells then scoots up on the bed and pulls you with him.
“Oh are you sure now?” you ask.
“Yes,” he says as he flips you over on to the edge of the bed. “oops, scoot over,” he said as he helped you move over and you giggled. “What’s so funny?” he asks.
“Oh nothing I’m just ticklish,” you smile.
“So am I.”
“Good,” you say. He doesn’t say anything after that. He leans in and kisses you. You reach for his pants and he grabs your hands and shakes his head with a smile. You look at him confused as he slides your shirt up.
“Let me do all the work,” he says then you nod. He grasps your chest and kisses your stomach moving slowly up to your mouth and kisses you passionately. You slide up into a sitting position in mid kiss with Marshall’s help. Marshall kneels in front of you and grabs the bottom of your shirt. You lift your arms and he pulls your shirt off to reveal your favorite lacey emerald green bra. You think you saw him smile but you’re not sure, before you could look at his face long enough he embraced you tightly and started kissing your neck as you let out a small moan. He worked his way back to your mouth and started caressing your body. You tug on his shirt and he moves back and takes it off. He has a very nice body and it looks very irresistible so you had to touch him. You kneel on the bed like him and pull his body against yours and move your hands down his back as he kisses you holding you tightly to him. You squeeze his ass because it looks so nice every time you seen it you just had to touch it and he jumps then looked at you with a cute smirk. You both giggled.
“I’m very happy,” you claim slightly biting your lip.
“Me too,” he added then pulls your waist toward him so you would fall back on the bed. You both smile then he unbuttons your light blue bell bottom jeans and slides them off slowly. Now you’re glad you wore your favorite matching lacey emerald green panties today. Although you never knew this was gonna happen you were hoping all day for this to be the reason he wanted you to come over so you came prepared. You even went on a diet even though Jake mentioned to you many times that you didn’t need to.
Marshall caress your thighs for a moment then reaches up to your chest then to your back and unhooks your bra. You lift your arms so he can take your bra off. He threw it on the floor with the rest of the clothing then quickly returned to you. He slightly licks his lips then went down and sucked on your nipples a bit.
“Um…” you interrupted. He stopped and looked at you in concern.
“What’s wrong?” he asks.
“We’re not going to oral are we?” you ask with a pained look.
“No, I don’t really like it, its degrading,” he says.
“Really, me either…” you claim.
“Good now can we continue?” he asks.
“Oh sorry, yes! Please,” you smile in embracement. He smiles back at you then unbuttons his pants. He slides his pants off then you notice his erect penis inside his boxers and immediately feel a strange sensation. You smile and look at him up and down. He lays down lightly on you letting you feel his penis while he kisses you.
You moan a little then he sits up and slides your panties off. You suddenly get this urge to take over so you grab him by his shoulders and push him down by the end of the bed and pull his boxers off quickly. His eyes look surprised. You climb on top of him then grab his penis and direct it into your vagina. He grunts a little as you move on him. He pulls you against him and starts kissing you again. This must be the best day of your life. Slowly your movements become faster and your bodies get warmer and your breaths grow faster. Suddenly he grasps your waist and flips you to the top of the bed to finish off.
Its just now when you realize that he never put a condom on. You guess the mood was just that intense you both forgot. Its not that big of a deal if you get pregnant anyway, its not like you can’t take care of another kid.
Marshall leans down to kiss you as you climax. The kiss wasn’t really a full kiss. It was more like your lips we’re open and slightly touching each other. It was like you we’re exchanging breaths, or like a weak example of a kiss. Not like you could help it, you’re both weak and full of pleasure. Finally he gave one final thrust and came inside you.
The movements stop and your breathing seems like the loudest thing in the world.
You glance at the clock and it is 11:13pm. Marshall laid down next to you to rest for a moment.
“Best day of my life,” he whispered almost too quiet for you to hear.
“Yeah, I love you,” you whisper even quieter than him like you’re embarrassed for him to hear it. He got up suddenly and lifted the covers and laid back down. You copied him then snuggled up to him.
“Did you just say you love me?” he asks.
“Uh…” you mumble.
“I love you too,” he says before you can reply to his question.
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