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A red haired young man with goggles, a strange machine on his back and a case of temporary amnesia; crashes into a tree in your backyard during a storm. Light Jack+Reader.

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It was a bad time to be outside and an even worse time to fly. He knew that all too well, in fact, anyone with half a brain would know, but he didn't care. Not the dark clouds or the roaring thunder would stop him. Today he was without his ghostly companion and his rivals were nowhere to be seen. Good, no one would get in his way of obtaining the next Shen Gong Wu. He still had quite a long way to go before he reached it, but he was certain that he could get to his destination, obtain the relic and return all in one night.

The sun was setting in the horizon but it wouldn't make any difference even if it was in the center of the skies. The rain clouds were too thick to allow any light to be seen anyway. The rain was strengthening and becoming increasingly annoying. Still, the two helicopter propellers that suspended him in mid air continued to battle against the storm. The wind was harsh, blowing rain at his face constantly and trying to throw him off course.

He considered landing and looking for shelter to wait out the storm, even if that meant a detour in his plans; but he was a genius, though self proclaimed, an evil genius to be specific, he didn't need to hide from the storm. He dismissed the thought of stopping and pressed on. Hiding from a little bad weather was something a wimpy goody-goody would do, not Jack Spicer. He would continue; he would defeat the storm, the Xiaolin warriors and everything and everyone else that stood in his way.

Sadly, Jack's determination was not shared by his equipment. The harsh wind broke one of the propellers off and sent him spiraling out of control. The propeller spun pushed by the wind and got tangled in some cables damaging several. Jack struggled to avoid the cables, he didn't know if they were power lines or phone lines but either way he didn't want to get caught in them, and possibly be electrocuted if they turned out to be power lines.

With some luck and a lot of effort, Jack somehow managed to avoid the lines but he was now heading straight for a tree. The other propeller soon suffered the same fate as the first and was ripped off. Jack fell like a rock, with only a few fragile branches to break his fall. He stumbled down the tree and finally, he painfully hit the ground head first.

xoxox xox xoxox

You heard a loud noise outside accompanied by the howling wind and screams of panic drowned out by the storm, then a crash. From what you could see out the window, there was a young man unconscious in your backyard. Grabbing an umbrella along the way, and completely disregarding what your parents had said about letting strangers in the house while they were gone, especially boys, you rushed out to get a closer look at the redhead.

"Hey you!" It's not like you knew his name. "Are you alive?" To ask 'are you alright?' sounded rather stupid since he was passed out in the middle of a storm. Then again, if he was dead he wouldn't be able to answer so that wasn't the smartest question either. Worse yet, he wasn't answering.

Poking at him a little, you observed him closely while attempting to shield both from you from the abundant rain. The effort proved useless as the wind threw the water at you no matter how you held the umbrella. At least it seemed that the red haired stranger was still breathing.

You have heard that you shouldn't move people after a fall, and judging by the branches that were next to him, he must have fallen from the tree. Why would he trespass then climb a tree that wasn't even all that close to the house, you did not understand. Even so, you were pretty sure that the rule not to move him didn't apply if there was a storm.

The umbrella wasn't helping you stay dry and you needed both hands to attempt to get this guy under a roof, so you tossed it aside and tried to move him as gently as possible. This proved a little difficult since the grass was wet and slippery. You slipped while you were trying to get a hold of him and ended up with the mysterious redhead on top of you on the wet ground.

For just a split second, he seemed to wake up. He opened his eyes for just a small moment before closing them again. "Don't fall asleep! C'mon, get off, we have to get inside!" It was no use, he was out cold again.

With added effort and caution, you somehow managed to get him off, stand up and drag him inside. You considered calling for help but the phone line was dead and the storm prevented wireless communication. At least you still had electricity; unfortunately you also had a long way to go to drag your guest to a place were he could rest.

You weren't sure why you were doing this for a stranger, a rather handsome stranger but a stranger no less. Maybe you just didn't want to get blamed if he died in your backyard, or maybe you were just trying to do a good deed. You weren't sure, but after dragging him to your room he better appreciate it.

It wouldn't be fair to get your family's nice clean bed sheets all wet and allow a stranger to rest in their rooms while they had trusted you to be capable of taking care of the house for the weekend. You just didn't feel like going on that little weekend getaway, it sounded boring. But this... this almost felt like an adventure, a very unusual adventure.

You removed an odd, damaged machine he was wearing like a backpack and set it aside. You had a feeling that this was no ordinary young man. Then again, the way you met him was unusual in itself, but you thought there might be more to it than that.

He was still breathing, now more evenly than before. That was a good sign but he was very cold. He could catch a cold or worse if he stayed like that. You shook him trying to wake him up. It was no use. By no means were you going to change his clothes, your kindness only reached so far, but you figured you should at least take off the coat and dry him with a towel, just a little. The task was easier said than done. At least it seemed like his coat had absorbed most of the water.

"Okay... I'm just going to dry you off a bit now... It would be nice if you woke up and did this yourself though." There was no answer, as expected. "That must hurt." You winced examining the back of his head while trying to dry his hair. You didn't see that cut before since his hair was red and hid any hints of blood. You removed his goggles and went to get the first aid kit that you knew existed somewhere in the house.

After locating what you needed, you returned to your room. The unknown redhead was still right where you left him. Maybe you were being a little paranoid but you made sure he was in fact still breathing once again. After tying the bandages around his head you got some blankets and gently placed them over him.

You were starting to feel cold yourself so you grabbed some clothes from your closet and went off to the bathroom to change. A warm shower would be nice but you had to cut it short because you didn't want your guest to wake up without your knowledge. You didn't get a lot of sleep that night. Sure you could borrow your parent's room while he occupied your bed, but you kept waking up at every hour to check on him.

When the morning came, you decided that you would eat breakfast and hope that the food would make up for the lack of sleep. You also decided that if your guest didn't wake up by the time you were done, you would call for help now that your cell phone could actually catch a signal since that the storm had ended, the telephone was still dead though.

xoxox xox xoxox

Jack Spicer woke up slowly to find himself in an unknown room, then again, even if his surroundings were familiar he wouldn't have known. He had a killer headache; in fact his entire body seemed to ache, but most of all his head. He felt the bandages wrapped around it and concluded he must have hit his head pretty hard; that would logically explain the pain.

He picked up his goggles and paused deciding not to put them on; maybe he shouldn't wear them over the bandages right now. Instead he set the goggles down again on the same nightstand on which he found them. The lamp was a complete stranger to him, despite his amnesia he knew for certain that he did not own a bunny lamp, nor did he know of anyone who did.

After a quick glance around the room he concluded that it belonged to a girl, but the name and face of the owner of that room where completely absent from his memories. As for his identity, he almost remembered, almost. Finding out where he was and why he was there was a top priority right after recalling who he was.

There was a sort of mechanical backpack in a corner of the room. He picked it up and examined it closely. He knew it belonged to him, he somehow knew. He closed his eyes for a moment and pictured what it would look like if it wasn't damaged, a helicopter, yes, something to make him soar, but there were parts missing.

He wasn't sure why, but he looked out the window. There were pieces of metal in the yard, the propellers from his machine. He also saw branches on the ground near a tree as if they were broken off. There was something about that, he couldn't remember but something happened.

He set the broken helicopter-pack down and made a mental note to retrieve the missing pieces soon, but first he wanted to rid himself of his confusion. He didn't like the feeling of being confused, he was a genius after all... Yes, a genius, now he was getting somewhere. Sadly he couldn't remember anything beyond that, but the memories were there, he could feel them hiding behind his headache. He just needed a reminder of some sort. Maybe he would find such a reminder if he explored the house he had woken up in.

xoxox xox xoxox

You heard footsteps and soon your red haired mystery guest was standing at the entrance to the kitchen. He probably followed the scent of pancakes there. "Good morning. Want some breakfast?"

"Sure..." He kept looking at you as if trying to figure out who you were. He didn't realize he couldn't remember that information because he didn't have it in the first place.

After you were both seated and enjoying the syrup covered treats you asked. "What's your name?"

He paused and gave you a puzzled look. "You don't know?"

"No, I don't." Were you supposed to? How was that possible if you've never seen him before in your entire life?

"Then you're not my girlfriend?" He mentally kicked himself for that as his face matched his hair and your face matched his. Judging by the reaction of the girl he couldn't remember, or perhaps didn't know in the first place, that was one possibility that could be discarded. After all, if it were true then she would at least know his name.

An awkward silence settled in and for a few minutes you both ate quietly. "I found you unconscious in the backyard," you finally revealed. "I heard a crash and you were there. I'm not sure how you got here but there was a storm so I brought you inside."

"You helped me, even if you don't know who I am?"

"Well I couldn't just leave you there. Sounds like you have amnesia..."

He tried hard to remember. Bit of pieces of his past seemed to flash before his eyes but he couldn't quite put the pieces together yet. At least his memory appeared to be improving. "It's not real amnesia, just temporary. I can almost remember. I'm sure it won't be long before my memories return. What's your name?"

You introduced yourself and tried to make conversation, maybe that way he would remember something. Nothing really came up but at least you tried.

xoxox xox xoxox

A little later he went out to get the missing parts from his helicopter and started putting it back together after you raided the house to find some tools for him to borrow. "Is it really going to fly?"

"Of course it is!" He certainly sounded confident. "I'm genius so this is easy for me."

"A genius who can't remember his own name? That's a first."

He glared then appeared in deep thought for a moment. He was looking for something, something important. The memories of the storm and the crash were returning to him, but what was he doing before that? What was it that he needed to find in such a hurry that he went out in that storm? Then a completely different memory surfaced. "Jack, my name is Jack." His last name was still a blur but he knew it would come to him soon enough.

"Nice to meet you Jack; Jack the genius..." You giggled.

"You think it's funny? Well I'm done here so I'm about to prove it." Jack went outside and you followed him. He strapped on his helicopter-pack and turned it on.

"The propellers are moving but you're not going up." Of course he was just making wind, that thing on his back was just an unusual fan... yet you would soon be proven wrong.

He extended his hand to you with challenging stance. You took it and the next thing you knew you were in the sky, holding on to Jack for dear life. "Told you so!" He enjoyed saying that.

"Okay, okay, it's true so you are a genius, just don't drop me." You closed your eyes and held on.

"I won't drop you if you don't choke me." Jack spoke nearly out of breath from having your arms linked so tightly around his neck. "When flying you need to relax."

You tried to listen to him but it wasn't easy for someone who wasn't used to this sort of thing. Even so, you had to admit it did kind of feel good. Just as you were really starting to enjoy it, he landed then headed inside the house. "What's wrong?"

"I left my goggles in your room; I'm guessing that was your room?" Jack explained while heading back to get his goggles.

"Yeah, it was my room. Your coat is here too. I'll get it." You weren't sure why he went back for his goggles all of a sudden but you brought him the coat none the less. It was somehow dry by then. He had removed the bandages from his head when you got back. "Let me see."

"I'm fine now."

"Actually, it does look like you're healing."

He was used to it... Yes, that was it; he had been in many battles, his memory was returning. What made him stop flying around and returns for his things, with full intentions of leaving soon after, was the feeling of needing to get back to his quest. If he braved a dangerous storm because he had no time to waste, then he really should get going. He put on his coat and goggles then his helicopter-pack again. As he silently left the room he stopped for a moment in front of the mirror and something seemed to snap into place. That reflection was the image of Jack Spicer, evil genius.

"You're leaving aren't you? Did you remember something?" You asked.

"Yes, I have a world to take over. I am Jack Spicer, evil genius and future ruler on this world." He felt the need to properly introduce himself.

For a moment you stood there in disbelief, then you remembered how you refused to believe his helicopter could actually lift him a single inch off the ground, yet it was enough to make you both fly. For all you knew, he could very well be the evil genius he claimed to be. Of course, you had a thing for the bad boys, how predictable of you to end up having one as a guest. You wondered if crashing into your house was just a coincidence, or fate playing a joke on both of you.

"You don't believe it?" Jack almost sounded offended.

"I'll take your word for it this time." You thought you saw him smile as the two of you went back outside.

Jack Spicer's memories returned quickly after he was able to remember his name and mission, he once again remembered the Shen Gong Wu. He knew where he had to go and what he needed to do.

"I guess this is goodbye then..." You were curious; you wanted to know more about him. You wanted to fly again, but that would not be possible if he left right away. Evil geniuses, you heard, were very busy people.

"It is..." He was in a hurry; he had no time for detours. Not even the storm had seemed like a good enough reason to stop, even if he ended up stopping anyway.

"After you're done taking over the world, come visit me." You weren't serious of course. You didn't think any one person could take over the world, but if anyone could, it would be Jack Spicer, evil genius.

"I'll give you a country or two to command for me." You weren't sure if he was serious or not.

As he flew off and disappeared in the horizon, you knew he wouldn't be back and he knew you wouldn't be able to find him again. But destiny is very tricky and sometimes it can change the things you thought you knew. Maybe, just maybe, your paths would cross again.


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