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Chapter Seven.

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Chapter 7

Charlie groaned as someone poked her in the side. She shifted her head so she was facing the opposite direction and groaned again. The pokes slowly began to get harder into her side, she grunted and rolled so she was on her stomach, she opened her eyes and saw Chris sitting with his legs crossed right next to her.

He grinned happily at his sister, “Time to wake up, Charlie.” He said warmly. Charlie smiled at her brother and nodded, slowly sitting up in her bed, leaning back against the headboard.

“I was so good, Charlie. I let you sleep and was quiet all morning, daddy didn’t even come upstairs,” Chris said, triumph lighting up his face. Charlie nodded, reaching out to stroke her brother’s arm approvingly. “Mikey called this morning.”

Charlie sat up straight in her bed, quickly finding her voice, “He did?” She asked excitedly. Chris nodded eagerly and scooted off the bed, Charlie watched as he walked over to her dresser and picked up her phone bringing it back over to the bed. He sat down and handed it to her. Charlie smiled at him and flipped her phone open, surprised when she didn’t have one missed call, but three.

She went to her missed calls and saw that Mikey, Lauren, and Devon had all called her. She sighed aloud, Devon. He had also sent her a text, it told her to call him ASAP. But Charlie didn’t want to call her boyfriend, for the first time since she had started dating him she didn’t want to hear his voice. She felt terrible about the whole thing. She was supposed to be in love with Devon, he was perfect for her. She didn’t understand why she was suddenly attracted to Mikey instead of Devon.

Charlie decided that it might be better to call Dev then Mikey. After all Devon was her boyfriend, she shouldn’t get her hopes up about Mikey, she shouldn’t even be thinking about him in anyway more than friendly. She sighed aloud, Charlie was beginning to feel very guilty about the whole situation. She couldn’t like Mikey and date Devon, she had to either A) distance herself from Mikey or B) break up with Devon. Charlie bit her lip nervously, she didn’t want to do either, but she just couldn’t let Devon think she was in love with him. Charlie thought she really was in love with Devon, but as she looked deeper she realized that she loved Devon, but as a good friend. Devon was good for her image at school; Lauren was the one who told her to say yes to Dev. She knew Devon was a really great boyfriend, but he wasn’t exactly what she wanted. Charlie mentally slapped herself; she didn’t get to choose whom she would date. They chose her to be brutally honest, that’s why she didn’t want to lose Dev, because she may never have another chance to be with someone as perfect as him. Charlie rubbed her temples; she was so frustrated with herself. So she lifted her phone up and scrolled through her contacts, once she found the right number she clicked call. It rang a few times before someone picked up.

“Hello?” Franks confused voice said into the phone. Charlie breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hey, Frankie, it’s Charlie,” She said slowly, there was a faint rustling noise in the background as if he was shifting positions.

“Hey, what’s up?” Franks voice sounded more distant this time, but Charlie ignored it.

She let out a low sigh; she just needed to forget the world at the moment. “Do you know of any good parties going on tonight?” She asked. Charlie could always count of Frank having a mental list of raging parties going on this weekend; Frank was a known partier.

The line was silent for a moment, “Why?”

“Bored,” The lie slipped out easier then Charlie thought it would.

Frank was silent again, “Yeah I know of a few, does distance matter?”

Charlie thought for a moment, “Which one will have the more alcohol and stuff?” She asked hesitantly.

“You’re planning on getting drunk?!” A rather hysterical voice shouted from the other end.

Charlie’s cringed away from the phone, “Frank calm down-“ Charlie stopped, that voice had not belonged to Frank. “Mikey?”

“I’m sorry,” Mikey’s shy voice came quietly. Charlie’s heart gave an involuntary flutter.

Charlie smiled and it her bottom lip, “It’s alright, but I don’t really know, I just feel like partying.”

“Alright,” Frank said drawing out the word, “Well there is one down on thirty-first, and there’s always booze there.”

“Sounds great-“

“But Charlie those parties get really hectic sometimes. A few of them have been busted for drugs and shit, I’m not sure you want t be down there,” Frank said sternly.

Charlie thought a moment, “Give me the address.”


“Be careful Char, if you have any drinks don’t leave it alone for one second,” Frank warned.

“I’ll be fine, Frankie. Thanks again,” She said before hanging up. Right when Frank closed his own phone Mikey tackled him off the couch.

“Ouch, what the fuck man?!” Frank shouted as Mikey straddled his waist and pinned his shoulders to the floor.

“Why did you do that?! Charlie would get hurt! Or into hard drugs! Are you crazy?” Mikey shouted in Frank’s face. Frank tried to wriggle out from underneath Mikey, but he hissed at him and pushed Frank down harder into the carpet his living room.

“You could have stopped me! You were sitting there right next to me the whole time, as silent as a fucking mime!” Mikey fought the urge to punch Frank in the face. He angrily got off his friend and sat hastily on the couch again.

Frank pushed himself up onto his elbows and stared at Mikey curiously, “Why didn’t you stop me?” Frank asked softly. Mikey silently turned his face away from Frank’s view; he had been wondering the same exact thing.

They both sat there in heavy silence for a while, “I don’t need another person I care about getting into drugs,” Mikey mumbled as he twiddled his thumbs. Frank felt sorry for his best friend. Mikey had been dealing with shit way past his maturity level for a long time now. Frank got off the floor and onto the couch; he hesitantly put an arm around his best friend. He knew it wasn’t a very manly thing to do or anything, but from what Frank could see, Mikey really needed someone to comfort him.

Right at that moment, Gerard stumbled out of the bathroom sniffling, his eyes bright red.

“Gerard!” Frank shouted, retracting his arm from around Mikey and standing up, “I told you no coke in the house!”

Gerard let out a girlish giggle, “I wasn’t in the house, Frankie, I snorted it off the windowsill,” Frank rolled his eyes and made Gerard sit down.

Mikey had clenched his hand into a fist. He hated seeing his brother high, he hated imagining Charlie like that. It was then, as he watched Frank take care of his dumbass brother that he decided he was going to that party tonight. He couldn’t let anything bad happen to Charlie.
Charlie quickly fixed her skirt before hesitantly reaching out a hand and knocking on the black wood door. She could hear the music on the other side of the door pounding loud and clear, the sounds of people laughing and feet shuffling around also seeped their way through the doors wood resonance.

She nervously glanced around the block. Charlie knew she shouldn’t have come here, but she needed t get out of her won world for a while. She had drank before with her friends and she knew she was a serious light weight, but she just figured she’d have a few drinks and enjoy the party crowd nothing to serious.

The sky outside was dark and the could only see a couple yards away from her, there were a few people walking around in the darkness, making their way towards her, she shifted uneasily as she realized the small group of about four people were men. They all had greasy hair and looked like they were in their late twenties.

They stopped a few feet away from her; everything was silent except for the sound of music coming from the other side of the door. Then one of them chuckled, his voice was deep and threatening, Charlie fought the urge to run for her life.

“You goin’ to open the door, Squirt? Or are ya just gonna stand there?” He asked, the three other guys laughed with him this time. Charlie’s face burned red with embarrassment.

“Here let me be a gentlemen and get the door for ya,” The guy said and he opened the door. The smell of alcohol and cigarettes came flowing into Charlie’s nostrils. She started to cough and the guys started laughing at her again.

“Come on, Squirt, we’ll show ya the right way to party,” He said as he put a hand on the small of her back and pushed her into the house.

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