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Wish 4: Rescue Mission

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Wish 4: Rescue Mission

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Grant my Wish

Wish 4: Rescue Mission

"Your highness! Where are you going at this hour?" Remedy noticed you leaving the palace and followed you, so

much for sneaking out.

"No lies Remedy, I'm going to see the real Mewt!" You ran past Remedy and into the jeweled royal carriage. "Driver,

take me to the jail."

"Princess?" The bangaa driver sounded shocked.

"Now!" You insisted and he dared not question you again.

Remedy teleported herself inside the carriage and sat across from you. "Dear princess, I was only trying to find

your happiness. To spare you of treason, and give you everything your heart could ever want. I am your loyal

advisor after all, or perhaps more like your godmother."

"Hiding the truth can't bring me happiness; I want the full story from the real Mewt." You were determined to find

out what truly happened, yet oddly enough, Remedy didn't take it so badly.

xoxox xox xoxox

The jail was dark, cold and humid. You made your way inside despite the warden and guards insisting that this was

no place for a princess. Remedy followed you inside without saying anything. "Mewt!" You finally found him, chained

up in a jail cell.

He called your name happy to see you, as if he knew you were coming. "Llednar spoke to you before returning to

me, didn't he?"

"Yes." Whatever happened you certainly were not going to leave him in the jail. You turned to Remedy, knowing of

her magical abilities. "Free him."

Remedy did not question your order and unlocked the chains and cell by magic.

"I'm sorry you were brought here Mewt," you apologized. "I'll hear what you have to say now."

Mewt eyed Remedy suspiciously and she smiled arrogantly. "Don't hold back because of me, I already know your

story anyway."

"Fine," Mewt began his narration in more detail. He told you about his days as prince, Marche's struggle, his final

choice, the reasons for that choice, and how everyone returned to the old Ivalice together. He told you of his

adventure so far, about how he teamed up with Marche, Ritz and Doned and destroyed the crystals once again.

The only task that remained undone was your choice. If you wished for it, the world of Ivalice would change back.

You nodded and thought about a particular detail. "So if I wish it, this world will stay and there's nothing that can

be done about that?"

Mewt nodded, "yes, you're the only one who can undo this."

"I refuse," your answer was as Remedy expected. "I like this world; I want to stay here forever. Mewt, stay with

me. I'm the princess; I can give you anything you want. Marche, Ritz and Doned are welcome too!"

"You know we can't do that, you just haven't realized it," Mewt wasn't agreeing with you, and you were not

agreeing with him.

Why leave the perfect world behind? It made no sense to you. "Give this world a second chance, that's all that I

ask. Come with me to the palace, we can see magic shows, tournaments, and we could travel all over Ivalice later.

We could form a clan; it'll be great. All of us can have so much fun!"

Mewt paused in deep thought. "Alright, I'll go with you, we all will, we'll help you realize the truth. But only if all our

friends can come along."

"Sure, Marche, Ritz, Doned, and whoever else you want to invite." You agreed, this way all of you would be

together, you would be with the real Mewt and you would make him realize how wonderful the new Ivalice was.

"Not only them, Babus, Montblanc and Shara too; we were hunted down and ambushed by the royal army and the

Totemas. They're all here." At first, they didn't think they would be facing all the Totemas at once, since the game

re-started in a way, they didn't have their support and were not given the chance to earn it once again. Remedy

placed little importance in the crystals this time around, relaying mostly on your wish. All the Totemas, teamed with

the royal army, were too much for Clan Nutsy and they were captured.

"New friends? Alright, I'll welcome them all." You smiled determined and confident, you would make them see things

your way. "Remedy, free all of Mewt's friends and arrange transportation back to the palace."

Remedy casted a teleportation spell and you were back in your room at the palace. You had a bad feeling about

this and rushed to find Mewt and the others. You found them at the throne room, fighting Remedy.

"Remedy, what are you doing?" You yelled at her in shock, did she dare defy you this openly after seemingly

cooperating? No, that was all a trick, just an act.

"Getting rid of a few annoyances, you have such a strong wish for this world that it makes me strong. Mewt's

doubt might have weakened me the last time, but this time no one can stop me!" Remedy laughed evilly and casted

a powerful spell that caused most of the Nutsy clan to collapse.

"No! Stop this! This isn't what I want!" It was no use, whatever power you thought you had over Remedy was

never there.

"You want this world princess, this luxurious perfect life. Don't worry; Fidan will keep you company, you don't need

them!" Remedy prepared to finish off the Nutsy clan, including Mewt.

"Mewt!" You ran to him, but were thrown aside by Remedy's magic.

"Wish to go back home!" Ritz called, it seemed that was the only choice.

"You have to chose, this world or our lives," when Marche put it that way, it was hard to refuse; you couldn't let

them be destroyed.

"It doesn't matter what you say, her heart is in doubt and you can't change that!" Remedy was right, you wanted

to save your friends, but you stubbornly held on to the hope of saving them and staying in this world.

"I may not have magic back in the old Ivalice," Mewt got up with significant difficulty. "But if you take us back, for

all the wishes you gave up, I'll try to grant them for you."

"You can't grant anyone's wishes! Only I can!" Remedy formed a ball of dark energy in her hands, ready to throw it

at Mewt. In his state, there was no way he could survive an attack of such power.

"Mewt!" Everyone still conscious from Clan Nutsy called.

"My wish is to be with Mewt, only one person can grant that and it's Mewt himself." You made a wish; you wished

to save Mewt and wished for anything that had to happen for your first wish to be granted, even if it meant going


The dark energy faded before it hit Mewt, and Remedy started to disappear. You summoned the magic book,

holding it out and Remedy was absorbed into it. Everything started to disappear, and your senses began to fade.

When you woke up, you were back at your house, in your room, but you knew it had not been a dream. You called

everyone, they made it back safely. Then you went to Mewt's house.

"You saved us, thanks," Mewt smiled.

"I was the one who started all of that," the book had appeared beside you when you woke up. "Sorry, I knocked

down some books by accident and found this when I was picking them up. I didn't take it so I'm not sure why it

appeared at my house, maybe because I was the last to use it. There was also a bear plushie, I kind of forgot to

bring it, it's at my house." You returned the magic book to Mewt.

"I'll make sure to keep this book safe and you can keep the bear, but don't tell anyone it used to be mine." You

agreed and promised Mewt you wouldn't. "You gave up your wish to save us, but I'll keep my promise. I'll try my

best to grant your wishes." Mewt hugged you. "I'll really try..."

You hugged him back, if the old Ivalice was like this, then it wasn't so bad after all. "I have everything I could wish

for now..."


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