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Wish 5: The Power of Wishes

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Wish 5: The Power of Wishes

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Grant my Wish

Wish 5: The Power of Wishes

You demanded that Remedy brought your friends to you and she actually did it. As the days passed, you were

either having fun with everyone or listening to them trying to convince you to change the world back. However

they had stopped mentioning it as often, which made you think that they were finally starting to see your point.

You had also met Montblanc, a moogle, Shara the viera and Babus, a nu mou, and Mewt's close friend.

Things were going well. Then one night, Ritz decided she wanted a girls' night out with you and Shara. You agreed

and the three of you were off. This time around, Remedy made sure the princess was well liked, and the laws were

not too strict. You disguised yourself as a normal peasant girl and heard what people had to say about the


Catching your prideful smile, Ritz stopped at a pub and asked you to sit down. "This can't go on; it looks like you're

not getting any closer to changing Ivalice back."

"I heard that you used to like this Ivalice because your hair stayed red here. You don't dye it anymore, so it's

white now, but is that all this world had for you? What about the adventures and the clan? What about Shara?"

That hit a sensitive spot.

"Shara is my dear friend, and I don't want to leave her, but we don't belong here," Ritz tried to explain.

You shook your head. "If you feel you don't belong here then leave, go without me, no one is forcing you to stay."

"You don't get it do you?" Ritz was becoming upset. "None of us can just leave, not as long as you wish for things

to stay this way. I had fun too but I should go home now. I have friends back home too, Shara is still one of my

dearest friends and I'll never forget her, but I have other people in my life, family, and things to do in the old


"I'll talk to Remedy, she'll find a way to send you back," you had no intentions of making Ritz stay where she did

not want to be, but you were certainly not going back yourself.

"There is no going back, because you never left," Shara spoke. You turned your full attention towards her,

wondering what this was about. "This Ivalice is a projection of the real Ivalice fueled by your wish for it to exist. It

replaced your Ivalice, and right now your Ivalice is at a stand still. Even I am but an image of the original Shara

who exists in the real magical Ivalice. It took me some time to understand this. I wondered why it didn't worry me

that the world was changing back, even if I once helped Ritz try to stop Marche."

Ritz agreed, "in the end, Shara was more optimistic than I was about the fate of Ivalice. She helped me realize it

wasn't so bad."

"It took me a long time to conclude that I am but an image of my real self, but it's true," Shara explained.

"I see..." Now it made sense when you heard this world wasn't real. "Then there is another Ivalice, right? A real

magical Ivalice... I want to go to that Ivalice, then this one can chance back. I'll go live in the real one. You're all

welcome to come with me or stay in the old snowy Ivalice."

"You would leave your life behind?" Ritz asked in disbelief.

"Without a second thought; my life back then wasn't great anyway. I've made up my mind, I'm going. It all works

out, you will get your Ivalice back and I will have mine." It was settled as far as you knew, but the thought still

lingered in your mind, that it might not be possible.

xoxox xox xoxox

"Nonsense, this is Ivalice, the only Ivalice you need. Your friends are just confused, but you can't let them run

your life. Chose what you want." You had asked Remedy about going to the real magical Ivalice, but her answer

was not what you hoped for.

"But you said my wishes would be granted! I want to go to that Ivalice; I want everyone to have the Ivalice they

want!" You were not going to give up on this; you had to make it work for everyone.

"Very well, I will grant your wish but it will take time. I do not have the power to transport you to the true magical

Ivalice yet. When I gain enough power, I will take you there, and when you leave, this illusionary Ivalice will be

turned back into the old one." Remedy sometimes contradicted herself when caught in a lie, but if you could figure

out the truth, she presented little resistance to comply with what you asked.

Remedy was a mystery to you; she was very hard to read. It was as if no matter how things played out, she was

certain she would win, so she let you have your way when ever you realized she was trying to guide you down a

path you didn't chose. You wondered why.

xoxox xox xoxox

"So you're saying that all we have to do, is wait until Remedy has enough power to take you and herself to the real

magical Ivalice?" Marche asked at the end of your explanation to make sure he understood everything.

"That's right," you replied, "and try to enjoy your time here until then, okay?"

Marche, Ritz, Doned, Mewt, Montblanc, Shara and Babus discussed the possibility and saw nothing wrong with it,

except the part about trusting Remedy.

"I had a long talk with her," you explained as you all explored the palace garden maze. "She draws power from

wishes and wants to get herself back home. She might have gone about it the wrong way tricking people, but she

just wants to go back home and all we need to do is wish. If we wish it, her power will grow and she'll have enough

to transport herself, and me to the real magical Ivalice. Then this Ivalice will change back. Everybody wins that


"But you won't come with us…" Mewt sounded sad.

You realized Mewt might not go with you but you still asked him to. "Come with me, I know you like this world


"I can't just leave my father alone when this Ivalice changes back." Mewt and Cid were very close, they supported

each other greatly and have come a long way.

"He was here the first time right? You were the main wisher and called him here. Well, now I'm the main wisher so

maybe I can call him. He can come with us, we'll go to the magical Ivalice and live there happily, you, your dad,

me, and the real Babus will be there too!" You saw Mewt smile.

"Sounds great but, I'm not sure if dad would want that, if he would want to leave his job. People might need his

help and... Are you sure you don't miss the old Ivalice at all?" Mewt asked.

"I'm sure, please come with me. I don't miss the old Ivalice but if you're not there I'll miss you so much," you

wondered how Mewt would react to that; you wondered if it was too much to ask. No, you knew it was too much.

It was Llednar who liked you; he was a part of Mewt but not the whole Mewt. Now Llednar had returned where he

belongs, with Mewt.

"Why can't you come to the old Ivalice? All of us will be together there..." Mewt asked, hopeful that you would

accept, but you couldn't.

"This world is too good to let go of, I can't do that." There had to be a way to make him agree. He was worried

about his father, so maybe if Cid agreed about going to the real magical Ivalice then it would all be solved. "I have

an idea; I'll try to call your dad to this world so you can talk to him. If he wants to go to the real magical Ivalice,

would you want to go too?"

It seemed your idea was well received. "That sounds great. If dad is okay with leaving, then I'll definitely go too. I

just don't want to go without him, and I don't want to make him leave if he doesn't really want to."

It seemed that Mewt and you had come to an agreement, now you just had to figure out how to call Cid into this

illusion and talk him into going to the real magical world. Cid had been in Ivalice before, so you had a feeling that it

was possible to call him back.

Marche's expression had gradually grown sour and displeased, as if he felt a premonition, and Doned confirmed it.

"Can I go too?"

"Doned!" Marche half scolded, half begged for him not to go. "You can't, you can't leave mom and me..."

"I want to be able to walk, mom will be happy if she knows I'm finally healthy. You can tell her for me. I'm sure

she'll be happy when she understands. I'll be sad at first too, and I'll always miss you, but this way, we both get

what we want, we'll both be happy and we'll never forget each other." You expected this too. Doned couldn't walk

in the old Ivalice, and he often needed to go to the hospital. In the new Ivalice he could run, he was part of the

clan, he could engage in clan battles and he was always healthy.

Marche sighed, "I guess you're right, it's for the best. Ritz?"

Ritz looked at Shara apologetically, "I'm sorry but I need to go back too. I'll go back with you Marche."

"It's fine, don't worry about it, even in the distance we'll still remain friends," Shara assured her.

"Montblanc, you understand too, right?" Marche asked.

"Of course, kupo! You and Ritz need to go back to your world. Don't worry about anything, Nono and I will keep

Doned company, that is the real version of us, I'm sure they'll become good friends with Doned." Montblanc was

always understanding and optimistic, he could always shed a positive light in Marche's mood.

"Right, then it's been decided, we'll remain here for a little longer and wish for this world to help Remedy gain the

power she needs to transport everyone who's going to the magical Ivalice. We'll just have to believe she really has

changed..." Marche tried to be optimistic.

Doned agreed, "she deserves a second chance, everyone does." Everyone agreed on it, as they reached the end of

the garden maze to a beautiful golden fountain with crystalline water, and jewel decorations.

"Babus, you have been very quiet," Mewt wondered if something was bothering Babus.

"I'm fine, it's nothing. I was just thinking, how did Remedy end up away from her world and in that book in the first

place?" It was a question without an answer, as no one had any information about Remedy's past. A cloud of doubt

formed around everyone but you were quick to disregard it.

xoxox xox xoxox

Time continued to pass and everyday was an adventure. With some help from the book, and a little assistance

from Remedy, you were able to call Cid into that Ivalice. You spoke to him, told him about the possibility of going

to the real Ivalice and told Mewt of his father's arrival. Father and son went off to explore, along with their good

friend Babus, giving it all some thought. When they returned they had decided that even if they were missed in the

snowy Ivalice, the people from that town would find a way to solve things without them. They wanted to journey

with you.

You also asked Remedy about her past and she explained she was involved in a magical accident. She was trying

to create a portal to go between Ivalice and Earth, but it backfired and she ended up imprisoned in her magic book

and the book thrown to Earth. She explained that her time in captivity made it difficult for her to eventually

interact with people, hence why she appeared deceiving; it was out of distrust coming from isolation. You believe

her story and decided that she deserved a second chance, a way to redeem herself.

Life continued, with the next day in a way, similar to the last, but still an adventure. Nono had also joined the

group and together you helped him build a new ship. Everything was great, until the time finally came. Marche and

Ritz came to see you off. Montblanc, Babus and Shara were there as well. "Is everyone ready?" Remedy asked.

You held a plush teddy bear, the one from Mewt, something that you decided you wanted to take along. Mewt had

said you should keep it. Maybe he had grown too old for it, though you could still tell he was fond of the fuzzy

brown bear, but girls were never really 'too old' for stuffed animals, they simply grew from keeping them as toys, to

keeping them as decorations.

You all nodded, giving your friends one last look of farewell. "Ready!"

"Very well then, let's go. I will need the book," Remedy's voice sounded a little impatient with anticipation, but it

would be understandable since she was finally going home, so you didn't give it too much thought.

You summoned the book that was kept within you, and it materialized in your hands. "Here it is."

Remedy received the book and turned to the page she needed. "Everyone who is coming stay close to me, those

who are not, step back." After everyone was positioned correctly, Remedy started to chant in an unknown

language. The group near her was surrounded by light and began to float. "Stay together everyone!"

A portal opened and your group flew towards it and entered. Everything became a whirl of colors; you were finally

on your way to the real magical Ivalice. You all held hands; with Remedy leading the way, and you at the end of

the line holding Mewt's hand. As the colors spun, and sounds faded, you thought you heard the voices of Ritz and


"We're back," Ritz's voice was distant and faded.

"Yes... Do you think they made it to the other Ivalice already?" Marche's voice sounded similar to Ritz, also a little

hard to hear.

"I'm sure they'll be fine, don't worry. It was their choice." Ritz assured.

"Yeah, you're right," Marche agreed. Their voices faded away completely as another portal appeared in the


Remedy, Doned, Cid, Mewt and you crossed the portal and arrived at the real magical Ivalice to be received by the

real Montblanc, Nono, Shara and Babus. Magical Ivalice was filled with happiness and celebrations. You, Mewt and

your friends explored that land and you became very close with Mewt, you two were always together. Your wish

had finally been granted, you had magic, adventure and love.


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