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Chapter Eleven.

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Hotel. Escape, or is it?

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A/N: Gasp. I might finish this story. Amazing, isn't it? I hope you enjoy this. Please tell me if you like it. It's kinda boring, but it gets better. Promise.

Brendon stared at the ceiling as he opened his eyes. He was in the utmost confused mind frame.
What is going on? Why do I constantly wake up and find out my best friend is dead? Is… is that just it? Has he been dead and I’ve been having nightmares? Have I been dreaming of the same night every night? Or am I just fucking nuts?


Panic! At the Disco was scheduled for an interview soon. They had forced their crazed singer back onto tour and were currently staying at a hotel. They had all planned to walk to the interview since it wasn‘t far away.

Brendon peeked around the corners of each new hallway very suspiciously until he was sure nobody was there. Then he stepped around the corner. He ran down the hall until he came to another corner. Then he repeated the same actions. He came to the elevator that was on his floor. Somehow, each band member had ended up on a different floor from the other.

Brendon pressed the small button to call the elevator. The circle lit up an orange-yellow color. He panicked when the ding announced that an elevator was coming to the floor. He hid around the corner and peeked over to see if the elevator was absent of other people. It was. Brendon scurried over before it could close. He immediately pressed the close doors button and then pressed the number seven. It lit up red. He frowned. Why did that one light up red, but the others light up that weird orange-yellow color?

The elevator stopped on floor four. He poked his head out, scanning the floor before he ran down the hall. He peeked around the first corner he came to. Once he was satisfied that nobody was on the hall, he ran down it.

He finally got to Ryan’s room after doing this several times. He knocked and looked around, his expression clearly terrified. Ryan answered the door.

“Oh, hey Br--”

Brendon cut him off by tackling him into the room and wrapping a hand over his mouth. “Sshhh!” He shut the door and then locked each lock before he turned to Ryan. Ryan stared at him, confused. Brendon moved away.

“Are you alone?” He asked in a hush whisper.

“Yes, of course I’m alone,” Ryan said with a roll of his eyes.

“Okay, well, we can’t go to the interview,” Brendon said. He was still whispering.

“And why is that?” Ryan asked, crossing his arms. His hip poked out. Brendon would laugh because he looked so girly, but this was not the time to laugh. Brendon beckoned Ryan to come closer. Ryan rolled his eyes again, but moved closer.

“Because you’re going to die!” Brendon shouted in Ryan’s ear. Ryan yelped, not expecting him to yell in his ear, and moved back.

“Don’t be so loud, Bren,” Ryan scolded.
“I’m serious! I had a dream! You’re going to die! We have to stay here at the hotel where it’s safe!”

Ryan groaned. “Not the dreams again. Brendon, I’m not going to die.” He walked into his room and sat on his bed. Brendon followed him.

“Yes you are, you have to believe me, I swear I’m telling the truth, you’ve died like nine times, and I can’t deal with you dying again, please, please, please, just stay here, I promise I won’t annoy you ever again, but you have to stay here at the hotel and not leave, no matter what anyone says!” Brendon said quickly and almost in one breath.

“Breathe, Brendon, breathe.”

“I’m serious!”

“I know you are.” Ryan didn’t sound like he believed him.

“Please, Ry, stay here.”

“No. We all have to go.”

Brendon whined and pouted, feeling defeated.


They, meaning Ryan, Spencer, Jon, and a still terrified Brendon, were on their way to their interview. Jon, Spencer, and Ryan seemed to be laughing and having fun as they walked, while Brendon glanced around, searching for anything that would hurt Ryan.

Maybe I have to save him. Maybe I have to keep him from dying. What am I? I guardian angel? I suck at my job then, if I am one. Brendon whimpered softly to himself as he pictured what might happen. He was keeping close to Ryan in case he had to pull him out of danger.

Miraculously, they made it to their interview unharmed. They answered standard questions, tour questions, personal questions, random questions, and many other types of questions. On their way back from the interview, they ate a late lunch, and then made their way back to the hotel. Brendon was a little more relaxed since nothing had happened. He had a smile back on his face and he was joking around.

They turned the corner and headed back to their hotel.

“Ryan, look out!” Spencer yelled. Ryan jumped back in time to avoid a speeding car as he was about to cross the street.

“Asshole,” Ryan muttered. Brendon’s heart jumped, but then he smiled in relief when Ryan was okay. Holy cuntfuck, that scared me. They crossed the street with no more problems. Brendon still felt on edge. They walked up to the lobby and over to the elevator. All four boys got in. Spencer pressed three, Jon pressed two, Brendon pressed eight, and Ryan pressed seven. Ryan’s was the only one that lit up red. Brendon frowned. That is so weird. I don’t understand why his is the only one that lights up red. He was tempted to press all the buttons to see if any others lit up red, but he didn’t want to get yelled at.

Spencer and Jon got off at their stops. Then the elevator made its way to Ryan’s stop. When it reached seven, it passed it. Ryan frowned.

“What the hell?” Ryan asked. Brendon shrugged. Instead of stopping right at eight, it stopped three quarters of the way there. The doors opened to show the landing a few feet up than where it was supposed to be. Brendon sighed.

“How great,” Ryan said, sounding annoyed. “Go ahead then. Climb out. I’ll be right behind you.” Brendon nodded. He climbed up and onto the landing. He got up and brushed himself off. Ryan sighed and followed suit, but the elevator suddenly gave way and fell a couple feet. Ryan cried out, not expecting that. He was thrown against the back of the elevator.

Brendon jumped at the noise. He quickly ran forward and peeked through the small space. “Ry, holy shit, are you okay?”

“Y-yeah, just a little scared,” Ryan said with a weak smile. He could feel the elevator moving back and forth within the shaft. “Come on, help me out.”

Brendon lowered his hand, offering it out to Ryan. Ryan reached up and grasped onto Brendon’s hand. The elevator groaned and several snapping noises were heard. Panic welled up in both Ryan and Brendon.

“Hurry!” Ryan called out.

“I’m trying!” Brendon pulled on Ryan’s arm, but the cable had already snapped. He felt his arm being pulled on as Ryan was drug down. There was no way Brendon could hold onto him and the huge elevator, and Ryan knew this, so he let go as to not hurt Brendon.

“RYAN!” Brendon screamed. He felt shocked, not expecting the elevator to just break like that. He heard the elevator smash at the bottom of the shaft. He got up and ran to the stairs. He took them three at a time, running until he was at the basement. He searched around for the elevator. Finally, he found it. He pressed the button, watching it light up orange-yellow. A ding sounded and the doors opened.

There was Ryan, on the ground seemingly asleep. But Brendon knew better. He wasn’t asleep. Brendon knew he would wake up again. Right? He would wake up.

Brendon whimpered as he stepped closer to Ryan. He gently turned his body over. It was obvious that his head had been hit against something due to a dent in his forehead.


No response. He checked Ryan’s heartbeat. No response. Brendon began to cry. I’ll wake up. This isn’t real.

But, he didn’t wake up. What was wrong? Why wasn’t he waking up? He should be waking up. He should be waking up! RYAN’S NOT DEAD!

Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his arm. He winced. He looked over, seeing a needle. He felt dizzy. “Wh-what?” He looked up, blurrily seeing Ryan’s body standing there. Or, at least, he thought it was Ryan. It sure looked like him.

“Please, Brendon, why won’t you just wake up? You’re still alive. Please, wake up! Just listen to me. I need you to wake up.”

Brendon cried out as he sat upright in his hotel bed. He looked around, confused. The voice still followed him, but this time it was in his head.
Why aren’t you listening? Why aren’t you coming back? Brendon, I know you’re there. You have to be. Just wake up. Please wake up. Do it for me.

"I am awake," Brendon mumbled to the voice. But was he really? He didn't even know anymore.

Great, now he was imagining voices and other things in his head. Could this day get any worse?

Oh yeah. He had to keep Ryan from dying. Again. Ugh. Or was he already dead?

A/N: Sorry if the ending is... blah. I promise it'll get betta. As for the ending of the story? I think it'll be amazing. You'll like it. I hope. Anyways, please review. I'll love you forever. ^^
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