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“Def. You are the godfather.”

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Paisley and Gerard slowly made their way back to her room. After helping her change back into her hospital gown, Gerard sat down and opened up her duffel bag.

“Bag looks pretty empty, you think mom forgot some stuff?”

Paisley peered into the bag and shook her head, “No. Not really. We decided she’d pick out the ‘going home’ outift when the baby was born,” She peered back into the bag and amended her statement, “But there’s not anything in there to amuse me.”

Gerard thought for a minute before standing up and walking to the doorway, “I’ll be right back. Ten minutes tops. Promise. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Where am I gonna go?”

He was out of the the room before she could finishe her reply. True to his word he was back in ten minutes with a bag from the gift shop.

“What’s in there?”

“Stuff to amuse you with,” he replied as he sat beside her and pulled out a pack of cards, a coloring book, and some crayons.

Paisley glanced at her gifts and fought back a smile, “What am I? Five?”

Not catching her playfulness, Gerard frowned, “Oh. I’m sorry. I just thought that…” Paisley silenced him with a kiss.

“I was kidding. Promise. This is great. I fricken love coloring,” Paisley giggled as she pulled the Lisa Frank coloring book in front of her.

Over the next four hours the two of them passed the time alternating between card games and coloring pages. Paisley had just finished her 6th coloring page when Dr. Smith came in.

“Hello, so I see you’ve found the great entertainment that our gift shop has to offer,” the doctor chuckled as she moved Paisley’s sheet, “I’m just checking to see if you’ve dilated in the past four hours. You should be close to the next stage.”

Shortly Dr. Smith spoke up, “Congratulations, you are four and a half centimeters in, which means you are now in active labor. Things should speed up a little in this stage. Your contractions will become more painful and closer together. I’ll send a nurse in shortly to give you your epidural.”

Dr. Smith took her clipboard with her and closed the door. No sooner had she closed the door, Paisley felt a contraction.

“Shit,” she whined.

“Did it hurt,” Gerard asked, being completely serious.

“No Gerard, I just thought I’d let you think it hurt when in reality in was quite orgasmic. Of fourse if f-ing hurt asshole. Didn’t you just hear the doctor? My cervix is getting bigger. It’s stretching. Yes it’s going to hurt.”

Gerard grit his teeth as he thought to himself, “It’s her hormones. She’s not being a bitch intentionally; its her damn hormones.”

Thirty minutes later the nurse came in with the epidural needle.

“Since when did shortly mean 30 f-ing minutes later,” Paisley grumped as she rolled over on her side to let the nurse stick her with the needle.

“OH!,” Paisley mouthed as tears started forming. Noticing this Gerard squeezed her hand.

The nurse left and after fifteen minutes, the drugs began to take their effect. Paisley went from Mr. Hyde to Dr. Jeckyll in minutes.



“We’re gonna have a baby!”

Gerard chuckled, “Really? I thought we were just here for a routine checkup.”

Softly she batted at his arm, “You hush. It’s like she’s almost here and I’m so excited. I hope she has your eyes.”
Gerard grinned, “Your hair.”

“Your artistic flair.”

“Your wittiness.”

“Is that your way of telling me I’m a smart ass?”


“Thanks, love you too. You’re a smart ass also so don’t even go there.”

Paisley motioned for him to lay beside her. When he did she ran her fingers through his hair and smiled at him.
“But I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she placed a kiss on his lips, “ I love you Gerard Arthur Way.”

Gerard gave her another kiss, “I love you too Paisley um,”….

Paisley laughed, “Turquoise.”


“Yeah, my mom figured I had a unique first name. Middle name might as well be unique. Plus she was a bit of a hippie. Might have been a abit stoned when she named me,” Paisley lauged.


“No. She never smoked. But she was a hippie.”

Gerard rolled his eyes and kissed his girlfriend, “Well anyway…. I love you too, Paisley Turquoise Walker.”

“Aw, that was sweet you too. I think I have a tear in my eye,” Frank giggled from the door way.

“F you,” Gerard said scowling at his friend.

“Shhh the baby might here you,” Frank said as he rubbed Paisley belly, “So you two might be parents soon. What does that make me?”

“Univited to the birth,” Gerard muttered.

“Godfather,” Paisley said as she glared at Gerard from the corner of her eye.

“Really? Are you being serious,” Frank’s eyes lit up.

“Def. You are the godfather.”

This made Frank and Paisley break out into giggles.

“You two are stupid, I’m gonna go outside and smoke,” Gerard grumped.

“Did I do something, “Frank asked in all innocence.

Paisley kissed him on the cheek, “He’s annoyed that you broke our moment.”

“Frank’s actually quite good at that,” Ray said as he came in carrying a Taco Bell bag.

“Is that mine?”

“Yes. We figured that you wouldn’t want to eat hospital food.”

“You two are my lifesavers.”
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