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permanent heartache

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how come im still single for my last year of high school?

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shaant's p.o.v
This was my senior year and we only have a week left of school I was in charge of decorating the gym for the senior party I was waiting outside by the flag pole for the rest of the group to get here.

I expected them at 1:30 but there always late especialy shayla and brendon they're good friends im not gonna lie about that but there too lovey dovey in the make you wanna puke way while I was in deep thought I didn't notice shayla waving her hand in my face saying shaant!shaant anyone in there I think he's in deep "we leave him alone for 2 mins. and he zones out well I should zone him back into reality shaanty bear" shayla said.

"what oh yeah sorry i zoned out we know oh shayla don't call me that again" I said. "you zoned out and I didn't want to have to slap you again" said shayla.
"Can we go to the gym now thank you" I said.

so we headed to the gym we had already discussed what the gym was going to look like so we picked our partner out of a hat I had to work with delilah we got along she was very nice it was scary she's only nice to the guys she likes and she was dating pete who was working with kendra it looked like they were having fun well of course brendon and shayla were having fun that drawing was rigged at least we got out early from school for this we had streamers,balloons,and paper stars(a little childish I know)

Delilah's p.o.v
God im going to kill pete he keeps flirt with kendra well I should do the same so I started helping shannt with every he was kinda freaking out.

I hope he knows it doesn't mean anything so I kept flirt/being pete looked over at us so I smiled back he started flirting more so I stormed out of the gym I heard someone come after me.

I was so pissed to look back and see pete coming.
pete's p.o.v
I ran after delilah and I caught up to her. She looked up at me "why are you looking at me like that" she asked me. "I always look at you like this" I said.

"it's just you look at kendra diffrently than you than look at me" she said.

"thats because she's not my girlfriend and I don't love her." I said.

"your to sweet for your own good we should get back to the gym but first kiss me" I kissed her it was long, passionate and it reminded me why im dating her she the queen of my throne "lets go," I said so we entered the gym. shannt said "how bout I work with kendra so this wont happen again" okay thats fine with us.

Molly's p.o.v
I was walking though the mall with tiffany when I saw this bracelet but I didn't have enough money for it was $150 so I went to hot topic and bought this red and black skirt and a shirt to wear tomarrow for school.
next day at school
I went to my locker and opened it and grabbed my books I found a note stuck in my book I opened it read
Dear Molly
i've been noticing you for a while look in your in locker at the back
I noticed you looking at it in the mall you can thank me by meeting
me today at the park on 1520 S. Hollywood Ave. by the blue slide
Sincerly,the guy next door

I am going to meet him right after school but im bringing a friend along this could be a rapist for all I know.
I can skip decorating the gym again "shaant can I miss today my mom needs me home to watch my brother" yeah you can thanks shannt
the park
I went to the blue slide and stood there I waited there for five mins. before I saw someone coming towards me I looked up he had long brown hair, a black t-shirt,and jeans that had holes in them he also had a black scarf tied around his need it could only be.
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