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things turn for the unexpected

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molly gets her surprise from her someone

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Molly's p.o.v*(4 more days left)
It was William Beckett from biology or science.Is he my admirer him out of all the boys in school but its will?I've known him for almost all my life I so hope it him.Here he comes hi william hey I guess you know now yeah i guess I do well I asked you out here so I can ask you this molly cooper will you go on a date with me tomorrow night?of course I will will(thats fun to say) well I'll pick you up tomorrow at 7:00 perfect do want me to walk you home that would be nice so he started to wall me home when it started to rain so we had to run to my house was only 5 mins away so didn't drive my car I walked to the park will didn't drive either so we got to the porch he was staring at me i could tell cause I felt this feeling come over my body when i noticed our lip had connected we were socking wet so it was really soggy then we disconnect (4 some reason this sound like a phone call) I'm sorry its ok it was going to happen sooner or later yeah your right so see you later bye
Brendon's p.o.v
So me and Shayla just got finished with the gym so we decided to walk to her house we walked hand in hand (this makes me want to hurl) when the wind started to blow harder and her hair started to blow left she still looked so good even if her hair was everywhere so we kept walking she had her own apartment her parents got her a apartment when she turned 18 because they were rich and didn't care what she did it had started to rain so we ran to the apartment. >>>>>5 mins later>>>>>when we got their we were socked she stuck the key in the door bren do you want come in and dry off?? yeah it kinda cold out here so she let me in and she went to her room to change she changed into a hoody and a pair of black skinny jeans then she said you can look in her closet for something to wear so I went in her closet and put on skinny jeans and a black button up shirt then I went and sat on the couch.
Shayla's p.o.v
I was sitting on the couch thinking of a way to tell Brendon after graduation I'm doing something thats going to hurt him really bad but I'm afraid to tell him then Brendon sat next to me we start to kiss he brushed his tongue on my bottom lips i got the message so I let him in we madeout for a bit then we sat up Brendon got up off the couch and he pulled me to come with him he directed me toward my room he laid me on my bed he started to kiss my neck he unbuttoned my shirt I did the same he unbuckled my pants and slid them off then he took off his i sat up so he could take off my bra he unclipped it he kissed me up and down he pulled off my undies (lol) he took off his boxers he went into me i moaned he soon came after we quit after we came 4 times each then we fell asleep.
Next Day*(3 more days)
This morning I woke up to the sound of my phone I got up and got dressed in a light blue skirt and a white hoody that said escaping from you in rainbow letters and some plain white Nike's Brendon was in my fridge what are you looking for cookies there in the cabinet he grabbed 4 cookies and we headed off to school when we got their the school was on fire! brendon please tell me the schools not on fire the schools on fire so you want to go back to your apartment yeah lets do that so we went back to the apartment and sat on the couch watching tv for rest of the day until I got a call....
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