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Her little secret

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Shayla tells Brendon about her plans

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shayla's p.o.v
So I had gotten the call so I had to tell brendon so brendon I need to tell you something
yeah shoot
well after graduation I am a knock came at the door so I went and anwsered it it was mail the usual vogue magazines,offers and all the other shit.
whats happening after graduation shayla?
well I'm going to california.
your leaving me?
maybe haven't decided yet?
What are you going for?
I am leaving so I can have a life besides me and you.
But why would you leave me?
Cause I can't depend on you or my parents for the rest of my life!
But I like that you depend on me
but brendon
but shayla
brendon it's not the samething what if you leave me then what happens.
Shayla why would I ever leave you?
Cause I know you brendon
Shayla I would never do that to you
Oh you wouldn't?
Of course not I LOVE YOU!
So i'm still going
after all this your still going
yeah i've always wanted to move to Hollywood, California I just need a break from US.
fine go I just need to tell you this im not going to wait up for you cause sweetie you had me!
brendon don't wait up for me but I didn't have you I had ALL OF YOU!
Cocky are we! we both laughed well you started it
well you just made me so mad considering you just told me
I just found out (i've known for 2 weeks almost)
so when are you leaving?
in 2 days
in two days your leaving after graduation huh
so will you come back
maybe haven't decided
well im going to miss you
im going to miss you to brenny bear well do you want to help me pack
yeah i'll help
so we packed and sang together (1 thing led to another that 1 little thing called love happened)
Kendra's p.o.v*(we grauated)
Well me and shaant really got close these last few days so he asked me to be his girlfriend on our second date and I said yes he brought me out of my depression state into reality I'm meeting him at starbucks so I got out my car and walked in and I saw shaant sit at a table so I sat across from him hey shaant
hey kendra
so why did you want me here
well im moving out of my parents house so I was wondering if you wanted to help me move into my house.
Sure why not I should know where you live anyways.
well i am starting tomorrow you can meet me at my parents house.
Ok what time tomorrow
3:00 so we can finish before 7:00 and then I can take you out if that ok with you
of course you like pampering me don't you
of course
we just got our coffee so we just talked about randon stuff.
Next Day*
I went to his parents house shaant was on the porch hey
hey well lets get started if that ok with you kend
yeah we can start shaant so we headed to his room we packed his comic books,movies,ect. Shaant we need tape for the boxes so he went to go get so out of the kitchen >>>>>5 mins later>>>>> he was taking to long to come back so I finally got up to find him and I found him in the worst place I could think of..
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