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Her little selfish heart

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kendra drills for information

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Kendra's p.o.v
I was devastated when I saw shaant he was kissing his sister's friend Jasmine who was 2 years younger than him (shaant 18,jasmine 16) Well what am I supossed to do since it didn't really hurt me but it was depressing a guy that I always liked kissing another girl it's not a pretty site to see I should say something SHAANT HOW COULD YOU!!!
kendra I d...
I cut him off you didn't what hurt me or gross me o...
Kendra she kissed me
well you kissed back
no I didn't
you were on top shaant
she pulled me on top
fine I beleive you
you do
yeah I saw the whole thing
you put me though the fear of losing you for that
I just started to walk out the door when I stoped shaant our 7:00 date is canceled
I guess I deserved that
I left an it was 10:00 so I went to a club I invited brendon he said he would pick me up later>>>> brendon showed up he looked like a total wreck I couldn't blame him he loved her so brendon to me to the club sat a table and talked girls kept walking by the table brendon tried to ignored them but it was kinda hard every time they walked passed brendon almost fell out his chair.(hollaback boy I ain't no hollaback boy) it was a text from shayla this wasn' a good time brendon could practicly see over my shoulder.(uh oh)
I just landed in california I just it's only a 3 hour flight well text me back and if brendon ask why I haven't called him I accidentally erased his number i'll call ryan and get it later text me back~Shayla
I don't think you did it on a accidient I think you didn't want anyhing to remind you of him
I did not if I wanted that I wouldn't have a necklace he bought me and his favorite hoody he gave me!
Aww....he's so sweet I need a guy like that? Are you ever going 2 come back i miss you already?!?!?
I'll come back in a month or 2........i'm not sure...I want to come back it's boring down here but I broke his heart kend?!?!?
But what about me?what I if needed your help like now!
If it was really bad i'll come back for as long as you want me to!!!I might even stay?
What are you doing?
Well im sitting with derek right now?
What for?Are you dating?I'm telling?!?!
Are you serious?dating!lmao!!im' going to my house!telling who and are we playing 20 questions??
Im telling brendon,is your house big??Derek's GAY right??
No don't tell brenny bear,yes derek's gayer than gay!omg you should see the car deek got me it's in my driveway!!it's a convertiable black and purple sparkles
that sounds so awesome!!!
this house is so huge to big it could fit the whole decaydance label in the living room!!g2g
why'd you really go???
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