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brendons angel part 1

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someones back

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Shayla's P.O.V
God why would she ask me something like that I don't even know why I love him it's just I don't know. I just got all this to look at it. I'm going back like tomorrow. He made it bigger than it really is dumbass maybe thats why I love him so damn much. I really can't wait til tomorrow night or a month. Fuck it I'm coming back tomorrow.Should I call him first or text kendra back and tell her?No im going to surpise them.
so I texted kendra back:I dont know why well yeah I do call me later my phones going to die~ily shayla
so i stayed a couple of days then i headed back home where i be long

Delilah's P.O.V*
recap*(5 last days)
so my lifes been a blur pete left after graduation to check on his record label but he's coming back in like 4 days or so never really said
End recap*
So Im going to meet gabe at starbucks >>>>>5 minutes later>>>>> So I just got to starbucks which gabe wasn't there so I sat at a table
he showed up 10 minutes later.Damn it gabe what took so long.
"your boyfriend wouldn't shut the hell up"
what he's here?
yeah I dropped him off at your/his house
gabe? i said sweetly pulling out the look he cant refuse
"yeah you can go"he said
YAY i love you gabe i promise i'll make it up to you i say going out the door
>>>>>>10 minutes later>>>the next day
i got stopped at every red light its funny when im in a rush to get some where i get stopped at all the lights so i finally got home.
DELILAH hey babe i missed you pete had said
so we got comfortable and we hung out at home for the rest of the day.
Mollys P.O.V
So bill and I are off on warped tour it gets really hot i cant take it so I stayed in the bus where it was cold
bill is on stage at the moment.
Shayla P.O.V.
So like I got back I rushed over to the apartment the one place i knew he would be I unlocked the door and the lights were off so i went in my room and he wasnt there so i txt him "are you at home"
he said nope im out
so i didnt reply to that I got out of my clothes and layed down i fell asleep before he got back
Brendons P.O.V.
So i was heading home when shayla txt me I had made it home about 20 minutes later I went in the bedroom and turned on the light and shayla was back she didnt even tell me I guess she sorta hinted it to me but i was to ignorant to see it im such a dumbass shes so beautiful i dont know why i let her walk away in the first place i hope shes here to stay i love her so much i stripped and climbed under the covers next to her
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