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why do i have a voice and not use it.

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"I ran down stairs and saw the one person who could ruin my whole relationship". it gets better i promise.

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Shawn-Marie's P.O.V*
I'm Shawn-Marie I hate people who call me shawn cause I beat up this one dude for calling me shawn now everyone knows not to call call me shawn.I think he still scared of me but i'm not sure baut he never messed with another girl okay done with that subject. My phone began to ring it played "same girl" it was brendon so I anwsered it "come open the door," brendon said I lived by myself so I could hardly her the door mostly because brendon didn't knock.I went and anwsered the door brendon kissed me we've been going out about 3 months now so he was speacial to me.he took me to the car.
Brendons P.O.V
I took her to the car we drove until I saw ryan's house we pick up ryan,spencer,jon,pete,andy,joe,patrick,and we met kendra,erin,hayleigh,,jaimy,courtney,shayla,kate at lasertag.We planned this for weeks but someone always had to do something.Pete sat still getting shot the whole time until kendra shot him he liked kendra so he chased her the whole couldn't find me and shawn-marie we we're able to see everyone but they couldn't see us our scores were the highest mostly because they couldn't find us.The game was over we got our score shawn-marie's score was higher than mine she was m.v.p so she picked where we went to eat she picked T.G.I Friday.Ordered and we took it to shawn-marie's house and ate ryan took my car and drove everyone home.I stayed with shawn-marie.
Pete's P.O.V
I slowly went where kendra was standing I opened my mouth and said Will you go out on a date with me.Yeah where! how bout the mall then dinner then its a date i'll pick you up at 5:00 see ya then.
Kendra's P.O.V
The day of the date
I was getting ready I put on my red tank-top,my black skirt,and my converse then i heard a knock at the door it was 4:55 I answer it was pete so I grabbed my jacket and headed out the door.He drove me to the biggest mall in town we went into the store I saw these amazing Adidas they were yellow,green,and black he bought me a whole outfit. We walked out the store and ran into someone I would never expect to run into at a mall in a million years.
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