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life is my best friend

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kendra gets a call

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kendra's p.o.v
I can't believe it's him and he's with my worst enemy
"Jamie duh shut yo mouth" ever since she stole my
boyfriend at prom. We've had a big mess on our hands so
me and pete went the other way >>>>>30 mins later>>>>>
we left the mall it was about 7:00 so he took me to the star
bucks down the street then he took me home. He kiss me
omfg he kissed me i must be dreaming i have to tell someone
thinking shayla (dialing)

Phone convo**
what's up
pete kissed me
good for you
yeah real funny
j/k god u take everything seriously
at least i don't have the curse of curves lol
not funny

pete's p.o.v
I can't believed I did that I kissed her.I can't wait till
tomorrow im asking her to go on tour with me yay.My
moms right i do act like a girl???

fast forward to tomorrow
(calling kendra)
Phone Convo*
I need to ask you something
I was wondering if you want to go on tour with fall out boy
yes I would love to when?
this friday
ok who are you touring with?
Panic,mcr,and tai
Ok well Bye
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