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Love Me Do

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Someone admits something, someone leaves and someone feels danger.

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"...Oh..." Kichi couldn't say anything but stare wide-eyed at Mikey. Love wasn't something she was accustomed too. Kichi was used to looking fter herself and living in her own little world. Love was only something that happened to everyone else and people in movies.
"Please say something" Mikey whispered, worried he'd freaked her the fuck out and she'd leave again.
"I, uh...w-why?" words seemed to large for her mouth, like they wouldn't fit.
"Why?" he asked, questioning her question.
"Why?" she repeated, more for herself than for him.
"Cause...I...just do." Miky eventually said, feeling completely stupid fot it.
"But I'm...I'm not...conventional? I'm just not...someone who...I've never...I'm not loved Mikey, it's not something I have...and I've accepted that...I've never been loved" Silence fell between the two as Mikey absorbed her words. He took a step forward, feeling rather brave all of a sudden.
"No Kichi, you're not un-loved. I.Love.You" he said firmly, looking into her grey eyes which were trained in any other direction except his. A small blush crept across her cheeks and Mikey knew his words had worked.
"Really?" she asked, finally looking at him. Mikey just nodded. They both leaned in slowly, their lips slowly getting closer together. Neither of them shut their eyes as they got closer.
"Okay, I got coffee. Kichi I didn;t know what shit. I'll, uh, go" Frank turned around and ran back out the door, mortified at having interupting such a sweet moment. Mikey sighed and straightened back up. Kichi did the same and giggled nervously.
"I should, uh, actually I should go home. Not they'll care where I am. In-fact I dare say they'll be dissapointed when I turn up alive."

So far she'd been borrowing clothes.
"Your clothes are in the dryer, I'll get them for you. I'd go find Frank before he drinks the coffee for you" Kichi just nodded and they both stood awkwardly before Mikey decided to leave first.
4 fucking words Kichi!!! Kichi's habit of talking to herself was something she'd never quite gotten over. Only now she managed to keep it in her head, which she was thankful for.
4 little words, honestly. What is wrong with me??? Don't answer that! She felt Mikey trying to sneak into her own head and answer her.
Damn! he laughed. What's these 4 little words Kichi? Mikey teased.
As if you don't already know. she replied some what sourly, mentally rolling her eyes at him.
Just say them once then, just for me she could hear the desperation in his voice he had tried to keep quiet.
"I love you too Mikey" she whispered quietly, knowing he wouldn't hear her either way.
"So I can fucking hear you!!!" she heard him scream from the utility room. Kichi couldn't help but laugh.
I said them once Mikey. Not my fault you never heard it
You're such a bitch he muttered darkly.
First you confess your love and now your calling me a bitch. I wish you would make up your mind she laughed.
Uh, fine. You're a bitch but I love you anyway
"Without ripping off 'Bowling For Soup!!!" she screamed.
"Would you's two shut the fuck up?!"
Not my fault Kichi's being a bitch Mikey told his brother.
I can hear you dumbass she giggled.
"Well this is all very well and peachy BUT GET YOUR ARGUMENT OUT OF MY HEAD!!!"
Man, Gee's pissed today
I think it's cause your interupting his 5 minutley, hour make-out session with Frank
Kichi giggled slightly as she invaded Mikey's brain with the times she's saw those two make-out.
It is on Kichi Grey
Kichi giggled before running up the stairs to Frank's, which was her's in a way, to get dressed. Then remembered Mikey was getting her clothes from the dryer.

She sat cross-legged on the bed waiting for Mikey to eventually bring her clothes.
"Dude, I can see you sneaking up on me" she giggled.
"I'm beginning to think you being so intuitive isn't a good thing" she heard him huff from the other side of the door.
"You love it really Mikey" Kichi giggled. "Can I have my clothes now?" Just then they came floating in, folded in a neat pile with a mug of coffee balancing on top.
Thanks Bob she told him, quickly invadde his brain and then leaving again. She always felt as though she was intruding some place private. Except with Mikey cause he could do it right back at her, which had it's draw backs. Kichi locked the door and got dressed quickly. Red skinny jeans, Green Day band-tee, black hoodie and to top it all off her favourite pair of scruffy white chucks. Kichi gulped down the coffee.
Thanks for the coffee Frankie, it's fucking amazing.
"It's why Gerard loves me so much" he giggled peeking around the door.
"Ready to go?" he asked.
"Go where?" she asked, suspecting that Mikey had told everyone she was going home.
"Um...yeah...Mikey blabbed" he grinned. Kichi sighed.
"Thought so and yeah I'm ready."
"When are we to expect you back?" he asked, stepping properlly into the room.
"A few days I'd imagine. Why? Gonna miss me?" Kichi teased. Frank just looked away sadly.
"Frankie? Are you gonna miss me?" Frank didn't say anything.
"Well...yeah but that's not just it. Neko is actually nice now. Still hate that stupid cat though...I was hoping now that you know Mikey loves you and I'm guessing you love him too and well...everyone's agreed on this just so ya know. We want you to stay" he pouted. Kichi giggled and then hugged him.
"I can't stay here Frankie" she said softly.
"Why not?" he whinned.
Yeah, why not? Mikey's quiet voice had come from no where. She hadn't even felt him come in.
"Because I just don't belong...and not just here. Every where. I'm just a sort of bit of plankton floating along in the sea that we call life. Completely unimportant and alone. Just floating along, surviving. Well, till a whale eats me. But I have no analogy of what a whale eating me would be" Frank giggled sadly.
"You say the randomest shit"
"I have to go now. I'll be back in a few days, kay?" Frankie just nodded saddly as he watched Kichi leave them once more.

Frank felt danger bubbling in the pit of his stomch. His insides were screaming for her not to leave. But he put it down to what happened the last time she left their house and kept his mouth shut.

I know nothing really happens, but trust me it's about to get waaaaay more interesting.

xoxo Sam
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