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He Needs a Vacation

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A collection of SetoxReader short stories.

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He Needs a Vacation

Break 01: Sunday

You slowly woke up, just slightly; barely enough to take in your surroundings with your sense of feeling, since you didn't want to open your eyes yet. Seto was still there, his arms locked around you, his breathing calm. You didn't need to open your eyes to know that, the embrace was all too familiar to you.

Seto never slept in, more often than not, leaving the mansion long before you had time to wake up. If Seto was still in bed, then it had to be early, very early, or very late at night depending on how you looked at it.

There was no light annoying you into throwing a pillow over your head. The room was dark, but it was not simple because your eyes were closed, even then you would be able to perceive the bright sun coming through the window, not matter how tightly you closed your eyes.

You resolved to do the only logical thing you could think of doing, cuddle and sleep. Thus it was done and you soon returned to blissful slumber land for the next few hours.

When you woke up again, you did open your eyes that time. The room was dark, but you noticed it was because the tick curtains were covering the windows. Seto always opened the curtains before he left so that was no surprise, since he was still there.

You shifted and looked at his face, expecting to find him asleep, but he was wide awake. "What time is it?" You whispered sleepily, because somehow, Seto's sense of time was excellent and he would know without looking at the glowing numbers on the alarm clock on the night stand. Said alarm clock was never really used for waking up.

"One in the afternoon," you laughed at Seto's reply until you realized he was completely serious.

You leapt out of bed and looked at the alarm clock as the mocking green numbers changed from displaying 1:00 to 1:01. You didn't feel like it was night time, you were sure you slept more than that. But just to be sure, you dashed to the window, threw the curtains aside and the room was invaded by sunlight.

With a cry of, "why didn't you wake me up?" you dashed to ready yourself for the day. You had a duel with Yugi, which you were already very late for. You were supposed to meet Yugi and his friends for lunch that Sunday.

It wasn't until you were fully dressed and with your hand on the doorknob of the main entrance, not yet opening the door, that you turned back and found Seto standing there after having followed you.

You became concerned as the unusual circumstances sunk and approached him, raising your hand and gently placing it on his forehead. "No fever," you muttered surprised. "You never sleep in, are you sick?"

"I just didn't want the mutt flirting with you," needless to say, the sudden confession caught you off guard.

"I don't flirt with Joey," you defended.

"I didn't say you did."

"Right..." You paused, giving the entire situation some thought, and noticing Mokuba curiously watching the two of you. "So... how about we go to Kaibaland today? To play, no work."

Mokuba was right, a girlfriend was exactly what his brother needed to remind him how to relax and have fun.

xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox

Break 02: Comfortably Busy

You observed the child walking around the building via the security camera, the image clearly displayed on the computer screen. This meant of course that you had to get yourself untangled from your current position on a certain someone's lap while his head rested on the mouse.

The position was odd; it was seemingly uncomfortable, almost painful, but so comfortable in reality. You didn't feel like moving, let the kid find you, it's not like his dear brother doesn't have the right to go out with girls. Well actually he doesn't, he only has the right to go out with one girl, you.

"Seto! Big brother!" Seto head slipped off the mouse and onto the softer mouse pad as he blinked and tried to place himself in the world. That was Mokuba's voice; it was all he knew, because everything else didn't make sense.

The young CEO felt a head resting on his shoulder, the two of you were somehow sandwiching each other, in a seemingly uncomfortable position that was too comfortable to inspire movement.

The door knob received a failed attempt to be turned. "Seto?" The same voice called again, Mokuba once more. "Are you in your office? Why is the door locked?"

"Just a minute!" Getting untangled took more than just a minute and rushing it only caused the two of you to end up on the floor. Two people scrambled to their feet, arms and legs were stretched and a sore feeling settled in. How could such an odd, yet somehow comfortable, position cause such soreness? It made no sense, even if the image of it made it obvious.

The door was finally opened, the dark haired boy going inside, stopping, staring. "Seto! Why didn't you say you were busy? I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to play with Yugi and his friends, okay?" The little guy puckered his lip and gave his brother the chibi look in an effort to get him to agree.

Still a little out of it from his unexpected mid afternoon nap with the mouse as a pillow, Seto reluctantly agreed. "Don't stay out too late, be home for dinner."

"Okay, but big brother, just say you're busy next time and I won't interrupt." While Mokuba merrily skipped away, Seto looked confused.

You tilted your head, and with a simple movement of the hand, answered his question by pointing to his shirt which was still carelessly thrown on a corner of the desk.

xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox xox xoxox

Break 03: Ninja Past

Your POV

The skies are starting to turn from gray to a darker gray, almost black. There's no blue up there now, just heavy rain clouds threatening to drown this world. I don't think I'll be able to walk all the way home before the rain starts. Why didn't I walk with my friends today? I guess I was just too lost in thought to go with them. They'll look at me and ask what's wrong. They'll try to find out what's on my mind and I rather not tell, not for now anyway.

As I walk down the streets of Domino, feeling the first few small raindrops fall, I see his limousine drive by. I'm thankful not to be standing too close to the road or else it would have splashed me with the left over water from the rain that came about an hour ago and now it rains again. I knew I wouldn't escape the rain, now I'll catch a cold, just what I needed.

Luckily, it looks like I won't have to walk all the way after all. I arrived at the bus stop on time today and didn't miss the bus. Usually I don't mind walking, usually I walk with my friends, but today I'll take the bus.

I find an empty seat near the back by the window and sit down. I stare at the falling rain out the glass window in a daze. Rainy days are so different from sunny days. When it's sunny, I'm more cheerful, yet the day ends faster. When it's rainy, my thoughts tend to be deep and the day drags on forever, of course no one would expect me to say such things since I hide it pretty well.

I close my eyes and remember the events today in the hall. I wasn't even supposed to be out of the classroom, but it was so boring that I snuck out while the teacher wasn't looking. That's when I literally ran into him in my haste to get as far away as possible from the classroom to avoid getting caught. "Watch where you're going!" He was annoyed.

I only glared at him and answered a little too late. "Watch out yourself!" When he was already turning the corner and disappearing from my line of sight.

Sometimes I wonder why I even like him. Maybe it's because I see past the one that they all see. Maybe it's because I know there's more to him. I don't pretend to know everything about him, the truth is that I don't know every detail and probably never will. But I pay close attention and notice things that everyone else appears to miss. I can almost imagine my friend's wide eyed faces if they could read my mind right now.

I missed my stop. I was so lost in thought I missed it. I'll just have to get off in the next one and walk all the way back under the rain. I regret not carrying an umbrella, but it seamed like an unnecessary item before. The rain is much stronger now, banging against the bus, as if trying to break it into peaces. Maybe I'll just ride the bus until the last stop and walk all the way back, I wouldn't mind walking after the rain stops.

The bus brings me all the way to just outside Domino city, where I get off. The rain has stopped now, but the sky is still dark, as if it will rain again sometime soon. I guess there's just no avoiding getting wet again. Somehow, I don't feel like going back just yet. I want to go for a walk, but not back home, so I venture into the unknown.

I don't know for how long I've been walking, but I have come considerably far. The city environment has changed around me to a less populated area. That's when I see it, the black limousine, I'm certain that's Seto's limousine. The limo is parked in front of a small cafe. I didn't think he would come to such a place, but surely one glance inside confirms that he's there, quietly drinking his coffee, oblivious to the world around him. I wonder what's the matter? This is very unlike him.

He finishes he's coffee and looks outside, my guess is that he wants to know if the rain had stopped or not. After a while he finally comes out and I jump behind some bushes to avoid being seen. I really don't want to hear his comments about my presence here.

The limousine drives off further away, as more raindrops begin to fall. I don't know why, but my curiosity is stronger than it's ever been and I run as fast as I can in the direction the limousine left. Of course, I quickly lose it, since I can't run anywhere near as fast as the limo can move. I still keep running in the same direction, I don't know why, I just do.

After running who knows how long, out of breath and soaking wet, I finally spot the limousine parked up ahead. This area isn't like the city. There are many trees and plants here, it's completely different. I casually walk by as if minding my own business, which I admit I'm not, and see that the only one left in the limo is the driver. I wonder where Seto ran off to?

Walking around some more, I find some stone stairs that look many years old. Atop the stairs I see some sort of house like a dojo. I climb the stairs, wondering what's really up there, and after reaching the top, I find him sitting on the floor near the open door watching the rain. "What are you doing here?" He's not very happy to see me.

"Just going for a walk," that sounded a lot better in my head.

I stand there in the rain for I'm not sure how long, in a glaring contest, until I blink and he speaks. "Aren't you going to come inside or do you want to catch a cold?"

Without a word, I go inside the dojo and sit on the floor, just a few feet away from him. "What is this place anyway?"

"None of your business," Seto doesn't want to give me any information. Maybe this place is important to him somehow. Maybe it's related to his past.

We sit there in silence for what feels like an eternity, until the rain stops and he gets up. "Time to leave," I nod and exit the dojo-like room. He locks it before leaving off somewhere around the back of the building. "Don't follow me."

"Why would I follow you?" I turn in the opposite direction. I walk around the building, taking the longest way around. I see him at a small hill behind the dojo and stay hidden, but I think he knows I'm here. After a while he leaves. I walk back around the dojo from the other side but don't see Seto, though the limousine is still waiting there.

I think this explains why Seto is so ninja-like sometimes, he must have been training at some point. Then a hand is placed on my shoulder and I nearly jump out of my skin, "don't sneak up on my like that!"

"You should say, thanks for offering me a ride home," Seto walks to the limousine and it takes me a moment to realize just what happen and follow him.


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