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One Less Lonely Girl

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A lonely girl meets a nice,fun loving guy.What happens between them?Read if you wanna know!

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The first time I saw her,was in a laundry place.I don't really know how,but I got her attention.And she absolutely got mine.
Don't know how,but we ended up together forever.
Now if only I could be able to tell her that I love her.
Well,at least in this crazy world,there's one less lonely girl...

"Ash!",her friend called.She turned an smiled,as she saw two running girls coming towards her.
"Gosh,what's all the fuss about?",she asked.
Her name was Ashley Mason.A 15-year old girl that had graduated from high school early.
She had long curly hair and brown,bright eyes.
"I just have to tell you about the new hottie in our neighborhood.",her best friend,Stacey,said.
Stacey was an eccentric blonde,straight and long-haired girl with green eyes.
"He is just so hot!",her other best friend,Britney,squealed.
Britney was another eccentric girl with black short,straight-haired girl with brown eyes.
"Stac,Brit,who is it?",Ashley asked.They all lived in the same neighborhood,which leads to being all best friends.
"Don't know.Come on,we have to see him!",Britney said and both her and Stacey grabbed Ashley's hand and pulled her.
They had been in the park,while Ashley read her book,but they were soon enough in their neighborhood.
This cute guy had lived closer to Ashley's house.
They sat on the porch watching as the movers moved boxes into the house,a family helping.
"Where is he?",Ashley asked as they only saw a little girl,a man,a woman,and a small pre-teen boy.
"He was there before.",Stacey murmured.
"Um,excuse me?",a deep voice said.They all looked over,and Stacey and Britney's eyes widened.
"Umm,hi!",they said standing up quickly and brushing themselves off.
"Hi.",he said with a smile.Ashley,though,just sat there staring in wonder.
He really was very cute.
He had hazel,brown eyes and dark,brown hair.His smile was white and very adorable.He wore baggy jeans with a green short-sleeved shirt and some green and black sneakers.
"Hi.",he said to ehr.She was then pulled back to reality and stood quickly with a smile.
"Hey.",she said.
"Well,I'm actualy the new guy moving in there.Can I ask which one of you girls live here?",he asked.
"Umm,that will be me.",Ashley said,a small blush on her cheeks.
"Well,hi.You see,my mom though since she and my dad are gonna be working a lot,if somebody can baby-sit my brother and sister.I'm actually have to work,so I won't be there.Your mom home so I can speak to her?",he asked.
"Umm,no.She's actually working.",Ashley said.
"Your dad?"he asked.
"No,I don't have a dad.",she said.
"Oh,sorry.",he said.
"It's okay,never really knew the guy anyways.",Ashley said,still smiling.
"So,you think you can tell your mom if she's free to talk with my mom?",he asked.
"Yeah,absolutely!",Ashley said nodding.
"Thanks.",he said.
"So,where'd you move here from?",Stacey asked.
"Moved here from Florida.",he said.
Here where they lived was New York.A nice neighborhood that had some nice and close park and a city nott oo far from it.
"Cool.But I actually think it kinda sucks how it doesn't really snow there.",Britney said.
"Well,doesn't matter to me.I've lived there all my life,practically.",he said giving a small chuckle.
"What a cute smile.",Ashley mrumured.The guy looked at her and it his lip.
"Ashley!",Stacey said nudging her.Ashley's eyes widened,and her blush became bigger.
"Did I say that out loud?",Ashley asked.Stacey and Britney rolled their eyes.
"Kinda.",he said.
"I'm sorry.I sometimes say things out of nowhere.",Ashley apologized
"It's okay.So,can I get your names?",he asked.
"I'm Stacey.",she said holding out her hand.He shook her hand and looked at Britney.
"Britney.",she said smiling widely as she shook his hand.
"And you?",he asked as he turned his attention to Ashley.
"Umm,I'm Ashley.",she said holding out her hand.He shook it firmly,making her blush ever more.
"Well,I'm Ian.",he said.
"Wow,what a cool name.",Stacey said.Yet,as they spoke together,Ashley could only stare at the angel before her.
Everything about him made her like him a lot.His smile,his eyes,his cool hair,his visible muscles.All was of an angel.
Ashley turned quickly to see a man walking up towards her.Her MAYBE soon to be step father.
"Oh,hi,John.",she said.Stacey and Britney were now looking as well,along with Ian.
"So,who is this boy?",John asked.
Ashley had to admit,he was real nice and all,but Ashley just did not like him.
"A new boy moving in across the street.",Ashley said.
"Well,hi,I'm Ashley's father.",he said holding his hand out to Ian.Ian shook his hand,but looked at Ashley.
"Maybe oon to be step-father.",Ashley corrected as fast as she could.
"Ok,well,what Ashley said.",John said.
"Hi.I'm Ian.",Ian introduced himself.
"Nice to meet you.Ashley,would you mind-"
But Ashley cut him off,wearing a big smile.
"Sorry,John,but I was going to head back to the park to read.So,I'll be home before dinner.",Ashley said and picked up her book from the porch and waved bye to her friends and John.
"Nice meeting you.Bye.",Ashley said waving to Ian,and ran off as fast as she could.
Nice going,Ashley.Nice going.

Ashley was back home and had finished eating dinner with her mom and John,and was upstairs reading her book on her bed.
"Umm,hi?",a deep voice said.Ashley looked up to see ohn standing at the doorway.
"Hi.",she said with a small smile.
"So,your mother and I have been talking.You shouldknow,we'll be getting married soon.",he announced witha big smile.
"What?",Ashley said,no longer smiling.
"Yep!The wedding will be in one month!",he laughed.
"O-oh.So...great.",Ashley said,trying her best to smile.John sighed.
"Don't worry.I will be the best father you've ever had.",he said.
"Step-father.",she corrected.His smile almost faded-almost.
"Yep,step-father.",he murmured.Ashley saw his kinda hurt expression,and quickly stood up and waled to him.
"John,that's so great! can't wait to have you in the family.",she said.
"Oh,that's great to hear.",he said hugging her.She hugged him back slowly.
It isn't technically a lie,so it's okay.
Ashley pulled away giving him a thumbs up.He gave i back and waved bye and said good night leaving the room.
Ashley stopped smiling and went back to her bed laying down.
"How great.",she muttered again.
But then,Ian had come to her mind.She blushed just thinking of him.
She sighed and rolled over hugging ehr big,favorite teddy bear.
"I may have made a total fool of myself,but he sure was real nice...and super cute!",Ashley squealed rolling over back and forth.

Ian sat on his bed watching television boredly.
Suddenly,she came to his mind and a smile broke out on his face.
"She sure was real funny...and pretty.",he murmured.He sighed and layed back on his bed,bot being able to stop smiling.
"Ashley.",he whispered.
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