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Chap 1

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Ashley sat on her porch reading her huge,vampire book.She wore her hair in a ponytail and put some jeans,converse,and a pink tank top on.

Ian stretched as he walked downstairs.
He was 16 and had already graduated from high school,now working for college money.
He wore some baggy short with a black short sleeved shirt and some sneakers.
"Ian,do me a favor and take out the trash.",his mom called from up stairs.Ian sighed and grabbed the trash tying it up and walking to the door.Yet,he opened it to see Ashley sitting down,playing with her hair,and reading a big book on her porch stairs.
He couldn't help but smile a bit.He came out quietly and closed the door,then walking to the trash bins and thowing the trash bag in as quietly and fast as he could.
She had not noticed him.
"Hmm.",he murmured,and started walking up to her.

Ashley sighed and flipped the page,when suddenly a shadow cast over her.
She looked up,and jumped yelping when Ian stood there.
"Sorry,scare you?",he asked.She blushed and stood up closing her book with a nervous smile.
"No,it's okay.I'm always jumpy and clumsy.",she said waving her hand at him nervously.
"So,what you reading?",he asked looking at the book.
"Just some vamp book.",she said.
"So,you're actually into that stuff.",he said grabbing the book.
"Oh,you're not?",she said.
"No.You just don't look like the kind of girl to be reading such novels.",he said,emphasis on the hot part a she read the back of the book.
She laughed nervusly and scratched her head,blushing.He handed her the book,and she set it down again.
"So,what brings you over here?",she asked.
"Had to take out the trash.Then I saw you.",he said with a smile.
There it was,the smile that made her want to kiss him so badly.
"Oh,well,hi,then,I guess.",she mumbled.
"Hey.So,don't you have any brothers or sisters?",he asked.
"Well,I have a baby brother.My sister is already grow with her own kids and all.",she said shrugging.
"I have a little sister and a little brother.",he said.
"Right,I almost forgot,you wanted to ask my mom about baby-sitting.",she said.He nodded.
"Right.So,she here?",Ian asked.
" about I do it?",Ashley asked.
"Really?",he asked.
"Yeah.I mean,I have nothing else to do,but walk in the neighborhood and read books.Baby-sitting might be a change for a while.",she said.
"Cool.So,do you think you can baby-sit them tomorrow?",he asked.
"Yeah,sure.",she said.
"Wait,don't you have school?",he asked,remembering the detail.
"Yeah,no,I already graduated.",she said.
"How old are you anyways?",he asked.
"15,turning 16 next month.Don't ask,I'm just really smart.",she said.He smiled at the fact and nodded.
"Cool.",he said.
"So,how old are you?",she asked.
"I just turned 16.",he said.
"Aw,I feel real small.",she said.
"You won't be soon.",he said.
"So,you already graduated?",she asked.
"Yep,I am also smart.But,I guess not as smart as you.",he said,giving her a small chuckle.She blushed and nodded.
"So,you working to...",she trailed off.
"I guess I get bored too.I'm not working yet,though.I'm still trying to find a job.I'm gonna go searc tomorrow.",he said.
"Oh,cool.",she said.
"Ashley!",her mom called form inside.Ashley turned,to see her mom coming out.
"Yeah,mom?",Ashley asked.
"Come on,we're gonna go search for a bridesmaid dress.",her mom said,then coming back inside.Ashley sighed and turned back to Ian.
"Bridesmaid dress?",Ian asked.
"Yeah,John's gonna marry my mom next month.",Ashley said.
"Oh,so you'll have a new step-father.",he said.She nodded.
"Guess so.",she said,trying hard to smile.
"You don't seem too happy about that fact.",he said.
"No,I'm real happy.I'll finally have a step-dad to call step-daddy.",she said nervously.
"You don't want him to marry your mom.",he stated,more than questioned.She looked up at him,no longer being able to smile.
He looked so very real to her,as if he actually understood what she was trying to get through.
"Umm...I have to go now.",Ashley said looking away,a blush on her face from how he was staring at her intensely.
"Oh,well,bye then.Ashley.",he said.He turned and walked off,Ashley staring at his back as he walked away from her.
"Bye...Ian.",she whispered sadly.She grabbed her book and turned walking into her home slowly.

Ashley sighed as she looked at the dresses int he mall.
"This one is cute.",her mom said holding up a pink dress.Ashley smiled and nodded.
"Yeah,real cool.",she said.
"We need a bridesmaid dress,and a dress for the after party.Plus,it wouldn't be bad to get a couple summer clothing and dresses for the coming summer.",her mom said looking through dressed.Ashley nodded and walked off to another section of dresses.
She really couldn't believe it.
She was going to have a step-father.
An actual...father.
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