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Chap 2

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Ashley woke up with the cry of her mom.
"Ashley,come downstairs.There's a young man here for you.",her mom said.Ashley sat up rubbing her eyes.
"Who could it b-Ian!",she said,her eyes going wide as she got off the bed and ran to the door.
"I'll be right downstairs!",Ashley called and closed the door,running to the bathroom and throwing off all the clothes.She took a quick shower and washed her moituh quickly.
She put on some skinny jeans with black elbow-high shirt and some black converse,leaving her hair down and then putting on some lipgloss.
She ran downstairs and took a deep breath.
"Hi!",she said as she walked into the living room.Yet not to see Ian,but her ex-boyfriend,Rick.
Sure,he was an absolute hottie and a great football player with a great scholarship,but he was a jerk and only cared for making Ashley lose her virginity.That's why she ahd broken up with him.
Rick looked up with his brown eyes,and a smile escaped from his face.
"Hey,Ash!",he said.
"Just call me Ashley,please.",she said.He laughed,to her annoyance.
"Nah,I think I'm okay with calling you Ash.",he said.
"Well,I'm not.So call me Ashley.",she said,more firmly this time.He sighed and stood up.
"Well,I guess I'll leave you children alone.",her mother said,apparently not noticing the tension between the two.
"No,it's okay.I think I'd like to talk to Ashley outside for a couple of minutes,Miss.",Rick said.
"Okay then.",Ashley's mom said,standing up.She waved to him as he walked to the door.Ashley hesitated,but followed him.

Ian sat on his couch boredly.His dad went for work,his mom took the day off and took the little brother and sister for some clothes shopping.Ian stayed home.
He stood up taking off the television,walking to the kitchen,when he noticed people on the other side of the street.
Ashley stood there,talking with some guy.A guy that Ian was not liking at all.

"What is it you want?",Ashley asked,as she stepped out onto the lawn.
"You back.Come on,Ash,w-I mean,Ashley.We were great together.",he said.
"No,we weren't.There was nothing great about us being together.Sure,I liked you once,but that's over.We're over.",Ashley said.
"Ashley,what's your deal?Right before I broke up with you,you were pactically begging for me not to do that.",Rick said,crossing his arm.
"Yeah,thanks for reminding me of the stupid things I did.",Ashley said.She sighed and turned away from him."Look,you are a smart guy and a great football player,but you are most definitely not a good gentleman.All you cared about was getting me in bed and then walking school proudly to show off yet another virginity taken away by THE Rick.And there was no way in my life that I would ever be one of the girls to fall easily into your,and other guy out there like that,trap.",Ashley said,turning back to him.
"All I heard was a girl complaining about me not giving her enough.",Rick said,with a smirk.
"Rick,you stupid perv!Ugh!Look,point is that I DO NOT want you back,AT ALL.You're selfish,a jerk,a total player,and you are the most rudest guy I've ever met in my life.Get over it!",she yelled,her arms crossed.
"You know what,maybe all of those things are true.And as a matter of fact,I'll be the jerk you hate so much.No point in trying to get you back.",he saidmthen approaching her.Ashley's eyes narrowed,and she took steps back,noticing the angry glint in his eyes.

Ian watched with narrowed eyes,as Ashley vented of on the guy.He could hear the slightest of words she said,but she was too far away.
It was then that he noticed the guy's smirk had widened a bit,as he said something and walked towards her.
Ashley had started to back away,her eyes narrowed.
"What is...",Ian started,but his eyes widened as he saw the guy grab Ashley by the arm and pull her towards him,as she began to struggle against his hold.
"Damn!",Ian muttered as he ran to the front door and toward the lawn,and very fast.
"Let go of her!",he yelled making them both look his way.

"No!Let go!",Ashley yelled,as she tried to break free from his awful hold.She knew there would be a bruise,for Rick was very strong.She had seen him in fights with out football players,or other guys that got pissed off by Rick's acting and talking.
"Let go of her!"
Ashley's eyes widened of the voice and looked over to see Ian,yet he grabbed Rick and pulled him from Ashley,then punching him and making him fall towards the floor.
"Ian!",Ashley gasped.Ian turned to her quickly.
"Are you okay?",he asked.
"Y-yeah.",she said,the blush creeping on her cheeks.
Then it was as if they were the only two there,surrounded by the scenery of a beautiful park.Ashley swore she could hear fireworks go off.
But,she thought for a moment.Wasn't this kind of thing supposed to happen when you had your first kiss,or better,kissed your true love.
Suddenly,Ian was pulled from the daydream,and punched making him stumble backwards,but luckily didn't fall.
"Who do you think you are?!",Rick yelled walking towards Ian.
Ashley got scared.She could see the Ian was very muscular,and hot for the matter,but Rick was a very built guy from play football.
"No!",Ashley yelled jumping on Rick's back before he could get any closer to Ian.
"Ashley!",Ian yelled.
"Ashlet,get off me!",Rick yelled.
"No!First say you'll get out of here and leave Ian alone!",Ashley yelled.Rick stopped struggling against ashley's hold on him.
"Wait,so is that why you won't get back together with me?",Rick asked.
"N-no!",Ashley said,her face going red.
Gosh!How could I blush in this situation?!,she thought.Suddenly,Rick had chuckle.d
"Fine,then I'm going to end him.",Rick said.
"No!",Ashley said tightening her hold.He suddenly grabbe dher wrists,squeezing them hard and making her wince.Her hold had loosened,and Rick took the chance and let her fall to the ground,as he had lightly pushed her to the ground.She recovered quickly and ran towards him.
"Ashley!I have him!",Ian said,apparently noticing how she was getting hurt.
"No!Stop!",Ashley yelled at Rick.Suddenly,Rick turned and slapped her,making her fall to the ground.
"Ashley!",Ian yelled,wide-eyed as he had heard the 'THWACK' sound of it,and she fell to the floor grasping her face.
It must've been more of a punch.
Ian narrowe dhis eyes angrily and ran to Rick,grabbing him by the Collar,and then punching him repeatedly.
Rick was caught by surprise,but had quickly stopped Ian's punching,and kneed him in the gut.
But,that hadn't stopped Ian.Ian quickly revovered from it and punched Rick in the gut,then kneeing him a couple times,and making him fall to the floor.
"You're dead.",Rick groaned.Ian grabbed him by the collar and pulled Rick up,punching him over and over again.
Ian was angry then ever.He had hurt Ashley.So he was going to get what he deserved.
Soon,Rick lay there,blood and motuh bleeding,his lip busted,his eyes busted,and some of his forehead swollen.
Ian stood up,and quickly ran to Ashley.
"Hey,are you okay?",he asked her.She sniffed and nodded,as she rubbed her cheek.He grabbed her hand,which made her gasp,and he checked her face.
It was red,where he had slapped her,but it wasn't the only thing red.
"Are you blushing?",he asked.
"No,it's just a bit hot outside.",she quickly made up looking down.He chuckled,making her look up and blush a bit more.
His smile that she loved,the chuckle that he made.All of him was so beautiful.
"Here,come to my house quick.I don't think you're mom would like to see you like that.",Ian said.Ashley nodded and stood up with him,as he guided her to his house.He looked at rick and told her to wait for a moment,then walking up to Rick.
"You have five minute to get off this lawn and get away from here.If I ever see you anywhere near her ever again,you'll be sorry.",Ian said,and then walked back to Ashley.

Ashley sat on his couch looking around,as he had gone to get the First Aid Kit.The house was well decorated,a couple of boxes here and there.
"Alright,here I am.",he said and sat beside her quickly,then laying the kit beside him and taking out some bandages.
She had a little blood on her cheek.Unfortunately,Rick had used all of his force when he slapped,or punched,her.
Ian wiped it away with some alcohol,feeling the outline of where his fingers had touched.
"Does it sting?",Ian murmured.
"Yes.A lot.",Ashley said.Ian gave her a small smile.
"At least you're honest.",Ian said.Ashley returned the small smile and nodded.
"Well,it's not like I'm going to lie just to stay longer with you.",she said.He stared at her for a moment.Her eyes widened."No!It's not that i don't like you.I do like you.But Like a friend kind of like.Not the boyfriend and girlfriend kind if like.I mean,it's not like I like you at all.I mean,I like you.But i don't like you.I mean-",but she was cut off by his laughter.
"Are you nervous or something?",he asked.
"What?Me?Nervou?Psh!No!I'm just kind of...normal?",she said,giving him a questioning look.
"You're kinda cute when you do that whole nervous babble.Makes you seem like a little girl.",he said softly.Her face got red as he said it.
"C-cute?",she asked.
"Yeah.Cute.",he said.
"You think I'm cute?",she whispered,her blush increasing by the second.
"Yes.Very cute.",he said with a chuckle.
"There's no way you just said that...I mean!Umm,thanskf or the compliment!",she said quickly recovering from her 'awe' at him.
"You sure get nervous a lot.",he said.
"Well,hehe,you're not really making it any easier.",she murmured.
"Not easier?",he asked.She looked at him and bit her lip,her blush coming back as they stared into eachother's eyes.It was so intense for her,she swore she could hear firewroks again.
"Well,the nervous you get...the cuter you are.",he whispered.She had stayed silent this time.
Ian seemed to not control himelf,as he had started to lean forward.
Ashley let her eyes close unconsciously as he neared her lips with his...

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