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Battle Of The Bands

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Author's Note: Here is another story with a band I made up called The Open Wound and Linkin Park!!! Hope ya enjoy it!!!


I rolled my eyes, turning my iPod to the loudest volume. Bring Me To The Horizon played loudly. These guys are being such a pussy. They are already nervous about the battle of the band. They are a bunch of immature people. Here's the story, I'm Jade Levine, and I'm the lead guitarist of the band, The Open Wound which my older brother and I formed. His other two friends and us made up the band. I like being in a band and playing music, I just don't like the people in the band. We are headed to the Battle Of The Bands competition and I'm sure I'll kick the other people's asses.

"Yo Jade!!! How many times do I have to yell!!!" I opened my eyes to see my brother, Brandan all up in my face. "What the hell do you want fucktard?" I asked, annoyed. "How can you not be nervous?" he asked. "I'm not a wuss like you idiots, I'm actually the only sane person in here" I rolled my eyes. "Jade, can you say something nice for once in your life?" our drummer, Jacob asked. "Shut the fuck up you douchbag, your lucky you can play the drums, I would have kicked you out the band long ago" I yelled.

"Brandan, why is your sister like that? Did your parents drop her head when she was born?" the bassist, Robert turned away from the road and looked at my brother. Brandan and Jake chuckled. "Haha, that's so funny, you guys are immature and your older than me" I snapped. "Jade, calm down" Robbie said, turning his attention back to the road. "Robbie, if you keep getting on my nerve, I will jump at you and kill you, understand?" I shouted.

Then none of them said a word. Smirking, I turned the volume of Bring Me The Horizon loud again. I didn't care if the guys were talking to or about me. I'm tired of listening to their voices. Then Robbie pulled up at the venue. We got out of the car and unloaded our equipment. I took my guitar and headed inside the venue. A security guard stopped us from entering. We showed our VIP pass and he let us in. Stupid security guard. Nobody's gonna break in this place.

We sat down backstage and watched the announcer talk some shitty jokes which wasn't funny at all. He was saying some unimportant things which no one cared about. I rolled my eyes and ignored my surroundings. Then the first band came up to perform. I smirked to myself. They suck. We can totally kick their ass. Then more bands came up and I laughed even harder at how unprofessional they were. "They're good" Jacob muttered. I rolled my eyes. "They suck"


Me and Mike decided to come and check it out. The Battle of the Bands competition. I guess we were looking for some openers for our tour. I hope the rock bands of Arizona can grab our interest and attention. The judges said we can also help choose the winners of the competitions. We took seats next to the judges as we realized we arrived late. "Sorry" I whispered to one of them. "It's fine we got this" the judge said. "Mike sit down" I whispered loudly as he stood there.

He did what he was told and sat down beside me. Then the current band finished they're song. They were pretty good. I hope we can see better though. "Okay ladies and gentlemen, that was Soul In Place, next up it's a band from the native of Arizona, The Open Wound!" the host announced. Then I saw a guy with spiky jet black hair take the microphone stand. A blonde guy hopped onto the drumset. A red head guy put his bass around him and took the right side of the stage.

What got my attention was the female. She had jet black hair and a few blue highlight in it. She had the same green eyes as the lead singer. I wonder if they are related. The girl put her guitar around her and started to play the riff for the song. I found myself staring at her throughout the whole song. "This band is awesome" I heard Mike say. I took my attention off of the girl and listened to the music. The music was pretty good also. The guy can really scream. The girl seems professional, not just because she was hot.

Then the song finished. We clapped as they got off the stage. The next band came up. The lead singer was a female. The drummer was also a female. The bassist and guitarists were all guys. The band was good but not as great as the Open Wound. I think I took interest in the band. Or the girl.


I took a sip from my water bottle. I didn't feel that nervous anymore. Maybe I will be when it's time to announce the winner. "Good job guys" I gave the guys fistbumps and highfives. Jade ignored us as usual. She wasn't really a people person. But let her be. We all learned to never mess with her or she'll fuck us up. The current band performing was a girl band from the sound of the lead singer's voice. I looked onstage and yet I was right. The girl was hot.

Then the band finished and went backstage. "Good job" I said to them, or to the girl. "Thanks" she smiled at me. My heart melted that second. "I'm Brandan" I took my hand out. "I'm Stephanie" she shook my hand. "Steph, stop flirting" her female band member said as she pass by us. "Shut up Lena, I'll murder you" she shouted. I chuckled. "Your band was good too" Stephanie said. "Thanks" I smiled. "Brandan, where the hell is my pick?" I didn't even need to turn around to know it's Jade.

"I don't know" I shrugged. "Yes you do, you took it from me this morning" Jade said. "And she's your band member?" Steph asked. "She my sister also" I muttered. "That's nice" she said brightly. "Jade, is this your pick?" Robbie appeared behind her. Jade looked at him angrilly and snatched the pick from him swearing at him loudly and continuously as they both disapeared. "She seems like she's in a bad mood" Stephanie said. "She's always like that" I explained.

"Wanna grab some coffee after this?" I asked her. She grinned and nodded. "That's fine"


I swore at Robert as loud as I can. He stole my pick. He think it's funny, but that's sadly immature. "Calm down Jade, I was kidding" he put his hand on my shoulders. I rolled my eyes and walked away into a room. I didn't know where it was, all I see is darkness. I sat down on the floor, calming down. No one is going to bother me here. Then what seems like an hour later, Brandan yelled for me to get backstage. I rolled my eyes and followed him to where the others are.

"It's time for them to announce the winners" he explained. I just nodded. "Okay, for third place, the winner is... Soul In Place!" the host shouted. The crowd cheered as the guys of Soul In Place ran out to accpet the trophy and prize money. I rolled my eyes. I hate those V-Neck gay freaks. "Second place goes to... Reverse Your Words!!" he shouted. My brother cheered as he hugged the skank I saw him with before. The skank and her band members ran out to retrieve their trophy and money.

"And as we've been waiting for... the winner of this is....... The Open Wound!" the guys cheered and hugged each other as I rolled my eyes and headed to the stage. I took the trophy without a word and Jacob took the envolope of money and stood on stage next to me. The other guys stood next to us. The host went to the third place band. The gay freak began talking, I didn't listen. Then the second place, they handed the mic to the skank, who must be the lead singer. "Thanks to my family, my friends and my band members who supported us. I also wanted to say congrats to The Open Wound for winning they deserved it"

Yeah we deserved it. Obviously everyone sucked. Then they gave the mic to my brother. "Thanks to Robbie, Jade, and Jacob. They are the most amazing band members ever. I'd like to thank my mom, my dad, my cat Cleo. My aunt and uncle. And my bratty cousins. My friends and everyone who supported us" then the crowd cheered and clapped. Everyone left besides the winning bands and the crew. The four of us sat down and the guys chatted happily.

"Excuse me" I heard a males voice. I turned around to see a very familar face. I knew who he was. I see him on MTV and TRL and Fuse. I knew he was the guy from Linkin Park. I didn't really like them that much so whatever. "What?" I tried to not roll my eyes but I did. He snickered when he saw my face expression. "You are the Open Wound?" he asked us. I nodded. The guys stopped their conversation and looked at us. Their jaw dropped when they saw him. "Wait, aren't you..." Brandan started. "Chester Bennington from Linkin Park?" Jacob finished. He nodded.

"Congrats on winning the competition" he said. "Yeah yeah whatever, no surprise there" I said. He chuckled as the guys rolled their eyes. "Be nice" my brother whispered. I ignored him. "And I picked you guys to win because I really like you guys, and yo miss, your guitar abilities are great" he turned to me and smiled. I ignored him and nodded. "I want you guys to open for us on our tour" he announced. The guys cheered as I sat there, shocked.

"Thank you so much" my brother said happily. He's gay. "Little gay nerd" I muttered as I walked away. As I got closer to the door I hear footsteps behind me. "Hey wait" I turned around and Chester stood there. "What?" I asked, annoyed. "Wanna go grab some coffee?" he asked. "No not really" with that, I walked out of the venue and into Robbie's van. I sat in the backseat and fell asleep to my music.


"Haha, rejected!" Mike shouted from behind me. I rolled my eyes. "Fuck you Mike" I muttered and walked back to the guys of other bands. I did feel rejected. I thought she would like me also, since I'm Chester Bennington, the lead singer of the one and only Linkin Park. I guess this girl had a different thought. We walked over to the other band."You guys Reverse Your Words right?" I asked. They nodded. They also looked shocked to see us. "I would like your band to open for Linkin Park" I said to them. They cheered and hugged each other.

Then the jet black haired guy came over to us. "Brandan, we're touring with them!" the female lead singer cheered as she hugged him. "Then we're all touring together!" the guy, Brandan said excitedly. "But I can't find my sister" he said. "Jade, are you here!!" I heard the other band members come towards us. "Um.. she she's the girl before?" I asked. "Oh, is she the girl that rejected Chester?" Mike added. I elbowed him. At least now I know the name of the chick.

"Then I know she left" I said. "Thank you" Brandan thanked me. "Wait, Jade rejected you?" the blonde guy asked. "Well...." I didn't want to say anything. This is one of the first in a lifetime that I got rejected. "Shut up Jacob" Brandan punched the guy's arms with him letting a 'ow'. "Anyways Chester, I'm sorry about Jade, she's always like this that's her. That's also why she never got a boyfriend" Brandan explained to me. I nodded. Maybe this girl is going to be hard to get but I will try. I will be seeing her for the next few months right? I'll give myself that time to get her.

I think I also like her personality. Even though she's kinda cold but I think it'll be fun. "Brandan, let's go get coffee" the lead singer of Reverse Your Words said. Brandan nodded and they left. The red head guy turned to me, "I'm Robbie" he shook my hand. Now I know everyone from The Open Wound.
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