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I opened my eyes to realize that I've been falling asleep. I remembered me walking into this van alone. I looked around and saw that the guys are having a conversation while Robbie drove somewhere. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Home to get our songs together and get ready to pack" Robbie said. "Oh shit, do we still have to tour with Linkin Park?" I asked. "Come on, this is an amazing chance for us to make it big" Brandan said happily. I rolled my eyes.

"Who else is touring?" I asked. "Oh, we are touring with Reverse Your Words and Flyleaf" he added. "At least I won't be the only chick on this stupid tour now that I know a kickass band will be there" I said. I liked Flyleaf. I listened to them right from the beginning before they made it big. "Theres two ladies in Reverse Your Words" Jacob said. "Oh, don't tell me it's the bitch band that got in second place" I said, groaning. I didn't like the bitch who sang for the band. "Hey it's not a bitch band, they are great" my brother said defensively.

"You mean the lead singer is great, ehh Bran is in love" Robbie and Jacob sang. "Shut up asshole, I'm gonna kill you" he threatened at them. Robbie pulled over at our house. I sighed, got out of the car, grabbed my equipment and headed inside the house. I went upstairs to our room. 28 and still living with these immature human beings. My cellphone rang. I picked up. "Hi, what do you want?" I asked. "Hey it's me uh, Chester from Linkin Park" he said. I sighed loudly, "How the hell did you get this number?"

"Your brother told me" he simply said. "I'm gonna kill him bye" I hung up. Two seconds later, my cell rang again. I yelled in frustration and threw my phone across the room. There was a knock on my door. "Jade, you alright there?" my brother asked. "Go to hell Brandan, you had to tell that douchbag my phone number" I yelled. "He wanted it so I gave him" he said. "Go away or I will kick your ass" I threatened. I hear footsteps so I guess he left.


We were going on tour with Linkin Park and two new bands that he discovered in Arizona. I heard that one of them was from Arizona and the other was from Washington. Chester told me that there were female members in those bands so I was excited that I wasn't the only chick on tour. I was excited and pumped. My house was the last stop for the tour bus so when I loaded my things into the bus, all the guys were already there. "Lacey" the guys greeted.

"Let's go on tour!" I shouted, excited. "You seem excited" Pat said. "Hell yeah I am!" I said. I went to sit on my bunk as the bus began to drive to Arizona. That is where we will meet all the others. I cannot wait. "Let's play rockband!" James shouted. "Yeah I'll totally kick your ass playing the guitar" Sameer said. I smiled and fell into sleep as the sound of the guys faded. I hear whispering and movements on the bunks so I realized they must have fallen asleep also.

The next day we arrived at Arizona and I was excited. The bus stopped next to the three other busses. We got off the bus as we were greeted by Chester and Phoenix. "Hey guys" I hugged each one of them. "How are you guys?" Chester asked. "We're great" Pat said. "You ready to see the other bands?" Phoenix asked. We nodded. We were led into a bus. "Hey guys, oh my god, Flyleaf! I love Flyleaf" a blonde haired chick said when they saw us. "Thanks" I smiled.

"Guys this is the lead singer of Reverse Your Words, her names Stephanie" Chester introduced. "Nice to meet you, I'm Lacey" I shook her hand as she looked at me in shock. "We'll be touring together so you have to get used to us" I said. She just nodded. She run a hand over her pink streaked blonde hair and slapped herself as if she didn't believe she was meeting us. "Let's meet the rest of your band" Sameer said. We followed Stephanie to the back of the bus where four other people were. There was one more female member in the band. She had brown hair. Her hair was long with bangs up to her eyes.

"Hey guys" she came up to us and shook our hands. "I'm Lena" she said. "Hey" I smiled. "I'm Toby" one of the guys said. Then we chatted with the band for a while before we went to meet the other band. We went into the tour bus and saw two guys playing video games. "Guys, this is the other band we're touring with, Flyleaf" Chester said to the guys. They both turned around revealing a guy with jet black hair (and heavy makeup) and a guy with red hair.

"Oh Flyleaf, my sister is going to be so starstruck when she sees you guys" the black haired dude said. "Oh really?" the red head rolled his eyes. "I'm Brandan" the jet black haired guy shook my hand. "Lacey" I shook theirs. "I'm Robbie" he shook Pat's hand. Chester led us to the back. Revealing a gothic looking girl whose personality might have matched her appearance. She had jet black hair just like the other guy. She was wearing a black long sleeved shirt with skulls, black skinny jeans with studded belt and chains clipped around her legs. Her eyes were open but she didn't care much about our presence.

I could hear music coming from her headphones. Chester walked over to her. "Hey" he waved. She rolled her eyes with Chester letting out a chuckle. "This is Flyleaf" he introduced. She nodded and took the headphones off. She walked over to us with a forced smile. I guess she didn't like us much. "Hi I'm Lacey" I introduced, almost afraid of her. "I'm Jade, I like your music" she said. "Oh um... thanks?" I didn't know what to say.

"It's fine" she nodded without smiling and walked back to the couch and slid her headphones back on. We walked back to the front. "I guess she doesn't like us" James said as if he read my mind. "Oh my sister? I'm sorry she is always like this" the guy, Brandan apologized. "Really?" I asked, now curious about this character. "Yeah and she loves you guys, like she isn't going to be squealing when they see you guys but she listens to your music a lot"


"Lena, shut the fuck up" I shouted. "Stephanie and Brandan sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g!" she continued. I rolled my eyes and tackled her to the sofa. "Damn you Hanson!" she yelled. I giggled. "You know you like him" she said. I got off of her and sighed. "Admit it come on" I guess she isn't going to let this subject go. "What makes you think that?" I challanged her. "First you guys went out for coffee and the endless flirting. You call each other so often". "But we are just friends"

"That's what you say now" she winked at me before she went to the front of the bus. I'm happy that our dreams are finally coming true. This is what we always wanted since we formed our band. I decided to go to The Open Wound's bus. I walked in, seeing Lacey and the guys walk out on the way. I waved at them before I walked into the bus. "Hey guys" I greeted. "Hey Steph" Brandan walked over to me. "How are you guys doing?" I asked. "Um.. good, you?"

"Starstruck" I said. "Flyleaf fan?" he asked. I nodded. "You guys have Guitar hero on your tour bus?" I asked. "Yeah" I hear Jacob say. "We have rock band" I said. "Too bad, guitar hero is better" Robbie shouted. "No Rockband is better, a full band can play not just the guitar player" I said. "Yeah she's got a good point" Brandan added. "Of course she does" Jacob said before walking to the back of the bus. "I'm gonna talk to your sister" I said to Brandan. "Good luck with that"

I ignored his comment and walked to the back to find Jade sitting in the corner with headphones on so loud, I could hear she's listening to Tears Don't Fall by Bullet For My Valentine. I sat down next to her. She still ignored my presence. "Hi" I said. She just nodded. "Are you excited for this tour?" I asked. "Yeah sure" she rolled her eyes. "Anyways, do you like going on tour?" I asked again. "Yeah but not with these losers" she said. "What losers?" I asked.

"My brother, those assholes, that lead singer of Linkin Park who tries to flirt with me, thinking he's a hotshot" she said. "So you don't like Chester?" I asked. "Lady, can you stop asking me questions? If you have a point, go to it then leave" she said to me rudely. "Oh sorry for disturbing you, I'll leave now" I got up to leave and she just nodded. Why was she so cold? What made her like this?


"Damn, I forgot my pick, I left it in my jean pocket, now its in the laundry" Mike complained. "Put a sock in it Shinoda" I rolled my eyes. "Your just mad that the emo girl didn't talk to you" he said. I swear, I'm bout to kill this guy. "She doesn't talk to anyone" I said in my defense. "What emo girl?" Rob asked as he sat down on the couch next to Mike. "This girl from The Open Wound he's been hitting on" Mike said. "Aye... Chester's in love" he gave Mike a high five. I rolled my eyes.

We are finally at our first stop. Our equipments were loaded out of the bus and we got out the bus with security guards around us. I can see the fans screaming and cheering. We have to play a good show for them. I didn't want to disapoint them. I never wanted to disapoint the fans. Somehow the fans come first. They are the reason why we are here today. We walked backstage and everyone was already there. "Hey guys" Brandan waved. "Hello"

I saw Jade sit in the corner with her iPod to the highest volume. I swear, I can never see this girl without her iPod. I took a seat next to her. She still didn't notice me. "Hey" I said. She turned to face me. "What do you want?" she asked. "I just wanted to wish you good luck on your first night" I said. "Is that all?" she asked. "Um... I think so" I nodded. "Okay" she turned back to her iPod and wrapped her hands around her legs. She burried her faces in it.

I sighed and got up. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to know her. But how? "Dude, this is never going to work" I muttered to myself. "I'm sorry, wish I can help" her brother, Brandan said. "It's fine" I muttered. "How can she ignore Chester Bennington of Linkin Park" Robbie asked. "I don't know, she's stupid" Jacob said. "Jake, if she hears you, she'll eat you alive" Brandan said. Robbie and Stephanie laughed while Jacob rolled his eyes.

"The Open Wound, your up" the crew said. The guys got up. I walked over to Jade and taped her arms. She looked at me and I pointed to the stage. She turned off her iPod and took her equipment and left for the stage. They played three songs before they left the stage. "Good job guys" Stephanie got up and gave them all high fives. "Good job Jade" I said to her. She just nodded and walked back to her corner. "Flyleaf's up next" the crew shouted. "Okay we're coming" Lacey shouted as she ran onstage.

I walked next to Jade and tried to make conversations with her to which she ignored. "Hey, can you just leave me alone before I kill you?" she asked, trying too hard to sound polite. I could still hear the coldness of her voice. "Okay I'm sorry" I got up and sat next to Lena and Mike. "Trying too hard Chester" Mike said. "Mike, I can't even strike a conversation with her" I sighed. "I'm sorry, this girl is strange, I can't give you any advice" he said.

"Yeah we've all tried talking to her, she ignores us then tells us to leave" Lena said. "I just well... I want to know her" I said. "We know, you're making it so damn obvious" Mike added. "Reverse Your Words, you guys are up" the backstage crew said. "See ya" Lena got up as did the rest of the band. They went onstage. "What happened while we were gone?" Lacey asked as she took a seat next to me. "He got rejected by Jade again" Mike pointed out. I punched his shoulders.

"Dude, Jade is the last person anyone would hit on" Lacey said. "I know" Mike agreed. "Guys please, get her to talk to me, Lacey your a girl, make her talk to me" I begged. "Chester, I'll try but I can't promise anything" Lacey shrugged. "She likes Flyleaf doesn't she?" Mike asked. "Yeah... she actually said something possitive to someone for the first time in her life" Brandan appeared behind us. "So Chester, you want my sister to talk to you"

I nodded. "We'll try, we will all love to see my sister fall in love again"
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