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The Steps I Take

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I walked into the bathroom on the tourbus. I needed a shower bad. Today's show was okay. I mean I did good. The fans seems to like it too so whatever. My dreams seem to be turning into reality. Thats all that matters. The people in the band didn't. The people we tour with didn't either. The warm water soothed my skin. This is relaxing. With no fuckers interupting you every two seconds. I managed to stay in the shower for an hour before the guys started complaining.

Rolling my eyes, I shut down the water and got out. I wrapped the towel around me and headed out of the bathroom. "You can get in now you fucking weenie!" I shouted at my brother who stood in front of the bathroom door. He ignored my comment and got in the bathroom. I changed into a plain white shirt and blue pj pants. Changing inside the bunk is so uncomftable. Whatever. This didn't seem to matter. As long as I can change into my clothes without anyone seeing my boobies.

I got out my bunk. Taking my iPod, I headed to the back of the bus. Turning Bring Me The Horizon to the loudest volume, I closed my eyes and begged for peace.


"Hey Robbie, is Brandan here?" I asked. "Hes in the shower perhaps you wanna go in there and join him?" he began laughing. "Moron" I hit the back of his head. "What do you need?" Jacob asked, getting out of his bunk. "Just wanted to ask him about that coffee he made me this morning" "Okay" "The busses are moving soon so I should get back to my bus" I said. "Yeah you should" Robbie pushed me out of the bus. "Hmm... Thanks" I said to myself sarcastically. I shook my head and walked back into my bus. "What did he say about the coffee?" Andrew asked as soon as I got on the bus.

"He was in the shower so Robert shoved me out of the bus" I said. "Hah!" "Shut up Andy" I muttered, walking to the back of the bus, seeing Lena on her laptop. "Whatcha on?" I sat next to her, looking into her laptop. She was writing a blog on our livejournal. She uploaded some of the pictures from the set today, posting it on our page. "Hows your time with Brandan?" "He was in the shower" "Ooh" I slapped her. "Aww... Your blushing" "No I'm not!" "Yes you are" she squeezed my cheeks.

"Arg you fucking whore" "I love aggrivating you" she let out a chuckle. "Ill get you back for this!" "I don't think you will"


I got out of the bathroom, fully dressed. The guys bursted out laughing the second I appeared out of the bathroom. I checked my attire to make sure I wasn't wearing one of Jade's clothing. My attire seemed pretty normal. A black shirt with baggy pants. I looked back at the guys. "Guess who just stopped by?" Jacob started teasingly. "What? The bus is moving" I peeked at the driver at the wheel. "Your lovey dovey Stephanie just stopped by to see you" Robert said. "Um... Okay?"

The guys bursted out laughing. Rolling my eyes, I walked to the back of the bus. Jade lying on the couch, sound asleep, Chelsea Smile bursting loudly from her headphones. I took a blanket from the couch and wrapped it over my younger sister. She didn't budge so I guess she's really sleeping. I took out my cellphone, dialing Steph's number. "Brandan?" "Steph, I heard from the guys you stopped by" "Yeah... I just wanted to ask about the coffee... How'd you make it?"

"Um... Stephanie?" "What Bran?" "I bought the coffee from Starbucks" I chuckled. Stephanie let out a laugh of her own, "Oh okay hah sorry" "So what are you doing now?" "On my laptop why?" "Naw just wondering" "Oh okay" "See you later I guess" I didn't know what else to say. "Yeah see you later" we hung up. As I turned to the sleeping form of Jade, I realized the music stopped. I walked over to her quietly, checking her iPod. All of the song from Bring Me The Horizon has been played. The playlist ended.

I looked through her Artists section, finding Linkin Park. I checked out the songs she has from them. She have about thirty of their songs. Laughing, I clicked on Crawling. Putting the playlist on repeat, I dropped her iPod back on the couch. I walked back to the front of the bus.


I yawned, opening my eyes. I realized it was already morning. I pulled away the curtains and realized I was the only one there. I got out my bunk and looked inside everyone else's bunk to make sure they weren't sleeping. Looking at my cellphone, I realized it was 1:38. Thats what I get for staying up all night texting Josh. I got dressed and headed down the bus. I looked around to see that everybody went somewhere else. All the doors for the busses were closed besides the Open Wound bus.

I walked in, meeting Jade who was in the back, typing away on her laptop. "Hey" she didnt look up from her laptop. Linkin Park played loudly in her ears. I walked over to her, plopping down next to her. She took off her headphones and looked over at me. "What?" "Do you know where everyone went?" I asked nervously. "How would I know?" "Sorry... I was assuming you might since your the only one around here and I just woke up" "Oh" she turned back to her laptop. "You uh... you like Linkin Park?" "What makes think that?" she rolled her eyes. I pointed to her iPod.

She shrugged. "I woke up and it was playing for no reason... I swear the fucking god I was listening to Bring Me The Horizon" she said more to herself. How can she put god's name in vain? "Um... Ill go look for the others" I could tell she doesn't want me around so leaving would be the best option.


We sat in the Diner, eating our branch. The pancakes tasted so good. Everyone was here besides Lacey and of course Jade. When Lacey walked in, we all cracked up. "What?" "Finally found us?" Pat teased. "Shut up Pat" she muttered, taking an empty seat beside me. "Hows Chester today?" "Good" I replied. "I met Jade this morning" she said. "Um your telling me this because?" "I don't know but she was listening to Linkin Park..." "Really? I thought she hated us" "She listens to our band also and she hates me" Lacey shrugged.

"Who we talking about?" Lena seemed interested. "Nothing" Lacey quickly said with a smile on her face. "Tell me" Lena whined. I shook my head. "Pwese?" she gave me a puppydog face. "Shes talking about my sister" Brandan cut in. "Aww..." "Shut up Lena" I warned. "You like her!" she shouted. I took both of my hands and covered her mouth. All the heads on the table turned. I could see curiousity in their eyes. "See Lena? This is why I don't tell you anything" I muttered. "Who? Who?" Phoenix was all up on me.

I shook my head. I am not telling anyone about this. These guys here have the loudest mouth. I'm going to win her heart without these people knowing. I will win because I'm Chester Bennington and I never lose. Wow, so much for self confidence. "Tell me please" I shook my head again. "Come on Chaz... Half the world already knows" "What?" "No I mean Lena, Lacey, Brandan, Stephanie, me" Mike said. "Shut up" I mumbled. "Stop bugging poor Chester here and let's go" Rob patted my shoulders. "Hey! I'm not done eating yet!!" Lacey shouted. "Haha too bad"

"God dammit Lacey hurry up" Mike rushed. Lacey stuffed the waffles into her mouth. I laughed along with the others. She glared at us angrilly. I shrugged. When we finished, we headed to our bus. "Hey dude, you wanna come over?" Brandan offered. "Um... Sure?" "So you can see my sister" "Hah sure" I followed the guys onto their bus. I heard some noise from the back. The familar guitar riff rung in my ears. I walked to the back of the bus. Jade was facing the laptop, back to me.

She seem to be recording to her laptop. "I cannot take this anymore, saying everything I've said before. All these words they make no sense, I found bliss in ignorance" her voice wasn't the best but it wasn't half bad. But thats why she's the guitarist not the singer. Obviously this girl can play. But one of our songs? Thats beyond belief. She hates me. Well us. But she still listens to us. I felt a thrill of excitement in me. "Everything you say to me, takes me one step closer to the edge. And I'm about to break"

When she finished, pressing the stop bottom in Audacity. I clapped as soon as she hit that button. She turned around, looking a bit outraged when she saw me. "What the hell are you doing here?" she said coldly. "I-I just decided to drop by your bus then I heard the song, it was amazing" I studdered. "I know, someone played that song in my iPod all morning so I tried to play it and it obviously is amazing" "Yep" I nodded.

She turned away from me and back to her laptop. She played the song on her audacity. She fixed the sound as I watched her. She began to ignore me so I realize she didn't want me here. Maybe I should leave her before she gets irratated with me. I got up, "Uh I have to go" she ignored me once again so I walked out of the bus.
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