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I Only Wish

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"You guys were amazing tonight, thank you!!!" my brother shouted loudly into the microphone. I mentally rolled my eyes. Some faggot he is. We all retreated from the stage, handing our instruments to the roadies or tech. "Let's party!!!!!" Mike shouted as soon as we entered the launch. "Yeahh" Robbie gave him a high five.

"Not me" I said sternly. "Come on, don't be a party pooper" Brandan poked me. "Knock it off crackhead" I gritted through my teeth. "We're all going anyways no matter what happens" Chester said. "It's at a hotel" Lena told me. I shrugged. I wouldn't care less about partying. All people do is drink and rape each other on the dance floor.

We all got to our separate tour bus and got to the hotel. The hotel has a bar which everyone will be going to. All the other band members headed into our bus to assign room numbers. "Each room should have two people" the manager stated. I turned to the ladies. "Lena, you and I are rooming!" Stephanie shouted, linking arms with her friend. "Um… Robbie, you and I?" my brother suggested. Most people already chose their roommate.

"Jade, you're rooming with Chester" Robbie said, smiling. "Oh, hell no" I shook my head. "There's no one left" Brandan said. "How bout Lacey?" I turned to the pixie sized singer. "My husband is coming, I'm rooming with him" she said. "Fuck" I muttered, "Jacob?" "I'm rooming with Andrew" "Fuck you!" I yelled at him. "Why can't Chester room with Mike?" I shouted. "Mike's rooming with Phoenix" "Why?" "Jade, it won't kill you to room with Chester"

"You're my brother, you are supposed to be overprotective of me, I'm not allowed to room with a guy, come on" I've never been like this in my life. Begging my brother for something. Begging anyone for anything. "How bout Stephanie room with you and I room with Lena? Then Robbie can room with Chester?" Brandan and Steph blushed immediately.

"That's a good idea!" Lena shouted. Stephanie shot Lena a death glare. Chester stared at me in confusion. I ignored him. This guy trying to get with me. There is no way in hell I'm going to share the same room as him. "Stephanie won't share with Brandan so tough luck Jade, you and Chester and that's final" Mike spoke up. "Fuck you all then" I grabbed the room card from the manager and walked into the hotel with my stuff.

The silent ride in the elevator was comforting. It's good that these people know it's not the time to talk and annoy me. I'd beat them up if I have to. When the elevator stopped at the 8th floor, Lacey and I got off. "See you guys later, Jade, Chester's coming up soon" my brother shouted before the elevator door closed.

"I'm sorry you had to room with Chester" Lacey said to me. "Then why aren't you trying to get me out of this then?" I questioned. "My husband's coming to join us for the rest of this tour" "He plays?" "He is the guitar tech" "Joshua Sturm?" I asked. She nodded. I found my room and swiped the card. "See you later" Lacey said. "Yeah, yeah"

I dropped all my stuff next to the desk in the hotel room. I grabbed my iPod from my book bag and jumped on the bed near the window. Chester better not complain or I'll beat his ass. I turned my iPod to Atreyu. Closing my eyes, I concentrated on the music. It was about 10 minutes when the door opened and Chester came in. I rolled my eyes and pretended I was sleeping.

"I know you're awake" I opened my eyes, "so what?" I'm getting more and more annoyed at this guy. So what if I'm awake? Or pretending that I'm asleep so I don't have to see his ugly face. "Just saying" I ignored him and turned my attention back to the music. "So…" he walked closer to me, "what music do you listen to?"

"None of your business" I muttered. "Atreyu huh? Pretty rad" I decided to ignore his comment. He finally got the message that I didn't want to talk to him and sat down on his bed, concentrating on his phone. About 15 minutes later, everyone bursted into the room. I sighed in annoyance. I took off my earplugs. "What do you fuckers want?" I couldn't even believe this many people can fit in this tiny room.

"We have a party at the ballroom, they got a bar there" Jacob stated. "So? I'm not going" I said. "Party pooper!" my brother repeated. "Shut up, asshole" I muttered. "Everyone's going there to party now so suit yourself" Robbie continued. "How long do we have to stay in this hotel?" Lena asked. "For about five days, we play tomorrow night and then we can rest for four days" Mike answered. "Sweet" Stephanie sat down on the chair.

"Let's get going then" Lacey suggested. "Yeah" everyone started piling out of the room besides Stephanie, Chester and I. "Why aren't you going?" Stephanie asked me. "All these fuckers do is drink and get drunk. They do stupid shit" I said, clearly out of interest. "How bout you?" she asked Chester. "Not in for it tonight" "Oh" "Do you drink?" he asked Steph. "If coffee counts" she chuckled. "Coffee? So no alcohol?" she shook her head.

"I'm going to head out" Chester got up. "Yeah I'll be here" Steph muttered. Chester shrugged and left the hotel room. "So Jade, what's up?" she moved the chair closer to me. Not that I'd take the time to talk to her. That stupid bleached blonde, trying to go hardcore with highlights. I can say she's imitating Avril Lavigne. "Living another day with these idiots" "Idiots? Meaning your brother and Chester?"

"All of them" I sighed. "Oh, so how old are you?" "27" "Did you go to high school?" she continued. "I didn't graduate, got kicked out" "What did you do?" "Got into a fight" I shrugged. "What age did you start playing?" can this bitch stop asking me questions? This isn't an interview. "I'm going to go for a walk" I got up, deciding to ignore that question.

"Um… okay" she nodded. I put my iPod on the night stand and left the room, leaving Stephanie in there by herself. On my way out, I saw my brother. "Where's Stephanie?" he asked. "Inside" I muttered. "Where you going?" he asked. "Out for a walk" with that, I got in the elevator and went to the lobby. There's hardly anyone there. Only the receptionist at the front desk seems to be present.


I groaned. Another failed attempt at trying to talk to Jade. What is with her? She's always pushing other people away. Making people feel like they weren't worth talking to. She left me in her hotel room alone. What is up with that? The door knocked. I got up to answer it. "Who is it?" I asked. "It's me" I could recognize Brandan's voice. "What's the password?" "What?"

I giggled. "Please?" I sighed and opened the door. "My sister left you in here?" he asked. "Yeah" I nodded. He let out a groan. "So want to head out?" I asked, obviously bored of this place. "I guess" I followed him out the door. We head down to the lobby and got in the bar where everyone was. Lena was already drunk, pole dancing. The things she would do when she's drunk.

I sat down on the bar stool and took some shots of unknown alcohol. I usually don't drink so I didn't know what got me to do so. Maybe I was trying to impress Brandan with my skills. He would think I'm pathetic drinking coffee. Most guys like girls that are hardcore drinkers. I'll work on that. Did I just say I'm trying to impress Brandan? Wow.

I was feeling a bit tipsy as I walked around the bar. "Hey" a masculine voice startled me. "Hello" I slurred, turning to the guy. "Feel like ditching this place?" he asked. "Of course" I felt a pair of arms around me, dragging me away from the bar. I fell asleep in his arms while I hear the elevator. He put me down while trying to open the hotel room door.

We got in and he pushed me toward a soft surface which I assume is a bed. I felt weight on me which tells me he decided he wants to get on me. I felt arms under my shirt which tells me that he wants to take it off. I let him. He unclipped my bra. He stripped me after he undressed him self. I couldn't see clearly. I didn't know who it was. I only hoped it was the person I wish it was.
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