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Dear Diary 3/1/10

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Tsunami was going to hit Hawaii!!! Oh no!!!

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Dear Dairy,
So I found out that Kaleo was just being a jack ass. Him saying he wanted a temp. girl friend but was just only pulling my leg. What an asshole! So I'm not talking to him, he is no longer on my mind. LIES!!! Okay he is but I can't help it damn he's just so damn smexy ^^. I was finding all of this out when there was a tsunami warning early in the morning. Yes Hawaii was under tsunami watch and the best part was IT DIDN'T EVEN COME.!!! I woke up for nothing, I would have been happy just dying in my sleep that's the way I want to go. Damn my Anty Jen for waking me up in the morning when I didn't need to. But it's best to be safe then sorry right, that's the saying right? Well everything is going smoothly now, Kaleo mad at, Matt still haven't really talk to him but he has work and studies so I don't blame him. And my temp. boyfriend Matt yes their are two Matts I didn't even think I was going to have him as my "boy toy" or "temp. boyfriend". So for you guys to know which one I'm talking about tall Matt and short Matt. Tall Matt real boyfriend, short Matt temp. boyfriend. Kay you guys got it? Okay good. Well short Matt I got back so ya, and I don't know what my feelings are towards him. I say "I love you" but I'm not sure if I mean it. I don't even know what love is anymore. Bod damnit why do I have to be some kinda player. I hate myself sometimes, but they all make me happy. I know I can't have them all it would be nice but I can't. Man I don't know what to do. Well I'm done for the day, Peace out to my Lovers Haters and Masterbaters!!!
So you guys think you can help me out? I'm not sure
what to do anymore. So please if you have anything tell
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I love you all.
Love my Lovers and
Love my Haters (maybe) hehe aloha ^^
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