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Dear Diary 3/8/10

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Dear Diary,
Kaleo and tall Matt are making me happy like always, short Matt can go to hell. I'm so done with him and needing boytoys or temp. boyfriends. Kaleo is starting to freak about my stupid temp. boyfriend and it's over so I'll tell him that later on. I think this will be my shortest diary, but I don't really have anything else to say. But short Matt it's over for good and go fuck yourself asshole. Leading me on like that what a dbag. Well see ya next time fans. Peace out to my Lovers Haters and Masterbaters....
Sorry so short well it's
over with me and Short Matt
no more temp. boyfriends
and I mean it. Look for more stories coming
out soon. Peace Love Skeet and Cheese to my Lovers
Haters and Masterbaters!
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