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I Am

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Watching life leave hopeless eyes can never be easy. A story told, in verse, through the eyes of death.

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I Am

I am the thief of souls; I am death,
I wonder how long each breath lingers upon human lips,
I hear the beating of one too many hearts stop dead in their tracks,
I see the very soul; I judge,
I want to see those cloudy eyes blink just once more,
I am the theif of souls; I am death

I pretend it's not really me who takes these people's life away,
I feel the grief wash over me as I look into unseeing eyes,
I touch their souls and cradle them,
I worry about the ones those eyes once looked upon with care,
I cry as I watch every breath suck their life away,
I am the thief of souls; I am death

I understand the mystery of death no better than you do; howeve strange, the answer evades me,
I say the words of hoping sorrow softly, under my breath,
I dream and endless stream of nightmares; those lifeless eyes, those silent hearts,
I try to save the innocents, but sometimes they are called,
I hope one day that people will not fear me; they should not fight fate,
I am the thief of souls; I am death

A/N: This was actually a school assignment. We were given a layout of how the poem had to be written, and that just pis-ses me the fuc-k off. (Sorry, my stupid computer won't let me swear for some reason. It bleeps it out.) I chose to write from death's perspective because I was reading The Book Thief at the time, in which the narrarator of the story is death. Thats an amazing book, go check it out. The whole thing is almost like poetry, but it's not in verse or anything. It's just mystifying, for lack of better word. This wasn't my best either, but they're getting slowly better.
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