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Another Love Story Written on the Ballroom Floor

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I can never seem to fail to return to depressing poems about twisted love. But its so very intriguing.

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Another Love Story Written on the Ballroom Floor

The chandeliers that fade to black,
The moon only shines to hold the sun back,
Misery echos off the walls,
This chamber weeps when a lonely heart calls

A man and a woman, their hearts on their wrists,
He and alchoholic, and she, a masochist,
Her touch burns like the whiskey, and his stings like the knife,
With closed eyes, their hearts bleed passion; they drown in the darkened night

He told her to meet him where the shadows kiss,
So she could lick the ashes from his blistered lips,
And he would press his lips to each solemn scar,
And trace his fingertips across her criss-crossed arm

Their meet eachothers, and see the reflection of forever,
If they were to end it, they'd end it all together,
Two sombre bullets to find two bodies on the dance floor,
The dance floor's in the chamber, the chamber weeps no more

A/N: Hmmm...another one of my favorites. Two in a row. Let's try for three good one's, shall we?
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