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"Imperfect" Says the Filthy Tongue

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Struggling with self-image is isolating and frightening. Sometimes you just need an escape.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2010-03-02 - Updated: 2010-03-03 - 258 words

"Imperfect" Says the Filthy Tongue

The word's tattooed across my tongue,
When I try to deny it, it always comes out wrong,
I'm drowning in fear and the abscence of control,
The images clawed at my thoughts and left a gaping hole

Every minute that slides off the clock,
Is consumed by my struggle, my weakness, my want,
I'm afraid to look myself in the eye,
Afraid that what I see will be something that has died

The word surrounds me, it stares back at me in the mirror,
"You're not right." it tells me, it whispers in my ear,
I wasn to escape, to escape it's filthy touch,
But I am so afraid, so afraid to be free too much

So I'll clamp my mouth shut, and stare down at my feet,
I'll pretend the word's not there, not glaring down at me,
I know it's eyes are watching; accusing, daggar stares,
I know the guilt it feeds on, it will never care

I apologize, I'm sorry, I know I've let you down,
I let it get control of me, I know I soon will drown,
I know how it hurts you to see me so confused,
But have lost my will, by my thoughts I've been abused,

I know I'll never be able to open my mouth to scream,
The word has diry lips, it tells me I'm unclean,
So if I ever fall too far down, if I ever can't climb out,
I hope that you will read this and know it's not your fault
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