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The after-party

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just read it to find out please and thank you.

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Kendra's P.O.V*
OMG your not serious your actually taking me to angels & kings I said very hyper
you did just turn 21 plus it's your birthday tomorrow and Shayla's weddings tomorrow Pete said with a devilish look on his face
Don't you even think about it i have so many things to do today
think about what this he pulled me closer and kissed me we both fell on the bed we were by the time i noticed my shirt was gone he sat up and looked at me. we can have a quickie you didnt used to complain about it when i had a show in 10 minutes while we were back stage in my dressing room.
what you said we wouldnt ever talk about that?
you just look so hott i cant ever get enough of you Pete said
thanks i guess
he sat me up and found the clip on my bra and unclipped it.he slowly took it off to tease me he blushed his hands along my thigh in a circular motion.he kissed up and down my collar bone his hand started to get shaky he reached down to my underwear lining and slid them off.he eased into me I let out a yelp of pain.he started out thrusting his hips in a slow pace then slowly quickening his pace since i had a lot of things to do today we had a quickie i would have stayed home all day if shayla wouldnt have killed me for it.We planned all the last minute things for the wedding that day.At the very last minute before i fall asleep i realize that we hadnt used a condom and i forgot to go get my birth control refilled.

Wedding Day*(Shayla's)12-7-09
Kendra's P.O.V*
Shayla get up we have to start moving
Can't it wait? Shayla said
fine I'm up. She said
so we drove to the wedding place we got Shayla into her dress with her make up and stuff etc.

Shayla's P.O.V*
I had a corset style dress that came all the way down to the floor im not a big fan of trains because im really a klutz so i didnt have one but i had my fuck-me heels on as kendra called them I couldnt wait to be married to the best guy i ever will know and love with my heart.

Skip to the isle*
I was walking down the isle almost all Ryan's hand picked fans were there.Joe was walking me down the isle. I saw Ryan standing at the potem he looked so handsome I got to the potem thing.the one dude said George Ryan Ross do you take Shayla Danyelle Davis as your wife
I do said Ryan
Do you Shayla Danyelle Davis take George Ryan Ross as your husband
I said I do
You may now kiss the bride Ryan leaned in and kissed me gently so to not cause a scene we exited the place I threw the bouquet and brendon caught it and he winked at me.Kendra and the rest of the girls took me home to change for the party this what I changed into and this what they changed into:

We headed to the bar we had reserved for this occasion.So I went and sat by Ryan which he looked hott in his suit that he hadnt changed out of.
you look beautiful he said
thanks your not to bad yourself I said
but I can't wait to get you out of it he said

awe you are so cute I said
So I had got Owl city to sing at the party were pretty good friends.Ryan grabbed my hand asked me to dance I said yes we danced to west coast friendship we skipped out half way through the party to have a little fun.
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