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ryans fear

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ryan has a visitor

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Shayla's P.O.V
So I got in my car and left to go to the club were meeting at.So I got there and paid to get in I saw the rest of the gang(Kendra,Courtney,Kate,Ashley,etc.) in our usual spot so I walked to where Courtney was standing.She pulled me over to the side.Shayla what happened between you & Ryan that you said you were going to tell me?Well last night Ryan came in drunk, and on his way to bed he missed the bed.Brendon brought Ryan home when Ryan missed the bed he helped Ryan up off the floor,onto the bed,then Brendon left.Then Ryan kept getting up to throw up every 2 or 3 minutes so I left the room,I don't even think he noticed I left the room.It's funny when you can have a hangover and still have a peaceful attitude like Ry's, oh did I tell you I set the date for December 7! Oh that's so awesome, oh so are you okay because if that happened to me I would probably be really depressed for awhile, so are you excited about getting married to one guy for the rest of your life hows it going to feel being tied down to him for the rest your damn life.Well I'm really excited about marrying Ryan, but , I'm not going to say I'm going to be tied down to one man for the rest of my life but in other words I'm happy.So thats good oh did I tell you I had a new boyfriend OMG (she actually said OMG) who is it? do I know him? Well yeah it's Spencer! Spencer? yeah I know it's just that Spencer is OMG i can't explain it his eyes are whoa I just can't explain it. I know what you mean I swear I used to get lost in his eyes when he talked to me. I thought you guys never talked kendra ad said Kendra! what are you doing? what does it look like I'm ease dropping duh.. don't be such a smart ass well lets keep this our "dirty little secret." ok ok good can you promise that you wont get mad at me if I tell you something Courtney? I pinky promise okay well I kinda kissed Spencer,well more like he kissed me. thats fine weren't together were we? no I don't think so? this is before Ryan asked me to marry him Isn't that still cheating what! no well it kinda was but it's not as bad as what Ryan did and I am never going to forgive him for that but I'm still marrying him anyway cause I love him no mater what I love you too! Ryan? the one and only well not really I had finally decided to turn around in my chair to see Ryan,Brendon,Spencer,and Jon standing there how long have you been standing there since you said I love him! Ryan grabbed my hand and pulled me to the side Shayla I wanna take you home Ryan you know I can't leave yet fine two more hours or less so me and Ryan went back to the table Courtney had ordered drinks >>>>>fast forward 30 minutes>>>>> we just got done drinking,well Courtney and Kendra did.well so you can guess whose not driving I let Brendon use my car to take Kendra and Courtney home he said he would bring it over tomorrow since i'd probably be busy tonight wink wink >>>>>fast forward to my house>>>>> so Ryan stuck the key in the door I had noticed the door mat was moved from where it was Ryan did you move the door mat? no why? cause the key isn't under it so Ryan opened the door to see his worst nightmare.
Ryan's P.O.V
So I opened the door and my dad was sitting on the couch what do you want. I wanted to talk to my son but I see he's busy.Yeah busy with my fiancé oh your getting married congrats he had reached for Shayla's hand don't touch her your not allowed her so get out but George get the fuck out I got this far without you I don't need you now he just walked right out of the door I walked up to it and locked it then I turned around to see Shayla wasn't there so I went to look for her she actually left when I started to yell I know it scares her that I might turn into my dad but that will never happen.So I entered our room and there she was curled up in bed sound asleep so I got undressed to where I only had my boxers on and got in bed and pulled Shayla close to me.>>>>>Next Day>>>>> I woke up to Shayla still sleeping next to me I looked over at the clock it read 11:45 A.M. I kissed her on the tip of her nose Ryan I was sleeping your not anymore Brendon's at the door do you want me to walk to the door in my bra and panties he has a key anyways he never uses it yeah i know babe just anwser the door and yes i do want you to walk around in your underwear all day of course you do so she ran to answer the door but it wasn't Brendon Ryan someones here for you I had to change fast so I changed into my olive green v-neck and some skinny jeans.I ran down stairs and saw the one person who could ruin my whole relationship I had with Shayla she probably would ever want to look at me the same ever again.Hey ryry hey Patricia what are you doing here Shayla had ran upstairs to get dressed I came to thank you for the other night it was nothing nothing happened.
Flashback(still Ryan's p.o.v)day off on tour
The day Shayla was over Kendra's i decided to go out I went to a club were I met Spencer,Brendon, and Jon hey Ryan hey guys so whats up for tonight getting you a girl bren you act like I can't get any girl I want come on you know you want Patricia you know I can't have her I have Shayla I made that decision a long ass time ago so you don't care for her or we wouldn't be having this conversation what are you trying to say bren that I don't love her or that you deserve her more than me? Ryan you know thats not true you don't deserve her at all blow it Brendon maybe if you blew her more than me she wouldn't come to me I'm outta her I'm gone too let's go Jon,Spencer so I rode home and on my way home i called Patricia this is going to come back and bite me in the ass I asked Patricia to come over >>>>>10 minutes later>>>>> Patricia was waiting on the porch when I got home so I let her in we both went up to the bedroom I think you know what happened (I'm not going to explain it cause its a flashback) in the middle of you know... I heard someone come through the door I turned around to see Brendon Ryan you better get her outta here fast!
End Flashback
well bye Patricia Ryan I'm the only one who can call you that I know but she said it not me you look more gorgeous than ever today thanks, you don't look too bad yourself I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer and kissed her deeply and passionatelywell bye Patricia Ryan I'm the only one who can call you that I know but she said it not me you look more gorgeous than ever today thanks, you don't look too bad yourself I wrapped my arms around her waist kissing her deeply and begin to start my life over the way its supposed to be.
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