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Fruit flavored?!

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shayla and kendra face their fear

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When me and kendra turned around and sadie was standing there hi shayla kendra hi what bring you around to my part of town beside me.well since you asked my starbucks closed a month ago to bad huh yeah 2 bad well we should get the coffee to the guys nice 2 see you nice to see you to and oh yeah I married your high school boyfriend shane congrat you 2 have a good life wait your not mad no why would I im marrying ryan ross did you just ryan ross!? yeah well bye she out did me again. Did you see the look on her face yet it meant I did a good thing are you saying you regret saying yes to ryan well he didn't come home until late last night and he was drunk he fell on the floor on his way to bed and you could smell the alcohol on his breath brendon brought him in the house he kept running to the bathroom puking every 2 or 3 mins.I don't even think he notice I had left the room last night. Well he was hanging out with joe and andy they drink alot. but i've never seen him like this before and it hurts me too. im on the verge of tears right now we got back to the table and brendon asked what happened since we took so long I told him we ran into a little trouble.What kind of trouble sadie trouble SADIE!! on this part of town how does brendon know who sadie is but I don't brendon read my diary when I was fourteen brendon was it interesting yeah it was too interesting i can still picture it sadies EVIL with capital letters she the worst person in the world to be around and shes left the bulding i can let my gaurd down now I said inside my head.
Then my sidekick rang (my eye can't believe what they have seen in the corner of your room)
i got a text it was from kate
it said shayla have you seen courtney in the last few days i haven't seen here and im worried.
I called kate then I got up from the table and walked out to my car and grabbed my academy is hoody
(phone convo)
Kate whats wrong
I haven't seen or talked to courtney for like 2 days
Shes not anwsering her phone
Not from me at least
Want me to call her
you can try
(end call)
Calling courtney
courtney why aren't you anwsering your phone for kate
My mom broke my phone the other day
she just called you right before i did
So why did you anwser my call but you avoided hers
Well i got really mad and I didn't want to yell at kate
but you anwsered mine call why?
Cause your always mad and it wouldn't matter if i yelled at you your always mad at the world
true especially from last night
What happened
this thing with ryan ect.i'll explain it later when we meet up tonight are you still coming?
of course I would never miss it bye
(end call)
I walked back in and they asked me are you ready to leave yeah I have to get ready for tonight anyways me and ryan went back to the house so who were you talking to kate and courtney can I go get ready now
ryans p.o.v
Me and shayla walked up to the bedroom I asked her who she was talking to she obviously didn't like that then she asked me if she could go get ready I pinned her up against the door and started to kiss her up and down then I layed her on our bed and we rolled around on the bed making out then my phone rang she was under me so I got up then she rolled out the bed and started to get ready I couldn't help but watch her get dressed she looked so hot she was wearing a black mini skirt and a strapless red shirt and black steletto heels.I wasn't even listening to what brendon was saying I was just saying yeah,uhuh then he said are you listening to me I said no i am not are you done talking i g2g.he hung up and i was having a hottie attack and it was hot really hot i went to go check the theromostat it was on 54 degrees so it was cold in the house so i was hot then she came down the stair I couldn't believe how hot she was unbelievably hot is this the woman I fell in love with when I was 16 I asked myself ?If it is im impressed!!
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